Azeem Khan and his cycling trip

Scott Stoll, an American community teacher who has cycled around the world once said, “A round-the-world bicycle trip begins with one pedal stroke.” The passion for cycling has come a long way. One of those people who has come a long way on a bicycle is 40-year-old Azeem Khan. A resident of Nirala Estate, Greater Noida West, Khan is an avid cyclist who has cycled 50 km per day for the past year.

Born in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh, Khan grew up in many places such as Aligarh, Nanital, Dehradun, Pilibhit, Rampur, Delhi and Chandigarh due to his father’s transferable work as a government officer in the UPPCL. For the past five years, Khan has lived in Greater Noida and works for a multinational sportswear company.

After a post-Covid-19 boost in cycling culture in Delhi, NCR Khan has also started cycling. He resumed cycling after a long hiatus of 20 years. He bought his bike in August 2020 and started cycling from day one. And that’s how his cycling career began. Khan traveled approximately 21,597 km in one year and made consecutive 6-month sorties without taking off. Every day he cycled about 50 to 60 km.

Biking is one of the best ways to get around and adhere to Covid protocols at the same time, he says. Khan shared that before cycling he used to go to the gym, but cycling was not part of his routine. He says: “In the Covid-19, I gave up the gym and I chose cycling. In my opinion, cycling can be our own personal gym. It is very good to see that my colleagues are supporting me and are also encouraged to cycle to the office.

Returning to the gym after Covid 19, Khan said: “After the arrival of Covid-19, I didn’t like the gym environment because there was no proper social distancing and no one followed the Covid-19 protocols. I finally decided to cycle to stay healthy.

Less than a week after his cycling trip, Azeem Khan joined the Greater Noida West Cycling Club (GNWCC). However, he enjoys cycling alone. Khan says, “Cycling helps us in many ways. It also helps to stay away from social media which in my opinion is one of the best things about it. Khan shares his first trip as a cyclist when he traveled to the temple of Akshardham for a distance of about 44 km. At first it was not easy for him. However, Khan can now ride easily. about 50 km by bike per day.

Azeem Khan has participated in several events with his GNWCC groups. While sharing a memory, Khan said, “On October 2, I attended an event with my GNWCC group, where we had to travel 200 km. I finished my trip in 12 hours. This was my longest 211 mile hike. I also accepted national and international challenges through the Strava app. I accepted 242 challenges and luckily won them all. Now I have taken part in a challenge where I have to cycle every day for a month to cover about 800 km. For me, it won’t be very difficult because I already ride almost every day. However, I prefer to cycle mainly in Delhi, Noida and Greater Noida.

While talking about his family’s position on his bike trip, Khan says, “My family is very supportive of me. My daughter is also passionate about cycling. On my daughter’s day she hiked about 33 km with me. Although it was very difficult for her, she finished it. Watching her great mind, I also created her account on the Strava remote counting app, where she accepted her challenges and faced them on her own.

Concluding the conversation, Khan said: “Cycling helps us not only physically but also mentally. It’s also our personal gym and it’s open for us at all times. It also helps us improve our health.

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