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‘Although she is a self-proclaimed townswoman,’ said Dr Harmeet Malhi, she ‘has truly become a Rochesterite’.

The Mayo Clinic doctor and researcher has lived here longer than anywhere else — for more than 20 years. And many milestones happened here, she explained. “I met my husband a few days after moving to Rochester. He was my noisy neighbor. And our two children, 8 and 10, were born here.

Describing herself as “a medical scientist and busy mother of two humans and a furry baby”, Dr Malhi said: “I grew up in northern India, mainly Kashmir and New Delhi, with a brief stay in England”. It was after graduating from medical school in India that Dr. Malhi moved to New York. Rochester followed.

At Mayo, Dr. Malhi cares for patients with liver disease and holds an Associate Research Chair in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. Of this work, she said, “I greatly value the opportunity it provides to help others launch successful and impactful research careers. »

What should we think of when we think of your style?

If I had to use one word, it would be trust. I really like to pass that on to my children, to the patients, to the people I interact with.

If I had to use two words it would be confidence and brilliant.

To develop these, I would say that I am also very adaptable. I feel like women’s bodies change so much, much more than men’s, that it’s important for us to have an adaptable sense of style.

Finally, comfort. I don’t want to feel cramped or uncomfortable in my clothes.

Harmeet Malhi is a hepatologist at the Mayo Clinic where she studies non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Here, Malhi explores his personal style in the studio on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

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My style evolved from the places where I lived. Three continents, small towns and big cities, and climates. But the foundation is really in India.

Sources of inspiration?

My sister, who is three years older than me and who is also a doctor and lives in Virginia, her style is very different from mine, but I can take what I like from her style.

A very close friend who lives in New York and is of Greek descent, her style is very distinct and there is never a moment when we would not notice her, whether it is for her hair, her perfume or her shoes. .

My sister-in-law who has the build of a runway model and a natural eye for fashion, she is always impeccably dressed whether in Indian or Western attire.

Also my niece who helps me navigate a more American sense of dress, and my daughter who is all fun and energetic and sometimes reminds me to dress like that. I didn’t have a single piece of purple until she told me it’s her favorite color.

Harmeet Malhi Your Style
Harmeet Malhi is a hepatologist at the Mayo Clinic where she studies non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Here, Malhi explores his personal style in the studio on Saturday, May 28, 2022.

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What do you wear in your different roles outside of work?

For formal events, I have an Indian wardrobe and a non-Indian wardrobe. These are all just shiny and gorgeous and make me feel so special for the two or three hours that I wear them. I think it really has to do with how you feel about what you wear and how it projects you. …For any formal occasion, whether Indian or Western, I will wear a dress. I love to wear dresses. And they will be in a bright color and there may be a bold pattern.

Weekends are completely different. I love hiking, climbing and mountain biking and having mud everywhere. I like to cycle through mud puddles. And my kids play hockey. So my weekend outfit is much more athletic, functional.

Do you have a favorite wardrobe piece?

A bright pink jacket. One of the places in town where I can buy clothes that fit me straight – I’m just under 5ft so not a standard size – is Talbots. One day I happened to walk into Talbots on a whim and the jacket was right there in the small section. I looked at it and thought I needed this jacket. Now my quarterly photo at work is in this hot pink jacket. …I’m definitely of the school of thought that treats reds and oranges and yellows and pinks as neutral colors.

What should every well-dressed woman have in her wardrobe?

A pink jacket! Or a spectacular outfit. Everyone will have the opportunity to wear one.

Favorite accessories?

I must say that a mask is my favorite. I never leave home without one. I think as a doctor and as someone terrified of making people sick and not helping people and not preventing disease, a mask should be my go-to accessory.

Beyond the masks?

My glasses. I’ve been wearing glasses since I was 10. I don’t have many glasses, but I get a new pair every year and have them in pink, green, black and purple.

I had my ears pierced when I was a year and a half with my sister. Our earrings had tiny little beads on them, but unfortunately I lost them. Then my mother had gold hoop earrings made for both of us. I’ve gotten some bigger ones now, but this is by far my favorite piece of jewelry – simple gold hoop earrings.

I don’t wear a lot of jewelry, but the love of jewelry runs deep in my family. It’s another common thread between my mother, my sister, my sister-in-law and me. It really binds us.

And what about handbags or bags?

My current favorite is actually a bag I bought in collaboration with my sister. We were talking about the Chinese Year of the Tiger, which it is, and my spirit animal is the tiger. So my sister told me I had to buy a bag for it and I bought this beautiful red Fossil handbag, the red being associated with the year. I can’t stop using it.

Something your family finds fun in your wardrobe?

I can’t throw away the pajamas because the older they get the more comfortable they become. It’s definitely a problem and everyone is making it known.

Parting thoughts?

In my family, we have a culture of sharing clothes and with my very close friends. It’s very eco-friendly – ​​it’s salvage, reuse, recycle. I do it with all the clothes worth passing on. And that binds us all together.

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