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Kristen Faulkner continues despite her injuries during the third stage (Reims to Epernay) of the Tour de France Women on July 26, 2022. (Photo courtesy of Kristen Faulkner)

The Tour de France is arguably the most famous cycling race. The Men’s Tour is an almost month-long event that winds through the French countryside each July.

However, most people may not be as familiar with the women’s circuit. That’s because this year was the first time in more than three decades that women competed.

While the men’s Tour de France is a multi-week event with over 21 stages, the women’s route is reduced in comparison, with eight stages.

Homer-born cyclist Kristen Faulkner, who rode her maiden Tour de France last month, believes there are several reasons for this.

“I think the organizers still have a kind of traditional mentality in Europe, that women can’t do as much as men,” she said. “I think the second factor is the funding required for the initial investment. And right now they’re not ready to invest that much in women’s cycling until they know there really are people ready to watch it.

Faulkner first considered professional cycling while working in New York as a venture capitalist.

Although she was athletic, she said cycling was not on her radar. The 23-year-old had just graduated from Harvard, where she majored in computer science. While in college, she broke rowing records and set the school best time for indoor rowing in her weight class.

Prior to that, Faulkner said his cycling experience was limited to cycling on the Homer Spit after swimming training to help his family with housework more than a decade ago. His parents, John and Sara Faulkner, own and operate Lands Ends Resort, a year-round hotel and restaurant at the tip of Homer Spit.

It wasn’t until she took a cycling course in New York in 2016 that she fell in love with competitive sport for both its individual and team components.

“Cycling is both a race and also a game,” Faulkner said. “You have the effect of drafting, which is when you ride right behind your teammate, and you can save energy because you’re not in the wind all the time. And so the teams use this dynamic. If you’re the sprinter, your teammate will go right in front of you, and sort of ride past you to the finish, then at the very last minute, sprint around them. And so that teamwork plays a big part in how the riders race.

Faulkner, 29, says she had high hopes for the Tour de France last month. The French race is one of three major stage races that make up what is called “Le Grand Tour”, which she hopes to complete. Faulkner has already successfully participated in one of them, the Giro Rosa d’Italia, in early July.

During the Giro Rosa, she said she won two of the 10 stages and also wore the coveted polka dot jersey. It is awarded to the strongest climber in the race, known as “The Queen of the Mountain”. But just before the Tour de France, Faulkner fell ill.

“[The Giro Rosa] was one of my best races of the year,” she said. “I was just very excited about the idea of ​​tackling the Tour de France, [thinking] I might actually have a shot at the podium again or even win. And then the day after the Giro, I went home and tested positive for COVID. And I had COVID for the next 11 or 12 days. I tested negative on the very last day I was cleared to test negative and be able to race for the lap.

But COVID wasn’t the only challenge, she said.

“So there were three crashes that happened right in front of me and I really had no way to avoid them,” she said. “There were really big piles of crashes. And I have a lot of rashes on my legs and I hit my elbow and so it was very hard on my body. In fact, I didn’t know if I was going to be able to finish the race.

But she is done.

Faulkner says she is hopeful for two upcoming stage races later this summer and the World Cycling Championships in September.

Faulkner said she plans to race next year’s Tour and hopes to get on the podium this time around. She said she was hopeful for the future of women in sport and wanted more people to get involved in cycling.

“I’m just encouraging more people to get on the bike,” Faulkner said. “I think it’s a really good form of exercise. It’s funny. It is sustainable transport. And I would like to see more women on bikes. It’s a very masculine sport. And if we can get more women into cycling, I think we can support more women’s sports in general.

Electric bikes off the climate bill Fri, 05 Aug 2022 16:23:12 +0000

When President Joe Biden Building back better (BBB) ​​died this year, taking with it a long-awaited e-bike tax credit. This credit, a long-sought goal of Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-OR), would have provided a tax credit of up to $900 on e-bikes costing less than $4,000 for eligible persons.

Now that pivotal Senate vote Joe Manchin (D-WV) has reached a deal on the climate bill with Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), some of the BBB provisions are back in gambling. The bill, if passed, would provide almost $370 billion in federal funds to fight climate change, including a generous tax credit for the purchase of an electric vehicle: up to $7,500 for new vehicles made in North America and, above all, $4,000 for used vehicles (there are caps on vehicle price and buyer income on both credits) . It’s not BBB, but a consensus among green energy and sustainability advocates seems to be it is a good bill.

Unfortunately, e-bike credit is not found. It’s a shame. There is still time, technically speaking, to put it back in place, although the bill is advancing rapidly through the Democratic-controlled Senate due to both its political importance to the party and its status (a bill of reconciliation, he can pass the Senate with only 51 votes). There is no guarantee of passage, or that the bill will not change substantially; there is fierce lobbying going on right now. The other Democratic vote in the chamber – Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona –didn’t say she was on board until late Thursday night.

But if an e-bike tax credit kinda gets into the climate bill or is the subject of future legislation, it is absolutely a valid piece of public policy, and talking now helps lay the foundation to get it adopted one way or another. So if you have strong feelings about things like more people riding bikes and/or stopping our species from cooking the planet, now’s a good time to talk about it. You can find your senators contact details here.

Contrary to cynical belief, voter votes matter and original comments matter more than form letters. Here are some general points to consider when crafting your thoughts:

An e-bike tax credit is about efficiency, not fairness

Yeah, it’s a shame that huge electric SUVs qualify for a fat tax credit, but bikes don’t. But complaints about fairness are unlikely to spur lawmakers to act. What could? Points on efficiency and in terms of ability to impact emissions, e-bikes are second to none. And since transportation accounts for 27% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States…largest single sector— this is where we can have the greatest impact by changing behaviors.

When comparing vehicles on climate impact (two or four wheels, electric or internal combustion), the most useful framework is to look at their total carbon emissions over their lifetime. Tesla says each Model 3 will produce 36,000 kilograms (about 40 tons) of carbon emissions over its lifetime, including the cost of making it. Compared to a thermal vehicle, it’s good. But Trek’s sustainability report estimates that producing an e-bike requires around 200-240kg of carbon, or about 1/150th of Tesla’s total. Even on another basis of comparisongrams of CO2 produced per mile traveled, e-bikes are 10 to 20 times more efficient than electric vehicles.

This is partly because they are much less carbon intensive to produce, and also because they simply work much more efficiently. E-bike batteries are tiny compared to EV batteries, requiring only 2-3% of the energy to recharge that a VE does. And they are hybrid vehicles, thanks to the human power source. Charging costs are therefore minimal: even if you ride an e-bike enough to completely discharge the battery every day, you will pay between $10 and $50 per year to recharge it, depending on regional electricity tariffs. This directly reflects the amount of electrical energy used by these batteries.

The demand is there, and the cost is low

Last April, the City of Denver began offering instant discounts on e-bike purchases, including a bonus for income-eligible residents and an additional incentive for e-cargo bikes (e-mountain bikes were not eligible). It was so popular that 3,000 applications were submitted in just three weeks, temporarily halting the program. Notably, more than half of the first-round rebates went to income-qualified buyers, a strong sign that the bikes are being used for everyday transportation. California to launch its own e-bike rebate program Later this yearand the anticipation is just as high.

The price of a federal e-bike credit, versus the EV tax credit, is higher than you might think. The official Joint Budget Committee score for the original bicycle tax credit in BBB was $7.4 billion over 10 years, nearly identical to the cost of EV tax credit for new vehicles in the current bill (used electric vehicles get their own budget score line). But this comparison does not take into account the projected demand for the two options. The cost of the electric vehicle tax credit assumes that one million new eligible electric vehicles will be sold over the next decade. By comparison, the e-bike tax credit budget score is based on an estimated sales volume that is literally 10 times higher. This could be realistic: bike manufacturers have sold nearly 900,000 e-bikes. last year only in the United States., far exceeding sales of electric vehicles.

Denver’s credit illustrates the math. Of those 3,000 initial claims, the city ended up giving 863 first-round rebates for a total cost of $716,156, meaning each e-bike purchase costs about one-tenth of the maximum tax credit available to eSUV buyers in the federal bill. So think about it: for the same price over a decade, we could replace a million internal combustion cars with electric cars, or we could put 10 million e-bikes in the hands of cyclists to replace car journeys. Take a climate intervention that is 10 times the number of EV sales, is at least 10 times more effective at reducing CO2 emissions, and has a unit cost of 1/10th that of the EV program and what do you get? An extremely efficient and cost-effective tool to combat climate change. But that’s not all.

Electric bikes solve other problems that electric vehicles do not solve

The problem with electric cars is that they are still cars. They still cause traffic jams, contribute to harmful noise levels near busy roads and reject particulate pollutants brakes and tires. Because the vehicles are heavier than their internal combustion engine counterparts, they create more wear on the roads (and much more than light e-bikes). Their occupants are still sedentary and derive no direct health benefits from switching to an electric vehicle. And they can still drive distracted or angry, which might turn those big, faster acceleration machines in kinetic energy weapons around cyclists and pedestrians.

E-bikes, on the other hand, are quiet. They are small and slow enough to cause almost no damage to streets, and their light weight and relatively low speed also make them far less dangerous to other road users, especially cyclists and pedestrians. They create negligible pollution of any kind. Because you can install many more on a given section of road, there are no traffic jams. They make cities quieter, safer and more liveable while providing health benefits to their users.

For all these reasons, if you’re looking for the best return on transport-related climate investments, there’s no better way – whether it’s measured on total emissions reductions, the cost-effectiveness of those reductions or the ancillary benefits – that of enticing people to buy e-bikes for utility cycling. Adding the e-bike tax credit would not just be a victory for bikes; it would be a victory for the climate, for livable cities, for security, for all of us.

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8 Top Orthopedic Tips on How to Manage Arthritis Thu, 04 Aug 2022 10:25:11 +0000

August 4: Joint pain and stiffness for a time is known as arthritis, which gets worse with age and requires treatment. As we celebrate Bone and Joint Day on August 4, these top orthopedists share their tips for managing or delaying arthritis flare-ups when they do occur.

Dr Reetadyuti Mukhopadhyay

MBBS, MS – Orthopedics, DNB – Orthopedic Surgery, MNAMS – Orthopedics

Specialist in shoulder, arthroscopy and sports injuries

CK Birla Hospital, Gurugram

Arthritis can be debilitating to the patient, limiting movement and causing pain. Better mobile joints will cushion the effects of arthritis, which should be supplemented with occasional pain medication to enable pain-free movement with specific targeted treatment. The best way to keep the joints moving is to exercise regularly within the limit of pain. Regular exercise also keeps your muscles well-toned and reduces the load on the degenerating joint, providing significant symptomatic benefit.


Dr Chandeep Singh

MBBS, MS-Orthopedics, Associate Director – Orthopedics

Max Institute of Musculoskeletal Sciences (MIMS), Gurugram

Movement is an essential part of controlling your arthritis because sitting too long can weaken muscles and stiffen joints. Exercise can also reduce pain by gently strengthening the muscles surrounding an arthritic joint. A painful joint can be effectively relieved by applying both cold and heat. Heat can relax the muscles around a joint. A cold compress can be applied if the joint is hot and inflamed, using a thin towel to protect your skin from the cold. Using a cane, crutches, or even a walker to help you walk can make your knee or hip more comfortable.

Dr Sandeep Kapoor

Director Orthopedics & Healthcity Hospital

Trauma and Joint Replacement Surgeon, Lucknow

Arthritis is a lifestyle disorder that affects one in three Indians. The most common form of arthritis is osteoarthritis, which occurs in older people, which is not uncommon in middle age groups today. It involves the weight-bearing joints, therefore called wear-and-tear arthritis. Treatment requires physical therapy, lifestyle modification, weight control, and dietary habits. It does not require a lot of medication and the diagnosis is mainly clinical or radiological. If all else fails, replacement surgery is a good option. Don’t be afraid of arthritis; instead, try to incorporate healthy habits into your lifestyle to keep your joints in good shape.

Dr. Varun Aggarwal

MBBS, Ms- Orthopedics, Joint Replacement Surgeon

Golden Clinics, Chandigarh

I have been doing joint replacement for arthritis for a long time. We have advanced ortho-biological therapies that help the joints heal naturally, preventing or delaying surgery. Treatments like PRP therapy were introduced nearly three decades ago. However, they have recently gained popularity with orthopedists. PRP therapy has been used for shoulder rotator cuff tears, early osteoarthritis of the knees, and tennis elbow. PRP is derived from a patient’s blood and is the safest injection for anyone, especially young athletes.

Dr Madhur Mahna

MBBS, DNB Orthopaedics, FAGE

Center for Joint, Spine and Child Orthopedics, New Delhi

Kalra Hospital SRCNC, RLKC Hospital & Metro Heart Institute, Sunrise Hospital – New Delhi

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative disease, or we can say that it is a disease of aging. This makes it a lifestyle disease. A sedentary lifestyle, lack of sun exposure and the stresses of modern life have all contributed to an increase in the prevalence of osteoarthritis. The cause being multifactorial, the treatment must be similar. My approach to osteoarthritis has therefore always been holistic, including medication, physiotherapy, exercise and dietary changes to combat the disease.

Dr. Sushrut Babhulkar

MS Orth, MCh Orth (UK)

Sushrut Institute of Medical Sciences, Nagpur

As orthopedic surgeons, we frequently see patients with joint pain, whether young or old. We must determine the type of arthritis, because several types of arthritis must be identified before starting treatment. If the arthritis has progressed, we may add joint preservation drugs, joint cartilage rejuvenation drugs, or surgery. Let me assure you that all these surgical procedures have been thoroughly researched and studied all over the world. I suggest everyone sees an orthopedic surgeon to start managing pain and slowing the progression of arthritis.

Dr Ankur Dogra

MBBS, MS orthopedics, joint replacement surgeon and arthroscopy

Shalby Hospital, Mohali Punjab

A common cause of physical activity limitation in the elderly is knee pain due to joint damage or osteoarthritis. Rubbing of joint surfaces over time and inactivity is the common cause of joint stiffness in the elderly. Not only does it interfere with daily activities, but the pain caused by osteoarthritis of the knee can be excruciating. Since joint damage is irreversible, it is essential to prevent it. In severe cases, osteoarthritis of the knee requires total knee replacement surgery. Regular physical activity and exercise can help reduce knee pain and increase knee mobility. Walking, swimming and cycling are all beneficial forms of physical activity. Also, warm up before exercise, wear proper shoes, and build muscle strength.

Dr Sivaraman B

MBBS, MS (Ortho), MRCS, FRCS (Orth), FEBOT (Paris)

UK Sports Medicine Diploma, PG dip in Ortho UCLAN and Edgehill University


BOA Fellowship in Complex Trauma and Upperlimb UK,

BOA Shoulder and Elbow Fellowship in UK,

ATLS Instructor,

Reviewer for JBJS Br, Shoulder and Elbow Journal (UK)

Senior Shoulder and Elbow Consultant,

Apollo Greams, Chennai

Osteoarthritis is the wear and tear of the joints. Depending on the joint, a permanent solution is either joint replacement or fusion. Other treatment options are physiotherapy, injection, braces or osteotomy. I am an internationally trained consultant for shoulders and elbows. Shoulder arthritis can be treated with a total shoulder replacement. We make short-stem shoulder prostheses preserving the bone, which gives very good results. For patients with rotator cuff arthritis, we offer reverse shoulder replacement. For elbow arthritis, we offer total elbow replacement for the elderly. Younger patients might benefit from the OK procedure or the interposition-arthroplasty.

What makes the UCI World Championships so different from other races? Mon, 01 Aug 2022 21:43:44 +0000

The UCI World Championships return to Wollongong, Australia towards the end of September. The coastal city will host nearly a dozen road disciplines during the week-long event, and at the end of each day a new (or repeat) champion will be crowned.

And it’s fair to say that the World Championships aren’t quite like the other big races of the year. So what will make this iteration of the road race special, and who can leave their mark and walk away with the rainbow jersey for the year to come?

Wollongong’s road trip around the not-so-flat city

Contrary to what most people think of Australia, the 2022 Championships will actually feature some pretty impressive elevation changes, both in time trials and road races.

Similar to a “classic”, the one-day event for men and women will start north of town in Helensburgh, with a gradual descent along the coast. Subject to ocean winds, this could cause an early separation before the main climb of the day – an 8.7km journey to the summit of Mount Keria, culminating at 473m above sea level.

Although not a particularly long climb, Mount Keira varies between around 5% and 10% and will be an early test for riders leading up to a technical descent and an even more technical street circuit. The men will run the Wollongong City Loop twelve times for a total distance of 266.9km, while the women will run six circuits totaling 164.3km.

The really exciting part of the race is sure to come from the multiple laps around the city loop, each punctuated in the middle of a steep climb up Mount Pleasant, a 1.1km climb up to 14% in some sections . There’s no doubt that every time the riders reach that climb, a few more will fall off the back, really separating who wants to cross the line first and who manages to keep their legs cool on the twisty city streets.

Who does the course favor?

There are many different events and disciplines, and the chasm between a short 34.2 km TT through the narrow city streets and the road race with a total elevation gain of 3,945 meters is huge. And given the nature of world championships, you never really know who will cross the line first, so it’s a good chance to find good odds on a number of sports betting mobile apps before the start of the week.

But focusing specifically on road racing, there are a few names that rise to the top.

Julian Alaphillippe is the reigning two-time world champion, which is an incredibly impressive feat. With a lot at stake to defend his right to wear the rainbow stripes, he could be a strong contender for another year with technical riding expertise thanks to his cyclo cross background.

After jumping on the Vuelta A España, Tadej Pogacer should be fresh to really push himself on the last event of the season. Given the fast corners and technical nature of the laps, an early breakaway and a steep climb up Mount Keira could favor the Tour de France runner-up. But given the start of the race, it is unlikely to be decisive in any way (there are still 225 km to go after the summit).

With the similarity to a typical ‘classic’ if you can really call the various one day races similar, there are a number of specialists worth keeping an eye on as they will likely always be up front while the weaker runners fall back each lap. The Quebec and Montreal Grands Prix Cycliste come just before the World Championships and could be a great preview of who’s fit before making the trip down.

Mathieu van der Poel showed his talent by winning the Tour of Flanders this year and in 2020, and he also has a cyclocross background that can help on technical areas of the circuit when well-timed attacks can prove decisive. Dylan van Baarle, another Dutch rider won Paris-Roubaix this year, and proved his ability with many solid finishes on individual events, even finishing second at the UCI World Championships last year. Belgium’s Remco Evenpoel won their second Clasica de San Sebastian in three years and would be one to watch. Although he races for the same team and Alaphillippe (Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl Team), personal glory often trumps teamwork during this race.

It would be wrong to talk about an Aussie race without mentioning Michael Matthews, who is the hometown boy to watch. He won the U23 Worlds in 2010, the last two Grand Prix Cycliste de Québec, the 2018 Grand Prix Cycliste de Montréal and finished in the top three of the UCI World Championship on a few occasions.

How are the World Championships different from other major races?

Basically, the UCI Road World Championship is similar to a “classic” one-day race, but during the week riders can also participate in the individual time trial, which is a sought-after victory in its own right.

If nothing else, the fact that it’s the last official race of the season makes it an unusual race, with every rider really pushing to claim the rainbow jersey for next year. Moreover, by lacking the length and mountain stages of a Grand Tour, the World Championships do not always favor climbers or all-around riders. We have seen many sprinters achieve victory, such as Peter Sagan winning three World Championships in a row a few years ago. If they can stay forward, there is a long enough flat stretch to complete this course that a sprint finish is almost guaranteed.

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Live Day 3 updates, results, medal tally, times, news, fixtures, Aussies in action, Team Australia, Emma Mckeon, Kyle Chalmers, Sun, 31 Jul 2022 10:13:00 +0000

Day 3 of the Commonwealth Games is here, and it’s about to be packed with action – and Australian medal hopefuls.

After dominating in the pool on the first two days in Birmingham, the Australian Dolphins superstar is back on deck, with nine different heats from 7.30pm AEST, headlining the men’s 100m freestyle heats with four Australian guns in action. Then there’s a host of medals on the line in Monday morning’s final.

Australia’s legendary Kookaburras, who have won every field hockey gold medal since the event joined the Commonwealth Games in 1998, begin their campaign against Scotland at 8pm AEST.

It’s a huge night of Rugby 7s action, with the Australian men taking on South Africa in the semi-finals at 10pm for a place in the gold medal game tomorrow morning.

The Australian women play the gold medal match at 5.30am AEST on Monday against Fiji – having lost to that team in the pool stages.

Medals are also up for grabs before midnight AEST in artistic gymnastics (from 6 p.m. AEST), weightlifting, triathlon, artistic gymnastics and cycling. In total, there are 24 gold medals at stake.

Follow the action in our live blog below!

LIVE MEDAL COUNT: Aussies lead the way as New Zealand and England chase


The velodrome witnessed a horrific crash yesterday – but the Australian involved bounced back.

Matthew Glaetzer was caught up in a terrifying shunt in the keirin with England’s Joe Truman which left Hope home stunned and then sent to hospital. The incident ended Glaetzer’s keirin campaign.

But by qualifying for the men’s sprint, Matthew Richardson was second fastest with a time of 9.598, just behind Nicholas Paul of Trinidad and Tobago with a blistering time of 9.445.

Matthew Glaetzer fought through a lot of pain from yesterday’s sickening crash to qualify fourth in a time of 9.652, with Thomas of Cornwall fifth in 9.747.

And Glaetzer won their round of 16 clash, continuing his remarkable comeback story.

GRAPHIC: Cyclist brutally knocked out | 00:23


Beginner Bowen Gough qualified for the men’s 200m butterfly final as the fourth fastest qualifier after winning his heat with a sensational time of 1:57.53.

Teammate Brendon Smith snuck in eighth overall with a PB of 1:58.86s, with Kieren Pollard (1:58.99s) just missed ninth place.

Three Australians qualified for the women’s 200m breaststroke final.

Jenna Strauch finished second overall in 2:24.97s, with Harkin Abbey fifth in 2:26.11 and Taylor McKeown seventh in 2:28.15. South African Tatjana Schoenmaker finished first by more than three seconds.

Stenson drops the field to take the GOLD! | 00:20


The first Australians in action on Sunday night were artistic gymnastics duo Clay Mason Stevens and Jesse Moore, competing in the men’s individual all-around final.

Moore, 19, was considered a medal chance after advancing to the final in the top six athlete group.

To win gold, athletes compete on six apparatus: floor, pommel, rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bars.

Moore was 12th after two rotations – after struggling on the floor – but appeared to injure his right shoulder early in his rings routine before falling off the apparatus.

Jesse Moore has withdrawn from the men’s all-around final.Source: Channel 7

He showed exceptional courage to get up and complete his routine, but was seen freezing his shoulder afterwards, with commentators wondering if he would retire from the rest of the event.

He did so soon after, and it’s unclear if he’ll be competing in individual events this week.

Jesse Moore of Australia competes in the floor exercise during the men’s individual all-around final at Arena Birmingham on day three of the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham, central England, 31 July 2022. (Photo by Andy Buchanan/AFP)Source: AFP

Mason Stevens, 25, stole the show wearing a classic Australian outback hat with a kangaroo emblem, caps and all.

He wore it from the moment it was introduced and continued to wear it between devices.

When presented, he created a stark contrast to his rivals wearing their competition uniforms. Commentators have joked that the usually very conservative international gymnastics body may seek to ban Mason Stevens’ unique look in the future.

Mason Stephens was 16th after two rotations.

Aussie Clay Mason Stephens was very patriotic in his choice of outfit ahead of the artistic gymnastics men’s individual all-around final.Source: Channel 7


Already Australia’s most decorated Olympian of all time, Emma McKeon won a record 10th Commonwealth Games gold medal on Day 2.

This brings her closer to Susie O’Neill, Ian Thorpe and Leisel Jones for the most gold medals in Commonwealth Games history.

She also has a silver medal and four bronze medals – but still has plenty of chances to break the gold medal record.

This includes the 50m freestyle, 100m freestyle, 50m butterfly, as well as the women’s 4x200m freestyle relay and the mixed 4x100m freestyle relay. There is also a very remote possibility that she will compete in the women’s 4×100 medley relay.

Tonight, she will compete in the 50 freestyle final (5:05 a.m.) and the 50 butterfly semi-final (4:17 a.m.).


DAY 2 REVIEW: McKeon Makes History Amid Swimming Gold Rush; rugby stars win thriller

McKeon could go down in history.Source: News Corp Australia


‘A load of shit’: Chalmers blasts media for ‘ruining it all up’ over love triangle claims

“Dream big”: “extraordinary” journey behind “one of the great” triumphs of Australian athletics

‘I was just guessing’: Shock new Aussie cult hero reveals after career’s best ‘epic’ run



7:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. (AEST)

Men’s 200m butterfly (Bowen Gough wins, 1:57.53s, Brendon Smith third in the same run with a PB of 1:58.86s and Kieren Pollard fourth 1:58.99s)

Women’s 200m breaststroke heats (Abbey Harkin, Taylor McKeown, Jenna Strauch)

Men’s 100m breaststroke, SB8 heat (Blake Cochrane, Timothy Disken, Timothy Hodge)

Women’s 100m backstroke, heat S8 (Ella Jones, Isabella Vincent)

Men’s 50m backstroke heats (Ben Armbruster)

Women’s 50m butterfly heats (Holly Barratt, Alexandria Perkins)

Men’s 100m freestyle (Kyle Chalmers, Zac Incerti, Flynn Southam, William Yang).


19.00 – 22.30 (EST)

Men’s sprint qualifying

Tandem B men – Sprint qualification

Sprint Men 1/8 finals

Tandem B Men – Sprint semi-finals

Men’s sprint, quarter-finals

15km men, scratch race, qualification

25 km women, points race, qualification

Australia’s 4x100m freestyle relay gold medalists are all back in action in the individual heats tonight: Kyle Chalmers, William Xu Yang, Zac Incerti and Flynn Southam. (Photo by Andy Buchanan/AFP)Source: AFP


SWIMMING FINALS (from 4am AEST on Monday)

Women’s 50m freestyle final

Men’s 200m butterfly final

Women’s 200m Breaststroke Final

Men’s 100m breaststroke, SB8 final

100m backstroke women S8 final

Men’s 50m backstroke, semi-finals

Women’s 50m butterfly, semi-finals

Men’s 100m freestyle, semi-finals

Women’s 100m backstroke final

Men’s 100m Breaststroke Final

Mixed relay 4x100m freestyle S14 Final

Women’s 4x200m freestyle relay final


The Australian Women’s T20 team will take on Barbados at 3am AEST, with victory meaning a place in the semi-finals.


Follow the action in the live blog below. If you don’t see the blog, click here.

What to wear to get the most out of your cycle Fri, 29 Jul 2022 01:00:00 +0000 Most people wear normal clothes when taking short bike trips. Unless there’s a shower outside, it’s jeans, a shirt and maybe a sweater or a jacket for me. However, if I go for a longer cycle, I will wear my cycling gear. If you haven’t tried this type of clothing yet and want to take longer bike rides to develop your fitness or discover an area, here are some tips on cycling clothing.

Most cycling shoes have a bottom cleat that looks a bit like a ski binding. You “click” into the pedal and this connection ensures an even distribution of power through the pedals. It can be hard to get used to and you will invariably fall at some point (probably surrounded by onlookers), but once you get the hang of it the shoes will work great. The only downside is that the cleat makes walking very difficult, so cycling shoes aren’t the best option if you plan to explore on foot during your ride.


Good quality cycling clothing should do an important job for you: making sure you enjoy your spin on the bike. In other words, you shouldn’t have to think about your clothes. There’s nothing worse than being too cold, too hot or feeling like you’re in a parachute floating in the wind while riding your bike. What you wear on your lower half of your body will be the most important decision you make when choosing your gear for a long ride.

Cycling shorts are usually made with Lycra fabric, a material that is, to say the least, a trigger point for many people.

I used to think Lycra was so controversial because it’s form-fitting, but even with the growing popularity of yoga pants and GAA tracksuit bottoms, it still stands out as a garment that puts people in anger.

I would hate to think that all the societal baggage attached to Lycra cycling clothing is turning people away from wearing bike shorts. They are, after all, a great choice of clothing for long rides when you spend hours in the saddle.

Lycra shorts are usually padded with padded foam to keep the lower regions comfortable and healthy.

If you are thinking of investing in a pair of bike shorts, I recommend going for bib shorts as they conform better to the body and also cover the lower back. I bought a pair of Rapha bib shorts last year which have side pockets; very convenient for quick access to your phone.

Rapha bib shorts have a padded chamois insert that varies according to the size of the bib shorts. The material is equipped with a thick foam that provides the right amount of seat bone support.


Cycling jerseys are no different than football or Gaelic football jerseys in Ireland. You’ll see people wearing the colors of their local cycling club, the best team in the world, and everything in between.

Much like bike shorts, a good jersey will really add to your cycle. Rear pockets offer room for snacks, your keys or wallet and a spare inner tube. The jerseys are designed to fit snugly to limit the amount of aerodynamic drag created when cutting through the air.

General clothing trends tend to be reflected in cycling clothing and you can find jerseys that help raise money for good causes, jerseys designed here in Ireland or low carbon jerseys. Big international brands like Rapha and Assos in Switzerland sell jerseys between €80 and €150, with Irish brands like Velo Revolution and Victory Chimp being around the same price.


Cycling jackets have taken a huge leap forward in terms of quality in recent years. Before that, it was not uncommon to see even professional riders wearing simple rain capes in the pouring rain of a spring day in the Netherlands. Now you can buy cycling jackets that offer extremely high levels of waterproof protection while keeping you cool or warm inside. I invested in a Castelli Gabba jacket about eight years ago and it’s still my “go-to” jacket if I go out and the sky looks heavy.

You may choose to wear a ‘hi-vis’ jacket, but it is worth remembering that ‘hi-vis’ does not offer total protection from motorized traffic; you can be dressed up as a Christmas tree, but it’s no use if a driver stares at their phone or misjudges an overtaking maneuver.

Castelli's Original Gabba Jacket is water resistant and contains cooling technology to prevent you from overheating while cycling.
Castelli’s Original Gabba Jacket is water resistant and contains cooling technology to prevent you from overheating while cycling.


The helmet debate is complicated and probably deserves a fuller explanation but for short trips I often don’t wear a helmet, as is the case with most people who cycle in many European countries.

However, for long cycles, I always wear one and I do so knowing that wearing a helmet does not give me a protective bubble. I still need to make good decisions about cornering and braking and hope the people I share the road with drive in a way that doesn’t compromise my health and happiness. It’s worth checking out guides online before investing, as you might as well get a helmet you’re comfortable in and happy with. Please try to buy from your local bike shop and support local merchants!

SAN SEBASTIÁN ’22 preview: who can win the Basque classic? Wed, 27 Jul 2022 07:01:16 +0000

Preview of the Clásica San Sebastian: The Tour de France is behind us and the season moves on to the next phase of the Vuelta a España, the Autumn Classics and the World Championships. But to keep us motivated, we have the Clásica San Sebastián on Saturday. Ed Hood gives us his insight into the one-day Basque race.

The rise of the ‘Jaizkibel’

San Sebastian or ‘Donostia’ in the Basque language. A distinguished location located on the beautiful bay of La Concha; the Spanish royal family decamped here for the summer season, the cool breezes of the Bay of Biscay kinder to the skin than the scorching heat of Madrid high in the plains.

La Concha

And it’s a foodie’s delight with one of the highest numbers of Michelin-starred restaurants per capita in the world.

san sebastian food
You won’t go hungry in San Sebastián

arundel bike t-wrench banner

Their Clásica is a ‘baby’ into the world of high-flying racing with the first edition in 1981, the winner being Basque legend Marion Lejaretta who is ‘record man’ for the race with three wins – ’81, ’82, ’87 and a second-place finish in ’86.

Three-time winner Marion Lajaretta

Interestingly, that first year, the chic Englishman Graham Jones – whom Peugeot raced to exhaustion – was second, as he was also at Het Volk. The fact that the lanky man from Berriz is the race’s most successful entrant tells us a lot about the course; you have to be able to go up – and down.

saint sebastian22
Profile of San Sebastian’22

There are six classified climbs in the 224.8 kilometer race; the ‘Jaizkibel’ being the best known. This was once the decisive climb, arriving late in the day, long at 8.3K and exposed to the wind, it now comes in at 162K with the real killer the Murgil-Tontorra peaking at 217K – that’s ‘only’ 2.1K long but averaging 10.1% and with ramps of 19% meaning that’s almost certainly where the winning shot will come.

saint sebastian22
Map of San Sebastian’22

The race has some interesting winners on the roll of honor; in 1989, mountain biker-turned-roadman Gerard Zadrobilek won for 7-eleven and Austria before returning to big tires.

Gérard Zadrobilek won in 1989

The following year saw Miguel Indurain’s only classic victory on this magnificent boulevard along the sands of La Concha.

Indurain claiming his Classic win

And in 1992, it was the Mexican Raul Alcala who won for the PDM while a certain Lance Armstrong won his first classic victory in the race in 1995.

Raul Alcala won a wet Clásica

The past decade has seen no surprise winners with Valverde twice, classy but now retired Kreuziger, Luis Leon Sanchez twice, Tony Gallopin, Adam Yates, Bauke Mollema, Michal Kwiatkowski and Julian Alaphilippe all accomplished ‘punchers’ which can overcome the climbs and not wear out the brake shoes on the descents.

Solo victory for Remco Evenepoel in 2019

‘Wonder Kid’, Remco scored its first classic victory here in 2019 – 2020 succumbed to Covid – while last year it was Native American Oneida Neilson Powless who took the top honors for EF.

San Sebastian
The Last Winner – Neilson Powless

This year, seven previous winners are riding:
#Neilson Powless [EF Education-EasyPost & USA] won last year’s Tour and is a fit man again with a fourth place overall in the Tour de Suisse and two top four finishes in the Tour – then a top 20 in the last time test.

saint sebastian19
Evenepoel’s new guard takes over

#Remco Evenepoel [Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl & Belgium] winner in 2019, returns to racing after a break from the Belgian Championships and will be fresh as paint – as a previous winner and after his Liège-Bastogne-Liège demonstration in the spring, another victory is well possible.

Alaphilippe before becoming double world champion

# Julien Alaphilippe [Quick-Step Alpha Vinyl & France] winner in 2018 is in one of his first Uci races since the French Championships, he missed the Tour due to injury but came back strong to win the first stage of the Tour de Wallonie atop the Mur de Huy – he is hot.

Bauke Mollema won in 2016 and will be back in 2022

#Bauke Mollema [Trek-Segafredo & The Netherlands] won top honors in 2016 and on ‘Statistics’ is the second most successful driver in this race with one victory and nine top 10 finishes in 10 starts – he is an opportunist who, despite his age, you can never ‘to write.’ And witness a very nice sixth place in the last time trial of the Tour – if only he could keep quiet. . .

San Sebastian
Valverde back in 2014

#Alejandro Valverde [Movistar & Spain] Coming back from a training crash having won this race twice, 2008 and 2014 – he also has the best race record, two wins and eight top 10s. It’s hard to see him on the podium but the man is ‘special.’

Almost 10 years since Tony Gallopin won San Sebastián

#Tony Gallopin [Trek-Segafredo & France] won in 2013 but that was a long time ago and at 34 he is no longer the same Tony Gallopin.

LL Sanchez… Maybe not

# Luis Leon Sanchez [Bahrain Victorious & Spain] won twice in 2010 and 2012 – but again, while the man is still a consummate professional, a podium finish is hard to contemplate. And here are seven other names to conjure up with. . .

Simon Carr on the attack in Flèche Wallonne 2022

#SimonCarr [EF Education-Easypost & GB] is a teammate of Powless and drives well on a course like this, he knows these roads and has already won in the Basque Nation.

Ayuso on stage 3 of Catalunya’22

#Juan Ayuso [UAE Team Emirates & Spain] the ‘man coming’ of Spanish cycling, the UAE thinks so much of the 19-year-old that they have signed him up until 2025 – he must have a big one soon.

Mohorič was not so bad in Sanremo

# Matej Mohoric [Bahrain Victorious & Slovenia] although not sparkling in the Tour, the course suits its characteristics and with a week of rest and recovery could bounce back well.

What can you say about Van Aert

#Wout van Aert [Jumbo-Visma & Belgium] sets its own rules on what the rider is and isn’t able to do – see his victory in the Tour’s final time trial and his huge margin of victory in the green jersey contest.

Matthews is in good shape right now

#Michael Matthews [Team BikeExchange & Australia] was very strong in the Tour, taking an impressive stage victory. He’s won Plouay, Montreal and Quebec in the past – none of those wins are stable and his morale will be back to his best.

Michael Storer strong after the Tour?

#Michael Storer [Groupama-FDJ] played a strong team role in the Tour; but in this race he should have his freedom, he loves Spain – witnessing two stage wins in the 2021 Vuelta and remember he finished second in the super hilly Tour of the Alps in April.

Jai Hindley – Popular in the Basque Country

#Jai Hindley [BORA-hansgrohe] this will be his first race after his magnificent Giro – there’s no doubting his talent as a climber.

saint seb
You can still go to the beach

All of the above is qualified by how the riders come out of the Tour; some with a week off will be ‘ping’ – others will be dead on their feet and longing for the end of the season.

Sagardoa for Saturday

And sorry, but no beer for this race – Sagardoa is the drink. It’s cider for you and me, Dude – the brand names, Galipette, Kupela and Zapiain will all be in your place. Tap!

# Stay PEZ for the ‘Race Report’ on Saturday and all the news in EUROTRASH on Monday. #

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Marianne Vos: It’s very special to wear the yellow jersey Mon, 25 Jul 2022 18:34:47 +0000

As a child, Marianne Vos spent many summers traveling the Tour de France with her family, climbing Alpe d’Huez and many other iconic mountain passes, to watch the men compete for three grueling weeks in their quest for the yellow jersey. .

She never imagined that one day she would wear it herself – there was no running for women.