Aries x AS Roma x New Balance collaboration: release date

I’ll say it earlier: Aries and New Balance for AS Roma might just be the best football-fashion collaboration ever. Listen to me.

From Palace x Juventus and PSG x Jordan, to Thom Browne x Barcelona and Off-White™ x AC Milan, every man and dog has had a piece of the football-fashion collaboration pie over the past few years.

However, such is the nature of the beast, they have been getting a bit dry lately. A little oversaturated and the like, if you will. Well, save that thought, because there’s a new player in town, and he’s taking AS Roma for a ride.

Born in Rome, Sofia Prantera is the founder of London label Aries, and in collaboration with AS Roma sponsor New Balance, she has designed a unique collection on and off the pitch that elegantly encapsulates hints of past and present. of each of the three: whether with a certain style or particular color.

“To collaborate with an institution like AS Roma is to realize how much sport, fashion and culture have intertwined,” explains Prantera.

“As a Roman, I understand how important this club is to the millions of fans in this city and around the world, and I wanted to reflect that through designs that celebrated Rome and conveyed its unique expression of football provenance and of fashion.”

Discerning readers will rightly have noticed that I, your writer, only nine days ago cited Funny Man’s AS Monaco collaboration as the best to date, a title it now shares with Aries x AS Roma.

The collaboration includes an official on-pitch kit that will be worn by the team on their Japan tour when they take on Yokohama F Marinos in Tokyo at the end of November.

In keeping with the signature Giallorossi colourway, the kits feature a diagonal marbling stripe of the yellow and red that have become iconic to the club, while matching professional socks and shorts complete the kits, while the goalkeeper shirt is a fusion cosmic Aries. infamous dyed colors.

The collaboration also includes a pre-match element which includes a jersey, an all-black nylon training tracksuit and a limited edition metallic silver and gold jersey which depicts Rome’s most iconic figures including Lupa Capitolina, Lucius Verus and Julius Ceaser.

The pre-match shirt and training tracksuit will be worn by AS Roma players on the pitch during their warm-up at the Stadio Olimpico this Sunday November 6 against local rivals Lazio.

As far as football-fashion collaborations go, this is hands down one of the best and, you know what, the one I would actually wear. Which is more than can be said for the most part.

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