Accurate weather: cold weekend with snow in the mountains

The first week of April ended on a cool note and there won’t be much warming today as the highs will only reach the 50s and 40s. A large area of ​​high low pressure in the sky (an upper level depression) is just the right place to give us some fresh air.

With the moisture available in the region and whatever can be drawn from the Great Lakes, our region can experience sporadic showers. The air is cold enough later today to allow a few snowflakes to fly into the Mountain Empire, NRV as well as the Highlands. Only about an inch or so is expected since the ground is still warm, but that may be enough to provide slippery roads as snowmelt may freeze as the night progresses.

A fairly chilly weekend ahead as temperatures will be warmer on Sunday with mostly sunny skies, but still only manage the low 60s.

There are a few events happening this weekend, so if you’re planning on going to one, be sure to at least bring some warm clothes. A bit of rain gear might not be a bad idea either. Here are two major events you may need to prepare for today.

Have fun, get ready.

As for the rest of the region, here is an overview of the “Weather where you live”

If you are looking for good news, there will be a warming trend next week. All we have to do is get through this weekend’s cold spell and we should be looking at temperatures in the 70s from Monday.

As for the morning lows, we will obviously be cool this weekend, but much milder during the work week.

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John Carroll
Chief Meteorologist

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