Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ review

Carry: The Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 is a well-equipped commuter electric bike that can lighten your load on your runs or take you effortlessly off the beaten track.

  • Fenders, headlights and a rear rack are all pre-installed.
  • The suspension, 27.5 inch tires and an upright riding position make for a very comfortable ride.
  • The Bosch motor provides a lot of assistance, so you won’t need to take a shower at your destination.

    Price: $ 3,000
    Weight: 57 lbs (L)

    Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ


    $ 3,000.00

    Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 EQ construction details

    Style: Electric commuter bike
    Equipment: C3 aluminum frame
    Wheel size: 27.5 inch
    Fork: SR Suntour Mobile A32, 63mm travel
    Shimano Altus, 9 speed
    Cranks: Bosch FSA electric bike
    Tray :
    Cassette: Shimano HG200, 11-36 teeth
    Brakes: Tektro M275 hydraulic disc, 180/160 mm rotors
    Wheels: Formula DC-51 hub, 15x100mm thru axle (front); Formula DC-1422 hub, QR (rear); Cannondale 2 rims
    Tires: Kenda Kwick Seven 5, 27.5 x 2.20 inches
    Saddle: Cannondale Ergo Comfort
    Saddle stem :
    TranzX suspension dropper rod, 50mm travel
    Handlebar: Cannondale E-Series alloy, ergonomic rear sweep, 680mm
    Stem: Cannondale 3
    Tire clearance:
    27.5 x 2.3

    Highlights of Cannondale Adventure Neo 3 components

    In the world of electric commuter bikes, the Adventure Neo 3 strikes a happy medium between a traditional city dweller and a larger, bulkier cargo model. The equalizer in the name of the bike means ‘fitted’ which means this model comes standard with lights, mudguards and a rear rack. The Neo’s luggage rack can easily accommodate saddlebags or a lighter load (like a tote bag with a change of clothes) attached to the top. These utility-oriented features combined with 27.5 x 2.20-inch tires, a 63mm-travel Suntour fork, and a suspension seatpost make the Neo a city bike with plenty of cushion to smooth even. the roughest paved and dirt roads. .

    cannondale adventure neo 3 eq
    The Adventure Neo 3 has a large list of stock accessories including lights, fenders, rear rack, suspension, and dropper seat post.

    Dan Chabanov

    The Bosch Active Line motor runs almost silently and delivers up to 40Nm of assist torque to get you up to speed. The simple remote control on the handlebars clearly shows your speed as well as the remaining battery life. The button layout is intuitive and setting the desired level of motor assistance is as quick and easy as changing gears on a conventional bicycle. All of this combine to make the Adventure Neo an easy-to-use alternative to city driving or for shorter trips.

    cannondale adventure neo 3 eq
    The Bosch Active Line motor is almost silent and quite reliable.

    Dan Chabanov

    The Cannondale neo-adventure family

    There are currently four models in the Adventure Neo family, priced from the Neo 1 at $ 4,350 to the Neo 4 at $ 2,700.

    Models 3 and 4 share the same Bosch Active Line drive unit as well as the same 400 Wh battery. But for the extra $ 300 it’ll cost you to upgrade to the Neo 3, you’ll get lights, fenders, rear rack, suspension fork, and dropper / suspension seat post. The Neo 4 is essentially a naked bike that you can accessorize on your own, if adding your personal touch is important to you.

    the High-end Neo 1 and 2 models are equipped with more powerful Bosch motors (Performance Line and Active Line Plus, respectively) and larger capacity batteries (625Wh and 500Wh). In Eco mode, the increased battery capacities increase the estimated autonomy of the Neo 1 up to 85, 80 for the Neo 2. Both models also include all of the Neo 3’s accessories, but upgrade to a more compliant Cane Creek Thudbuster suspension seatpost, forgoing the dropper.


    Cannondale only offers Adventure Neo in small and large sizes, which may seem limiting. However, the slip-on frame design combined with the relaxed upright riding position makes the bike easy to ride for a variety of people. I’m 6 feet tall and usually ride a tall mountain bike; I found the large Neo 3 to be very comfortable. There are limits to a “one size fits all” design philosophy. I urge very small or very tall riders to test drive an Adventure Neo before purchasing it.

    Trip impressions

    Commuter bikes clearly fall into the category of things I didn’t know I needed or wanted, but now I absolutely love it. Before riding a bicycle for sport, exercise, or as an activity, I simply rode a bicycle to get around. Even today, I prefer to do my daily commutes or my errands by bike. Over the course of a few weeks of riding the Adventure Neo, I was impressed with the improvement in my daily commuting compared to my pedal-assist bikes.

    cannondale adventure neo 3 eq
    Intuitive and comfortable controls.

    Dan Chabanov

    The nearly silent mid-drive Bosch Active Line motor provides enough assistance that I spent less time thinking about the weight of my backpack and cruised at 18 mph. By law, Class 1 e-bikes have their power assist cut off at 20.5mph, in which case you’ll get quite the workout trying to keep a 57-pound bike this fast.

    If you don’t try to exceed the speed limit of the electric bike, riding the Adventure Neo is a relaxing experience. The power delivered is very smooth, even in Turbo mode, which on some electric bikes can seem jerky at low speed. Even without the extra boost of power in Turbo mode, the 11-36t, 9-speed cassette gave the Neo a wide range of gears for a wide variety of terrains. Thanks to the upright driving position and the suspension, I felt like I was hovering above the road. Smooth steering and powerful hydraulic disc brakes were easy to appreciate in the heavier traffic around town.

    cannondale adventure neo 3 eq
    Suspension, powerful brakes and mudguards. All the right things for a commuter bike.

    Dan Chabanov

    Plush 27.5 x 2.2 inch tires, integrated front and rear lights and full mudguards to help keep you dry on wet roads are other nice touches that contribute to the practicality of The Neo Adventure on a daily basis. It’s been a while since I’ve used a kickstand, but I’ve found it super handy on the Neo while making quick stops around town.

    However, I think my favorite accessory from the Adventure Neo 3 was the dropper seat post. At first I thought that was a bit of a stretch for a commuter bike. The passage frame was already easy to get on and off for me, making it unnecessary to drop the saddle. But I started to find it nice to be able to lower the saddle at red lights.

    cannondale adventure neo 3 eq
    Integrated front light.

    Dan Chabanov

    cannondale adventure neo 3 eq
    Integrated rear light.

    Dan Chabanov

    The dropper was an absolute slam-dunk to be able to share the Adventure Neo 3. Even with a quick-release seatpost clamp, getting the right seat height can take a few tries. With the dropper, my partner, who is six inches shorter than me, could climb up, flip the switch, and adjust the height of the saddle. The inclusion of the dropper allows the Adventure Neo to be shared among several different sized riders in a painless household, which only adds to its practicality.

    The only thing I was missing was the lack of a bottle cage holder on the frame. It’s a small gripe, but it still feels like an oversight not having room to carry a bottle. Fortunately, there are some great bar-mounted options that allow you to take a drink with you on the go.

    One of the main drawbacks of the Adventure Neo, which is shared by many e-bikes, is its weight. The set costs 57 pounds. Concretely, the weight potentially limits who can realistically use this bike. The best case for storing a bike like this is to have a garage, elevator access, or a safe place to lock a $ 3,000 bike outside. Dragging this bike up and down even a single flight of stairs, while technically possible, would be a huge barrier to frequent use.

    cannondale adventure neo 3 eq

    Dan Chabanov

    Overall I think Cannondale did a great job with the Adventure Neo 3. It’s a well-equipped bike for anyone looking to do daily commutes, a little ride on a gravel path or whatever. it is in between. For me, the Neo has helped me reduce my driving habits around town, which seems like a win for everyone.

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