Cycling Wear – Leisure Quest Thu, 17 Nov 2022 00:50:00 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Cycling Wear – Leisure Quest 32 32 Buttigieg discusses road safety and infrastructure with tribal leaders during his visit to New Mexico Thu, 17 Nov 2022 00:50:00 +0000

U.S. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg was in Albuquerque on Wednesday to meet with tribal leaders to discuss infrastructure investments and road safety.

Buttigieg met with New Mexico Department of Transportation Secretary Ricky Serna, tribal leaders and students from South West Indian Polytechnic Institute to see road safety demonstrations. These ranged from the color of clothes you should wear while riding a bike to the correct way to buckle a child’s car seat.

New Mexico is ranked the deadliest state in the country to be a pedestrian or a cyclist, according to a recent study. Nationally, Native American pedestrian death rates are three times higher than their white counterparts.

This week marked the first anniversary of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Act –– which allocates funds to repair roads and bridges and even increase the number of electric vehicle charging stations across the country.

US Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg watches a demonstration on how to properly buckle a child car seat.

With about 60% of tribal roads unpaved, Secretary Buttigieg said the goal was to make rural communities safer and more accessible.

“Tribal communities, tribal roads are woefully underfunded in this country,” Buttigieg said. “We believe we can make a big difference, but only if we are in strong partnership and dialogue.”

He said the federal government is not the only solution to these problems, although funding is a good place to start.

“There are a lot of barriers to economic opportunity in rural and tribal communities,” Buttigieg said. “It has a lot to do with infrastructure and that’s why I’m so excited about the resources we can bring.”

Buttigieg ended his visit to New Mexico by meeting privately with Hopi and Navajo leaders.

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Magicshine radar lighting, Prologo gloves, Formula Cura brakes and Le Col thermal shorts Fri, 11 Nov 2022 07:00:48 +0000

As we approach mid-November, the weather has changed here at BikeRadar’s Bristol UK headquarters, with cooler temperatures and a significant increase in rainfall. The nights are approaching and the Christmas commercials have broken cover now Halloween and bonfire night are behind us.

While adverse conditions can cause many cyclists to curl up under their duvet covers in the morning, that’s not the case here in the happy, ever-sunny highlands of online content creation.

Changes in the weather like this only make our lives easier, with testing winter jackets and cycling jerseys, tires and mudguards, winter boots and waterproof socks becoming 10 times easier.

If you’re struggling to get motivated to get out on the trails, our mountain bike tech team have rounded up their top kit tips to help you beat the winter blues and get out on the bike in our latest Spoke feature. Tension.

Once you’ve read that, it might be time to complete your winter wardrobe, so check out our guide to the best value waterproof jackets and treat yourself to a new riding jacket.

You can also check out our guides to the best mountain bike lights and the best road bike lights, to make sure you can see and be seen when you’re out after the sun goes down.

If your wardrobe is well stocked, you may want to keep up to date with the latest news. Yeti has released an all-new enduro bike, the SB160, with, you guessed it, 160mm of travel.

There was also a new adventure e-bike from British brand Cairn, while our editor George Scott traveled to London to check out all the fancy new tech from the Rouleur Live show – highlights included a superb 125th anniversary Ribble prototype.

Well, aside from Episode 1 of our latest podcast series, Getting into MTB, below, that’s enough of a look back over the past week. The real show begins now.

Magicshine SEEMEE 508 radar rear light

The SeeMee is a rear light with integrated radar.
Tom Marvin / OurMedia

If you spend a lot of time on the road, you know that knowing what’s going on around you only improves your safety.

While we can’t control driver behavior and how far they may choose to overtake, knowing what’s behind you can help you take a defensive stance on the road and ride safely through traffic.

The Magicshine SEEMEE 508 combines a wide-angle taillight with radar functionality that sends a warning to your bike computer to let you know when something is approaching from behind.

The radar function detects up to eight vehicles coming behind you, with a 40 degree field of view and up to 140 m behind you.

It then connects to a wide range of Garmin computers and watches, as well as Bryton and Wahoo headunits, which can give you an audible or visual warning of what’s going on.

In this regard, it is similar to Garmin’s Varia.

The unit also acts as a rear light. With six functions, from solid to flashing, battery burn times range from six to 12 hours (the radar only has 16 hours of run time).

The light emits up to 20 lumens, with Magicshine claiming visibility of up to 1,200m.

The flashing mode can be altered in the light’s accompanying app.

Furthermore, when you brake, the light’s internal sensors will pump up the lumens to the maximum possible, to highlight your deceleration to others around you.

  • Magicshine SEEMEE 508: $139.99 / £121.99 / €139.99

Prologo Energrip gloves

Prologo’s gloves CPC gloves are pretty expensive for a summer glove.
Steve Behr / OurMedia

It’s not just the large, white ‘Q’ on the back of these gloves that stands out, but also the eyebrow-raising £79.99 price tag.

No, do not refresh your browser, this is an £80 summer glove.

It had better be good, right?

Well, if Prologo’s claims ring true, and gloves are the final frontier in your quest for marginal gains, then perhaps they’ll be worth the outlay.

The big news is the use of Prologo’s CPC grippers on the palm. The Connect – Power – Control polymer open-topped cones are dotted all around the palm and fingers, strategically placed to absorb vibrations through the bars.

Prologo worked with the performance research centre of Groupama FDJ, associated with the Franche-Comté Sports University. There, the little cones were electromyographically studied and Prologo says there’s a 10 per cent increase in vibration absorption compared to a normal palm.

All of this is said to reduce stress on tendons, muscles and joints, enabling you to ride longer and provide grip in a wide range of conditions.

The back of the hand is built from a fine mesh, while the palm has cooling channels. This is intended to reduce palm sweat.

At the same time, Prologo reckons the back, though thin, has thermal insulation properties, enabling the gloves to be worn in chilly conditions.

Needless to say, we’re wearing these rather fancy gloves on our MTB and gravel rides to see just how well they perform out of the lab and on the trail.

  • Prologo Energrip Gloves: £79.99/ $85 / €79

Formula Cura X brakes

The brake lever and caliper of the new Formula Cura X brakes.
Tom Marvin / OurMedia

Formula’s Cura and Cura 4 brakes are among the most popular within the BikeRadar office, thanks to their impressive power-to-weight ratio, as well as a pleasant bar feel. They aren’t as snappy as a Shimano, but are firm and positive, with short, smooth lever travel.

The new Cura X takes the Cura brake and adds even more Italian flair.

The axial master cylinder features titanium hardware, as does the twin-piston caliper, which keeps weight down and adds a bit of bling.

This is enhanced by the carbon lever blade, which allows for tool-free reach adjustment.

Joining the lever to the caliper is a braided hose. It should be more impact resistant, if routed outward, while resisting expansion under pressure, to give a crisp leverage feel.

The lever body itself has a toggle design, so it can be mounted on either side of the bar and attaches to the bar with a split clamp. Shift lever and dropper post mounting options are available.

Finally, the organic pad has an aluminum backing plate to further reduce weight. The formula claims that 35 grams, per side, have been shaved off.

  • Formula Cura X brakes: £250 / $262 / €255.50

Le Col Sport thermal cargo bib shorts

Thermal bib shorts – what is it then?
Tom Marvin / OurMedia

Bib shorts could be an interesting novelty as winter approaches – surely we should be craving bib shorts and tights? !

But the new Le Col bib shorts combine a cropped leg with extra thermal insulation and thigh pockets for all your cargo-hauling requirements.

The bib is cut higher in the front, to keep your belly and loins well wrapped. Keeping your core warm is key to staying comfortable in the colder months.

The fabric used by Le Col is a four-way stretch Italian fabric, lined with fleece. This adds insulation, while the stretch ensures a precise fit.

The bibs are also said to be wind resistant, so cold breezes will hopefully be kept at bay.

On the chamois side, Le Col has chosen a triple layer chamois with gel inserts, there to boost comfort. This should also make bibs practical for gravel walks.

So, yes, tights can be appropriate when the temperatures really drop, but Le Col reckons these bib shorts are ideal for cool, rather than really cold days.

Pair them with knee pads and you might get extra use out of them. If you’re a mountain biker or a graver, you can wear them with a set of mountain bike pants or waterproof shorts, further extending their use case in cooler conditions.

The leg darts are moderately deep and there are reflective details on the back of the legs to keep you visible on the road.

‘The response blew us away’: mass relay takes over from Glasgow at Cop27 | Climate crisis Sun, 06 Nov 2022 21:11:00 +0000

Carrying a baton 4,800 miles in a non-stop relay from Glasgow to Cop27 in Egypt has come with its own set of challenges.

A particularly heartbreaking moment occurred half a mile down the English Channel when 18-year-old rower Maddie Plested attempted to hand over to a sailor on a boat.

“Tension levels were really high that day,” said Jamie Hay, who co-founded Running Out of Time, the organization attempting the world record relay.

“At the first attempt, they didn’t quite succeed. Maddie’s boat was taking on a lot of water so she bailed it out with her shoe while trying to maintain her position. They finally made it on the third try. It was amazing to see. We had so many passionate young people who came to defend this.

The stick crosses the English Channel. Photo: Running out of time

The stick carries a message, written in English and Arabic, from children at Sunnyside Primary School in Glasgow, calling on leaders at this year’s climate summit to provide young people with “the skills and training to build a world sustainable”.

“We are committed to helping build an inclusive and sustainable future for all,” it read. “Show by your actions, not just words, that you are too.”

The mass participation relay saw hundreds of runners, cyclists and sailors carry the baton on a 38-day course through 18 countries.

“The way people reacted to it blew us away. People got out of bed at ridiculous hours to run the stick all night,” Hay said. “We had Olympians who participated, we had the President of Slovenia, probably thousands of children who participated. Everyone from all walks of life.

Dan Hodd, who left Spain to travel to Cop27 in Sharm el-Sheikh without flying, passes through Baghdad, Iraq on October 26.
Dan Hodd, who left Spain to travel to Cop27 in Sharm el-Sheikh without flying, passes through Baghdad, Iraq on October 26. Photograph: Khalid Al-Mousily/Reuters

The relay was not the only eco-friendly journey across the continent as people made their way to the climate summit in Egypt.

Dan Hodd, 29, set out from Spain over a month ago and cycled, hitchhiked and roamed across the country on his flight-free journey to Cop27.

“I really wanted to highlight the importance of low-carbon travel around the world and illustrate many of the issues I faced for anyone who might be looking to travel more sustainably,” Hodd said, as he crossed the desert. in Saudi Arabia.

“We just don’t have very good sustainable international connections; everyone ends up being tricked into taking a macabre flight where you want to go.

Witness Running Out of Time in Folkestone before heading to France on October 9.
Witness Running Out of Time in Folkestone before heading to France on October 9. Photo: Running out of time

Hodd, a British music psychology graduate who plays with his violin to help fund his travels, has previously protested to Scientist Rebellion and plans to participate in “everything possible of awareness and activism” when he will come to Egypt.

“The issues we face in the climate crisis can’t really be detailed through my fiddling, but it can certainly draw an audience and create connections,” he said.

But the overland journey was also a lesson in how the climate crisis and fossil fuel consumption affect real life.

“In Iraq, I had to wear masks all the time when I was cycling, because the air quality was so bad, the smell was so strong. I saw a lot of garbage scattered around this place, pollution water,” he said. “I’ve seen some comforting things, but it’s also been difficult and heartbreaking at times.”

‘Do Better’: Newsom Halts $1 Billion in Homeless Spending – GV Wire Thu, 03 Nov 2022 22:44:55 +0000

California’s plans to reduce the nation’s largest homeless population aren’t good enough, Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom said Thursday, urging him to halt $1 billion in public spending for local governments as seeks to reset state strategy ahead of his scheduled second term in office.

California’s homeless population — likely higher than the estimated 161,000 in 2020 — is one of the state’s most pressing public issues, as the high cost of living has only risen the size and number of homeless encampments that dot cities across the state.

For decades, the California state government has viewed homelessness as a local problem, paying cities and counties tens of billions of state tax dollars to design and administer programs aimed at to get people off the streets and to house them permanently. This included a recent pledge by state lawmakers to spend $15.3 billion over the next three years.

But the state’s homeless population seemed to grow in concert with rising state spending, frustrating officials. California counties, the 13 largest cities and groups of homeless service providers were in line to receive about $1 billion in public homeless spending, but only if they submitted plans on the how they would use the money. On Thursday, Newsom said the plans were “simply unacceptable” because they would collectively reduce the state’s homeless population by just 2% over the next four years.

Newsom said he would suspend that spending, calling a meeting with local officials later this month to “review the state’s collective approach to homelessness.”

“At this rate, it would take decades to significantly reduce homelessness in California,” Newsom said in a press release. “Everyone needs to do better – cities, counties and the state included. We’re all in this.”

Local leaders were not happy.

The California State Association of Counties has been advocating with the governor for a “comprehensive statewide plan” that clearly outlines the responsibilities of cities and counties, and with money earmarked for jurisdictions to succeed, said executive director Graham Knaus in a statement.

In San Jose – the 10th largest city in the United States, with more than a million residents – Mayor Sam Liccardo said if Newsom wanted to be bold in solving the homelessness crisis, he would dedicate 10% of recent historic state budget surpluses to housing construction. and requiring homeless people to take permanent accommodation when offered, among other reforms.

“Let’s put down the megaphones and get the shovels,” Liccardo said.

In Oakland, Mayor Libby Schaaf, who leads a coalition of mayors from the state’s 13 largest cities, said she shares the governor’s need for urgency and accountability, but doesn’t understand how delaying funding is helping. the situation.

“Oakland followed the state’s process exactly as directed, so we hope this pause incorporates our front-line wisdom and improves on last year’s process,” she said.

A common plea echoed by mayors and homelessness advocates was the need for dedicated funding so cities and counties can plan ahead and increase the number of people they expect to help.

Chione Flegal, executive director of Housing California, said $1 billion sounds like a lot, but it’s “a drop in the ocean compared to the incredible needs people are facing.” She said massive investments in public health, affordable housing stock and the social safety net are also needed to truly address homelessness.

Newsom is up for re-election this year and is set to win a second term as he takes on a little-known Republican senator. But Newsom’s political future, including a potential run for president, could be complicated by California’s ongoing homelessness crisis.

Since taking office in 2019, Newsom has been more aggressive in establishing and enforcing a statewide homelessness policy. In 2019, the Newsom administration sued the Southern California city of Huntington Beach, accusing local authorities of ignoring state requirements for affordable housing.

Earlier this year, the Newsom administration launched a first-of-its-kind investigation into San Francisco’s housing policies aimed at understanding why it’s taking officials so long to approve housing projects. And last month, the Newsom administration and the state attorney general joined a lawsuit against the city of Anaheim, alleging officials there violated state housing laws.

Over the past year, the Newsom administration said it cleaned up 1,600 homeless encampments, cleaning up 2,227 tons of trash, enough to fill more than 40 Olympic-size swimming pools. He also signed a new law that will allow judges to force some homeless people into treatment – a controversial proposal opposed by civil rights advocates who say it goes too far.

Homeless advocates say coercive treatment when there aren’t enough beds or services and cleaning up encampments won’t seriously reduce the number of homeless people in California.

“Homeless people are not trash to be thrown away,” said Flegal.

But Jim Wood, a Democratic member of the state Assembly whose district includes the North Shore, said he “wholeheartedly applauds” Newsom’s decision.

“The money isn’t going to go very far and you’re not going to get much done unless you find a different way of doing things,” he said.

The 11 best beauty launches of October 2022, according to the editors of Coveteur Beauty Mon, 31 Oct 2022 21:03:18 +0000

Is it just us, or has the beauty content flooding the timelines this month been almost exclusively fear-centric? It’s not shocking – it’s Halloween after all – but festive makeup has been ubiquitous throughout the month, from fads designed to look like severed fingers to Hocus Pocus-inspired makeup. Even though it’s time to fully showcase the skills of VFX enthusiasts, I would say the real marker of a stellar product is how well it can fit into your day to day, and that’s what our beauty team had in mind when we sifted through the latest launches. This month, our beauty team’s favorites range from body care, including a luxurious body scrub and microbiome-focused serum, to makeup, with a new matte lipstick and multi-use pigment stick. , and a fragrance, with Crown Affair launching its very first fragrance. Read on for the best of the best from this month.

Ama Kwarteng, beauty director

Ama is wearing the Summer Fridays Blush Balm Stick.

Photo: Courtesy of Ama Kwarteng

blush sticks

“Is it just me or is it harder for everyone to get out of bed in the winter? The only thing that can get me out from under the covers is the looming threat of being charged for missing a Pilates class. in New York. Otherwise, on most days, the snooze button is my best friend. That means the moment I stopped telling myself just five more minutes, I only have about 10 minutes to make myself look presentable for the day – that’s where the Summer Fridays Multi-Purpose Lip and Cheek Stick comes in handy. After finishing my skincare routine and applying some concealer, I’ll swipe the stick over my eyelids, cheekbones, and lips to give my face a quick, color boost. The sheer formula is super buildable, glides on so easily, and looks like you really went to great lengths with your makeup that morning.”

Summer Fridays

Deep Cleansing Oil

“Some people say it doesn’t really matter what cleanser you use because it doesn’t stay on your skin long – you just wash it off – but I strongly disagree. That’s probably the one of the most important steps in your PM routine.If you can’t wash your skin completely all day, how do you expect all the serums that follow to sink in?

“Anyway, I always start my routine with an oil cleanser and absolutely loved this new launch from Susanne Kaufmann. The consistency is super light yet effective – it removes all your makeup without leaving a film greasy on your skin Plus it’s formulated with apricot kernel oil giving the cleanser a nice scent and not overpowering at all Adding this to my evening product line has definitely transformed my PM routine of something I would rush to pass into an enjoyable, sensory experience.”

Susanne Kaufman

Royal Tulip Petal Polish

“Exfoliation is always part of my body care routine and lately I’ve been really loving this new product from Bloomeffects. First of all, the texture is amazing; sand at the beach, making it a great option if you have sensitive skin. The formula uses sea salt crystals, alpha hydroxy acids and papaya extracts to gently dissolve dead skin cells while Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid even out your complexion and boost hydration, leaving behind a soft glow.”

Bloom effects

Sumiko Wilson, Beauty Fellow

Photo: Courtesy of Sumiko Wilson

Superplant+ Body Serum

“I call it: this will be my least ashy winter ever. Iota’s Superplant Body Serum has joined my hall of fame for personal body care. The microbiome support at the heart of Iota’s formulas has stung my interest, but the instant boost in hydration After showering, my skin drank in its formula rich in niacinamide and hyaluronic acid and left my skin instantly supple and soft without any drying time, residue or tedious rubbing Plus, the unscented formula is designed to suit sensitive skin without irritation, striking the perfect balance of gentleness and high performance.”


On the mend

“After ten months of consecutive Gel X manicures and a lifetime of nail biting, when I took my first Gel X break of the year last month, my nails were in very rough form. I don’t think they’ve ever been more brittle – a strong gust of wind could leave me with a broken fingernail. Step into Chillhouse’s new On the Mend kit: a cuticle serum applied with a brush and a crystal file. The kit comes with a crystal nail file to prepare the nails and a repair serum containing jojoba, vitamin E oil, sea buckthorn oil and aloe leaf extract to heal damaged cuticles and lock in moisture. Pro Tip: If you’ve found Soft Services’ new Theraplush Hand Treatment, pair this serum with this treatment to give your cuticles a targeted treatment before bed and wake up to the softest hands ever. .”

Cold room

Skin-satisfying moisturizer

“In its first foray into the skincare category, cult (and personal) favorite fragrance brand Ellis Brooklyn unveiled its first moisturizer. When I first opened my jar, in all its glass frosted sky blue, I was really surprised.The feel of this moisturizer moves away from the status quo of skincare with a more whipped and bouncy texture.Founder Bee Shapiro was inspired by her experience when writing about the skin care for New York Times to find an effective and gourmet formula (the sweet scent of vanilla adds a subtle dose of aromatherapy to your nighttime ritual). It’s light enough that I can wear it under makeup but rich enough to go with my favorite night cream. It’s more expensive, but between the powerful actives like squalene, niacinamide, and microalgae and the fact that I only use a pearl-sized dollop each time, buyer’s remorse is highly unlikely. It’s a yes of me.”

Ellis Brooklyn

Adi Giesey, beauty assistant

Photo: Courtesy of Adi Giesey

The scalp serum

“Since experiencing a bit of thinning along my hairline, I’ve been experimenting with serums and treatments in an effort to give my scalp the much-needed TLC. I love this formula as it has a super lightweight texture that won’t leave your hair looking greasy (a big deal for me in the past) Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide provide a dose of hydration while the biomimetic peptide blend at 5% helps promote hair growth. It’s been a welcome extra step in my routine and it’s here to stay.”


Quick-drying varnish

“I’m the perfect candidate for a quick-drying nail polish, but I’ve never been willing to sacrifice the shine and finish of a traditional formula. It’s become a running joke among friends that I’ll always leave the house with wet nails, which inevitably results in at least one stain. But leave it to Olive and June to figure out how to maintain the quality of a real polish with a quarter of the drying time. I’ve used several shades already before a wedding, birthday party and work dinner and I’m happy to report they were all dry by the time I got to my Uber. It really is perfect for anyone who needs to a quick manicure or who just don’t have the patience for a full dry time.

olive and june

The signature scent

“If you’ve used Crown Affair before, you know that the brand not only has hair-loving products, but also an amazing signature scent. After high demand, the fragrance is finally available as a hair scent at aloe base that leaves your locks feeling and smelling refreshed.As someone who is a big believer in maintaining a fragrance wardrobe, I had so much fun layering this with my favorite scents from day to night.

Crown Affair

OK button

“Whether you’re prone to acne or only have a handful of stubborn pimples each month, this spot treatment will be your new best friend. The formula is packed full of soothing tea tree capsules and acid salicylic, acetic and azelaic to help with breakouts I had a particularly large pimple on my forehead a few weeks ago and was really shocked that with just a few applications it quickly disappeared .Plus, the packaging makes it super easy to toss in a travel bag or take on the go.”

hero cosmetics

Matcha Hemp Body Wash

“While trying to perfect a facial cleanser, the Krave Beauty team ended up with leftover batches of formula that didn’t make the cut. So instead of letting it go to waste, they used as a base for their first ever body wash. . Talk about sustainable thinking at its finest! It’s full of antioxidants, hemp seed oil and my favorite soothing ingredient, oats. Love it make it part of my shower routine and I wish it wasn’t a limited edition product.”

krave beauty

News: Santini Custom Cycling Kit Sat, 29 Oct 2022 09:14:56 +0000

The custom Santini cycling kit used for the Tour de France yellow jersey is now available for everyone

RST cycling clothing and Trigon bikes

News: Santini Custom Cycling Kit

Santini UK Contact: 0789 6810 839

To celebrate the presentation of the Tour de France 2023, Santini, which supplies the personalized clothing to iconic races such as the Tour de France, has announced that the jerseys worn by the leaders of the Grande Boucle will now also be customizable for other riders. Speed ​​suits used in time trials as well as road suits will also be made available to teams.

These products are ultra-technical cycling garments that often prove essential to victory, as happened in the 2022 edition. As is the case with other leader jerseys, the yellow jersey of Santini is made from two absolutely ecological fabrics. Both are made by local manufacturers from 100% recycled PET and advanced yarns. The front and the pockets have a weaving designed to promote thermoregulation during stress such as the hot days of July during the Grande Boucle. A sleek second-skin fit, concealed zippers and raw-cut sleeves with internal silicone grip.

Photo: Beardy McBeard for Santini

The road speed and time trial suits are the product of constant research and development focusing on the structural analysis of materials to improve fabric, fit and wearability combinations. The goal of our R&D is to find materials that, in terms of elasticity, position and structure, positively influence the air coming into contact with specific areas of the body, creating a continuous micro-flow that exerts thrust aerodynamic. Lab and wind tunnel tested to deliver the best performance in all situations, of course.

These high performance features are now available for all teams, men’s and women’s: the same technology used for the official kits and suits is now available in our Custom line. This means that teams can use the same cycling clothing as the Tour de France and Tour de France Women leaders for their own kits and suits – personalized with their own colors, graphics and logos.

At the base of this new offer is, of course, Santini’s awareness and understanding of the importance of jerseys: for enthusiasts, they give a sense of belonging, a recognizable symbol, the common bond of each team. Hence our desire to offer the same technical clothing as the great champions.

To support this initiative, Santini has completely redesigned and relaunched the platform which will guide each customer through every step of every aspect of customizing their team’s kit: style, design, comfort and performance.

An instant online solution that means anyone can have their own yellow jersey that draws on the same experience, care and craftsmanship as the original and uses the same cuts, processes and materials as Santini used for the Tour de France.

For more information: Santini UK Contact: 0789 6810 839 and

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Other news on VeloUK

Ned Boulting on the Tour de France, the Tour du Yorkshire and cycling’s steep learning curve Tue, 25 Oct 2022 23:21:39 +0000

It sparked a love affair with racing that saw him work behind the mic at the event for 20 editions. Now Boulting, ITV’s lead Tour de France commentator, is performing a one-man show across the country to celebrate the race.

Re-Tour de Ned is billed as a “theatrical roadmap for anyone aspiring to wear the yellow jersey on the Champs Elysées: a really, really rough guide to the tactics (pedaling faster) and challenges (pedaling not fast enough) that will have to be deployed to win the greatest bicycle race in the world”.

“It’s supposed to make you laugh and it will make you laugh,” Boulting says. “It’s a fun celebration of all the craziness and absurdity as well as the big business, scale and epic nature of the Tour de France when looking at it from a side angle.”

Ned Boulting brings his Tour de France show to Yorkshire. Photo: Adam Laurent

The show explores the history of the tour as well as the last edition of this summer which has just disappeared. “Right now, I can’t imagine a time when the Tour de France wasn’t part of my life,” says Boulting.

It’s come a long way since its first edition cover in 2003. “I had no idea what I was doing. I waded around like a helpless fool for a few years.

“I knew I liked it, I just didn’t understand it. It took me years to master the event.

“It was a very, very steep and very public learning curve as well. I think a lot of our viewers looked at me and thought who is so stupid and why doesn’t he know anything about cycling?”

Boulting has also been involved in coverage of the Tour de Yorkshire cycling race, which first took place in 2015, the year after the region hosted the Grand Départ of the Tour de France.

The 2022 Tour de Yorkshire has been cancelled, with organizers saying the race “would not be viable” due to “the impact of Covid-19, combined with increasing financial challenges”. The 2020 and 2021 races had not taken place due to the pandemic and plans were announced to launch a new event from 2024.

“The Tour de Yorkshire got off to such a stunning start and it was immediately understood and embraced by the region,” says Boulting. “The crowds and the efforts of all the villages and towns at the time of the race were out of scale…

“Very few races achieve what the Tour de Yorkshire has done and no race, to my knowledge, has ever done it as quickly as the Tour de Yorkshire, capitalizing on the Tour de France coming to Yorkshire. feels like he should come back in some form and I hope he does.

Boulting is at York Grand Opera House tonight, at Ilkley King’s Hall tomorrow and at Leeds City Varieties on November 7. Visit

The best sportswear to fight chafing Sat, 22 Oct 2022 02:34:47 +0000

Last Sunday (October 16) was the long-awaited Delhi Half Marathon, as the race returned after a two-year covid break. Until a few years ago, the popular 21km race was held from mid-to-late November, when Delhi was cold (and the air polluted). This year, it took place under the harsh October sun. Starting the race around 6:30 a.m. meant finishing it under scorching sun on a wet day. The result? Painful friction.

Chafing is a common skin condition in endurance sports like running and cycling, where your skin rubs against skin (for example, thighs rubbing against each other while running) or against a garment (e.g. sports bra straps, belts, t-shirt labels). It stings and distracts your attention from the activity you are pursuing. Not to mention that when you shower after your run or ride, you will definitely scream in pain.

Read also How exercise can help cancer patients

Some of the ways to prevent chafing is to cover the prone areas with petroleum jelly. Chafing usually occurs in warm, moist areas like the inner thighs, groin, buttocks, armpits, and under the breasts. Some athletes also use bandages and others invest in anti-chafing gels or even deodorant sticks to prevent this. But they only help to a limited extent. If you’ve ever rubbed your skin, trust aloe vera gel and petroleum jelly (or even baby oil) to keep that area from further irritating you. What I’ve found is that investing in good quality gym clothes really helps prevent chafing. Here are some of the products that I have tried myself and swear by.

Uniqlo AIRism.
(Courtesy of Uniqlo)

For quick drying comfort: Uniqlo’s AIRism clothing line adapts comfortably to all body types. The Mapping Crew Neck Tee has become a favorite for the races, thanks to its fast moisture wicking technology. This highly breathable t-shirt lets you run half marathons without drenching in sweat; using cupro fibers, which absorbs and releases sweat from the body. As a layman, even if the technology of the fabric is irrelevant, the feel is certainly one of cool comfort. The t-shirt dries much faster than a cotton t-shirt, making it a great choice for running.

The t-shirt was less coarse than even a dry-fit polyester top. With a touch close to silk, it uses almost 90% polyamide (which, by the way, has the highest abrasion resistance of all textile raw materials) and 10% elastane to give it a glove-like.

Uniqlo AIRism Mapping Short Sleeve Crew Neck T-Shirt; 1290;

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Under Armor Iso-Chill 200 Laser Tee.

Under Armor Iso-Chill 200 Laser Tee.
(Courtesy of Under Armour)

For airy, sweat-wicking runs:Under Armour’s Iso-Chill technology works great in wet areas. The fabric uses flat yarn to disperse body heat and titanium dioxide to absorb UV energy. This means that when you wear it, the t-shirt feels cool to the touch and is super light and airy. It obviously wicks away sweat, which also helps prevent chafing.

The design of the t-shirt also deserves a mention. The back of the t-shirt has perforations so that during sweaty runs or training your body is always sufficiently ventilated and the sweat does not stick to your skin. My favorite piece is probably the cutouts near the shoulder blades. It’s not only great for feeling less sweaty, but it also increases ease of movement for runs (where your hands move back and forth repeatedly) and workouts such as burpees or slams. ball (which require you to move your hands up. -and-down mode). There is also a reflective patch just at the back of the neck, providing some visibility during early morning runs.

Under Armor Iso-Chill 200 Laser Tee; 4,499; available in store

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Silvertraq cycling shorts

Silvertraq cycling shorts
(Courtesy of Silvertraq)

For a pain-free ride:Alright, so bike shorts are for cycling sessions. But the Silvertraq shorts are also excellent for running. This is especially true as the fit ensures that it won’t ride up your thigh while running. If your shorts ride up your thighs are free to rub against each other and before you know it you have chafing and are walking like a duck for the next few days.

What I also like about these shorts is that they have side pockets deep enough to hold your phone, keys, and probably a pack of energy gel. Although not transparent, the seams are sewn so as not to be abrasive. This again results in less friction and less rubbing. It comes with the same quick-drying technology you want in your workout clothes, plus what the brand calls “anti-odor” technology. Made with a blend of polyester (88%) and spandex (12%), the shorts are pure comfort. Also, bike shorts are very trendy as casual wear, I’m told. So you can easily double them for mall hopping or brunch.

Silvertraq Women’s Biker Shorts; 1699;

Sohini Sen is a Delhi-based writer.

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]]> “In my case, I never considered clubfoot a disability because I was born with it” – Ronan Grimes Tue, 18 Oct 2022 20:33:00 +0000

Most observers wouldn’t even notice him when he’s racing his bike.

K, the Athenry man has an unorthodox style. Many cyclists ride with their heels or toes pointing down, but never one of each.

Upon closer inspection, his saddle looks too high or too low depending on which side you look from. Lean closer and one foot appears to be smaller than the other. Zoom in again and you might notice that his left calf doesn’t have the same muscle as his right calf.

Still, Ronan Grimes can handle himself in the national peloton, he rode the Rás, so he couldn’t be turned off. Could he? “In my case, I never considered clubfoot a handicap because I was born with it,” explains the 36-year-old para-cycling road world champion. “I’ve always had it. When I was 11 or 12 they fused the metatarsals and my ankle was fused enough already so it doesn’t move much. I can’t run for more than a few minutes on it so the ball games were kind of out of place and then you worry about contact on it as well.

After that, Grimes, like many other disabled or handicapped youngsters, found himself giving up the sport altogether. “Once I had this operation, I stopped playing GAA,” he says. “I was an avid pitcher, but I was also a little intimidated, so I didn’t really miss it. I didn’t play any sports from my teens through college, but I would have always ridden a bike.

The bicycle was however a mode of transport, first traveling about a mile to school and then, when he moved to Dublin, continuing the tradition by cycling the 6km to Trinity College where he studied pharmacy.

The sport was completely off his radar until an internship saw him spend eight months working in Dungarvan, where he noticed a local group going out for laps on Sunday mornings and joined them one day on his new cycling bike.

“I had nothing else to do,” he said. “I saw the guys leaving the square on a Sunday morning and walked out with them. After a while they told me to come to the club league on a Wednesday night so I went to a couple of those. It was my first introduction to racing. It inspired me and I joined Orwell Wheelers when I returned to Dublin.

His first race in the A4 class earned him a sixth-place finish, but he admits it took a year to get another result. The following year he progressed to A3, but it was a decision to go for a bike fit that changed his life forever.

“I just did it more out of curiosity. At the time, I was really naive about anything that limited my cycling. But Aidan Hammond advised me to put wedges on my left shoe to compensate for my difference in leg length. I wore shoes of the same size. He advised me to wear different shoe sizes and adjusted my cleat positions. My left foot is size 6 and my right foot is size 9. I would have had an 18mm plastic wedge between the cleats and the sole of my left shoe originally, but over time through conditioning and to stretch I have a new insole in my left shoe which makes up for a lot of the difference now so I have the shim at 9mm.

“If you look, my left foot would be toe down and my right foot would be heel down. Because my legs are different lengths, I tried to pick a saddle height that’s not too low for the right or too high for the left but if you look at me from the right my saddle looks too low and if you look at me from the left it looks too high A lot of effort has been put into trying to compensate for this much as possible the gaps between my legs over the years.

Until then, Grimes admits he never thought about parasport.

“I remember the Paralympic Games were on TV when I was in Dungarvan. My roommate mentioned it to me but that’s the first time I realized what it was. At the time Aidan told me I should try para-cycling and while I was there he contacted Cathal Millar – who had competed in the London Paralympics and I went out for a ride with him. This sowed the seeds for eventually joining the para team. I had made a few friends at Orwell, but when I told them I was on the Paralympic team a few years later, they thought I was kidding.

“I think most people see Paralympic sports as people missing a leg or an arm, but it’s a graduated system and there are categories for everyone. C1 is for people with the most severe disability while C5 is very minor. In C5, all the top guys race at continental level. The guys are racing the Tour of Colombia, the Tour of Hungary… all the top ten would be racing at a very high level.

“At C5, Paralympic champion Kevin Le Cunff achieved top 10 results in Tro-Bro Leon and Paris-Camembert, true Coupe de France races. He is a very strong able-bodied rider and only if you know what you are looking for you might notice his handicap.

“C4 is the category I’m in, which is probably A1 or A2 level at home. I was A2 here for the last five years, but moved up to A1 this year.

“C2 and C1 are probably the ‘posters’ of para-cycling – guys you wonder how they can ride a bike with. They are missing two arms and a leg but they are still flying around the track at 45 km/h in pursuit.

“I think the visibility of the Paralympics is really important. I’m sure there are a lot of young people out there where there is a sport for them, but because of their disability or impairment they think there isn’t and they give it up. A lot of people like me give up sports when they’re younger and never get back into it. I guess I was lucky to get back to it.

“I had tried cycling and wanted to be competitive before I even discovered para-cycling, so I guess I always had the mentality of not seeing my clubfoot as a handicap or an impairment, but you would hope, if there was more awareness about it, that the younger generation will realize that there are sports out there for them. Hopefully that will keep someone in the sport a bit longer. I constantly watch the guys in the peloton when I run home. A lot of people don’t realize they have the right to do that. I’m sure I’m not the only one in the country.

Finding the courage to reach out to parasports is often the hardest part for those who may be eligible to get involved at any level, but Grimes says there’s no need to be afraid.

“You might think it’s an intimidating environment, but in the Paralympic community, everyone just wants to see people playing their sport and enjoying what they’re doing. Paracycling Ireland have a time trial league and you get people coming in and it’s their first time cycling. There is a level for everyone. You get people who just come over to meet like-minded people, have a cup of tea, and have a little fun. Whether it’s their first day on a bike or trying out for a national team. Do not be shy. People will help you. Try it. It is better to try to do something than not to do it.

Joining the Paralympic team has seen Grimes represent Ireland around the world and 2022 has been one of his best years yet, with European and World titles coming down the road. “I had a good base in the winter and did Rás Múmhan. I won the European Time Trial Championships in May, went home and did my first Rás Tailteann with Orwell I wasn’t hosting the race in any way but I think knowing that you can go deep into those races gives you the confidence for the para races that you have the strength to host those races at that time .

“I had some good races in July and then went to Canada where I finished second in a Para World Cup in Quebec the week before winning the world road race. not a great sprinter, but the worlds was a tough race and it came down to a long sprint, so I think a bit of general fitness and a bit of power came through.

Tomorrow, Grimes tackles the Para-cycling Track World Championships in Paris, where he hopes to get a feel for the velodrome ahead of the 2024 Paralympic Games.

“It will be nice to get to grips with the pits, the banks and to have a good power file of the track that you will hopefully be chasing on in two years. I have a flying 200m in the morning and qualifying for the pursuit in the afternoon. On the track, the pursuit is probably my best test. I’m not particularly the best at any of them, but I’m fine with all of them. In para-cycling there is an omnium where there is an overall ranking for all the events you can participate in, so I will do all of them with a view to getting a decent result in the omnium.

The Irish in action at this week’s Para-cycling Track World Championships in France.

WC3 Omnium – 200m Flying Start – Richael Timothy
MC4 Omnium – 200m Flying Start – Ronan Grimes
MC2 Omnium – 200m Flying Start – Chris Burns
MB 750m Team Sprint Qualifying – Martin Gordon and Eoin Mullen
WC3 500m time trial qualification – Richael Timothy
MC4 4km Individual Pursuit Qualifications – Ronan Grimes

MC2 1km Time Trial – Chris Burns
MB 1km time trial qualification – Martin Gordon and Eoin Mullen | Damien Vereker and Marcin Mizgajski
WB 3km individual pursuit qualifier – Katie-George Dunlevy and Eve McCrystal
15k MC4 Scratch Race – Ronan Grimes
WC3 10k Scratch Race – Richael Timothy

WC3 3km Individual Pursuit Qualifying – Richael Timothy
MB 4km Individual Pursuit Qualifications – Damien Vereker and Marcin Mizgajski
MC2 3km Individual Pursuit Qualifying – Chris Burns
MC4 1km Time Trial Qualification – Ronan Grimes

MB Sprint qualifying – Martin Gordon and Eoin Mullen
MC2 15k Scratch Race – Chris Burns

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Changes needed to save lives, say cyclist and pedestrian advocates Thu, 13 Oct 2022 15:08:04 +0000

October is National Pedestrian Safety Awareness Month. September was Cyclist and Pedestrian Awareness Month in Virginia. Fatal crashes and injuries involving road users increased last year, according to traffic accident facts from the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Cyclist Natalie Rainer was hit in mid-August by a driver accused of drunk driving.

“I have organ damage,” Rainer said. “I have a lot of rashes on my skin.”

Rainer was cycling with C. Jonah Holland on a popular bike path in Varina when they were hit. Holland died at the scene and Rainer was seriously injured. Her pelvis, ribs and collarbone were broken. Rainer spent a week in the intensive care unit and then was placed in the trauma unit for two weeks, she said.

Rainer called the accident a “random event”, where she and Holland were in the “wrong place at the wrong time”.

Jeffery Brooks, 18, is awaiting trial for felony manslaughter and misdemeanor DUI.

“One of the scariest things you can do is drive a car the wrong way, because you’re putting so many people at risk,” Rainer said.

Crashes involving a vehicle were up 12.2% from 2020-21, according to DMV Traffic Accident Facts. Collisions involving a vehicle and a pedestrian increased by 12.6% over the same period. The number of pedestrians injured in such accidents increased by 11.7%. The number of pedestrians killed increased by 9.7%.

There has been a 100% increase in fatal accidents involving a cyclist; from eight to 16 cyclists killed.

Sen. Scott Surovell, D-Fairfax, became an advocate for safer streets after cycling across the country and having several close calls, he said. There should be more driver education and awareness, he said, as well as improvements to cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. This will help minimize risk to vulnerable road users, he said. For example, roads that had high speed limits years ago would need updates to accommodate new developments.

Lack of enforcement is another big problem, Surovell said. The General Assembly passed the Hands-Free Act in 2020, banning mobile phone use while driving, but Surovell said he did not see enough enforcement.

Distracted driving crashes are up more than 11% from 2020-21, according to the DMV.

“Put your phone down, take a deep breath,” Surovell said. “Be more attentive, be more courteous. To slow down.”

Rainer echoed this.

“There is no need for speed on the streets of our city,” she said.

Traffic crashes where speed was a factor rose 9.5% last year, according to the DMV.

Rainer urged cyclists to be alert and wear protective gear, bright colors and flashing taillights. She suggested riding where people expect cyclists. Street markings and signs warning drivers of cyclists would be helpful, she said.

Rainer will “ride the bike again,” she said, although it will be a while before she’s physically capable. She will probably adapt to it by riding with large groups and close to home.

“I will never stop loving the sport,” Rainer said.

Pedestrian and cyclist safety advocates said there was a host of efforts needed to reduce road deaths and injuries.

According to Doug Allen, more people have been walking and cycling since the start of the pandemic.

Allen is an avid cyclist and sits on the board of the Virginia Bicycling Federation. Less traffic on the roads early in the pandemic led to more reckless driving, Allen said. Vehicles are bigger, heavier and faster, which is a “bad equation” when there are more reckless drivers and more people sharing the roads.

“People will drive as fast as they feel comfortable driving,” Allen said.

Allen thinks infrastructure design should be the main focus to make streets safer.

“Using law enforcement as a hammer to try to make the streets safer is not a good idea,” he said. The design changes could help reduce the need for interaction with the police and help avoid a “potentially dangerous situation”.

Allen recommended that all road users be aware of their surroundings and limit distractions when traveling. There should be more frequent driver training tests to refresh people and familiarize them with the new laws, Allen said. Driving lessons should teach how to interact with pedestrians and cyclists, he said.

October is a difficult time for Khrystal Bethea-Artis. Her 16-year-old daughter, Aajah Rosemond, died on her way to the store along Jahnke Road in the early evening in October 2020. Rosemond was killed when two vehicles crashed and one hit her, according to Bethea-Artis.

Bethea-Artis believes her daughter died in part because of bad driving behavior that cannot be unlearned. This includes speeding, driving under the influence and road rage, she said.

“The rush is never worth the risk,” Bethea-Artis said.

Surovell hopes that learned behavior can be changed.

“It took a while, but we got people to put their seat belts on,” he said, as an example.

Bethea-Artis testified earlier this year on behalf of legislation that created stiffer penalties for reckless driving that injures or kills a road user. The driver of the vehicle that caused the crash that killed her daughter was only penalized $200 and charged with reckless driving, Bethea-Artis told a legislative subcommittee in January.

Bethea-Artis hopes her advocacy will help ensure that other parents do not suffer such a loss.

“If it’s one voice, it’s like an echo in a hallway,” she said.

If the community works together, she said it could create the change needed to reduce road deaths.

Rosemond’s family will be at the corner of Jahnke and German School roads on Sunday, October 16 from 1 to 5 p.m.

“We won’t let this day pass,” Bethea-Artis said.

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