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METAIRIE, La. (AP) — Taysom Hill is giving the New Orleans Saints’ new training regimen the benefit of the doubt.

The former BYU quarterback doesn’t deny his disappointment at no longer being on the QB track with his NFL club. But Hill says he sees wisdom in the Saints’ decision to focus on the more physical end.

“At first I was a little surprised at how it was communicated,” Hill said after practice on Tuesday. “But as we go along, as I’ve had other conversations, I think it makes perfect sense.”

“I’m pretty reasonable,” Hill added. “That’s not necessarily what I want; it’s what’s best for the team — and I’m good with that.

Hill no longer practices in a red jersey reserved for quarterbacks, which should not be touched during practice. He now wears a white or black No. 7 jersey, as well as a soft-shell helmet cover that the NFL has asked linemen, linebackers and tight ends to wear during training camp to reduce the exposure to concussions.

There was a time when former Saints coach Sean Payton drew comparisons between the 6-foot-2, 220-pound Hill and another former BYU QB, Hall of Famer Steve Young. Such comments put Hill in the discussion to take over from Drew Brees, who retired after the 2020 season.

Hill, who turns 32 this month, had the chance to compete with Jameis Winston for the starting position in the 2021 pre-season. Following Winston’s victory, Hill returned to his utility role during the most of last season – even after Winston’s season-ending knee injury in Week 8. It wasn’t until the Saints lost four games in a row to Trevor Siemian at the start that Payton named Hill as leaving with six games remaining.

Despite suffering a painful foot (plantar fascia) injury and missing a game due to a positive COVID-19 test, Hill went 4-1, improving his career record to 7-2 .

But this offseason, New Orleans signed Winston to a two-year extension and added veteran Andy Dalton as a replacement.

In a phone call this spring, the Saints informed Hill — who has a sturdy build and runs well — that they wanted him to focus on his previous role as a utility player who not only ran QB runs designed , but also lines up tight end or receiver, and plays on special teams.

“He reacted incredibly well,” Allen said. “He’s a team guy. He’s going to do whatever the team wants him to do for us to be successful.

In position group meetings, Hill is no longer with the QBs, but with the tight ends. The same goes for individual drills, which Hill admits he needed to refine how he lines up in a three-point position and executes blocks.

“I’m still very raw in a lot of this stuff,” Hill said.

Meanwhile, Hill’s transition has been slowed by injuries. His recovery from surgery to repair a Lisfranc injury at the end of the season prevented him from participating in off-season training. He returned for training camp, only to be sidelined by a misplaced rib. He’s training again, but with a custom-made rib guard.

But Allen noted that, for practical reasons, there would be no major change in Hill’s use in later seasons.

“I feel like there’s a big discussion on Taysom Hill,” Allen said. “It’s not the primary quarterback role, but we’re still going to see him in a lot of those positions we’ve played him in throughout his time here.”

Hill’s best reception of the season came in 2019: 19 catches for 234 yards.

As a rusher, Hill averaged 5.4 yards per carry during his career, gaining 1,183 yards on 221 carries since 2018. Last season, Hill’s highlights on the ground included a 44-yard touchdown.

As a passer, he has gone 64.5 percent (172 of 268) of career throws for 2,025 yards and eight touchdowns to eight interceptions. It’s an area where Hill expects to see a significantly diminished role — and he can live with that.

“I would say I’m at peace with how the league works,” Hill said. “Things are not up to me. And so that being said, I’m ready to do what I have to do to help us win football games.

“And I love acting,” Hill noted. “So that creates opportunities for me to add value and be on the court and compete.”

NOTES: Winston, who left practice Monday with a foot injury, did not practice Tuesday. Allen said the diagnosis was a sprained right foot. “It’s really day to day. I don’t think it’s going to be that big of a challenge,” Allen said. “Certainly we’re going to make sure we get him back to good health before we put him back out there.” Allen said Winston will not play Saturday night’s preseason opener in Houston.


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Razorback report: Haselwood impresses with tough holds Mon, 08 Aug 2022 07:05:19 +0000

FAYETTEVILLE — The media was about to leave the University of Arkansas training grounds on Sunday when the offense began a one-on-one period with receivers and cornerbacks battling for passes.

On the first snap, Jadon Haselwood drove a deep road against safety Jalen Catalon on the right sideline.

Catalon was in near perfect position but the 6ft 3in Haselwood beat him anyway, reaching out and catching the ball in his right hand before falling to the grass.

Eyebrows were raised when Haselwood handed over the best available take to be seen by the media for three days of camp. Catalon shouted his admiration for the fine catch twice as the duo raced up the pitch.

The Razorbacks are looking for a standout player to take some Treylon Burks-style screenshots last season. Haselwood is one of the top candidates.

That comes as no surprise to running backs coach Jimmy Smith, who was beaming when asked on Saturday to reunite with Haselwood, who played for him when Smith won state titles at Cedar Grove High in suburban Atlanta. .

“See the smile?” Smith asked. “He’s my guy.”

Haselwood said in the spring that he was very interested in Arkansas when he entered the transfer portal after starting his career in Oklahoma.

“He was kind of like a role model in my high school life,” Haselwood said. “He kind of grew me up and made me who I am today. I just came to him for advice and he didn’t even really pressure me to look up. another school.

Smith called the reunion with Haselwood a “beautiful thing”, then added, “It went well. He’s just one of those guys who fits in perfectly.

cry of strength

Tight ends trainer Dowell Loggains, speaking of Trey Knox’s ability to put on weight and stay fit, nimble and quick, praised strength and conditioning coach Jamil Walker and his team.

“He’s as good as any strength coach in America,” Loggains said. “When you go from professional football to college football, you always hear stories about how important the strength coach is. You don’t know that until you get here and see how long they spend with these guys.

“The strength staff deserve a ton of credit. It’s a huge reason why we win, and these guys did a great job, and Trey made the right decisions and did the right things.

Hot start

The receivers got off to a good start in a one-on-one against the defensive backs at the start of Sunday’s practice – the third of fall camp.

After Jadon Haselwood pulled out his one-handed gem, Ketron Jackson Jr. and Warren Thompson both made huge catches. Jackson passed Khari Johnson for his catch and Thompson high jumped off the sideline to defeat Hudson Clark’s tight coverage.

4 for 4

Malik Hornsby went 4-for-4, on mostly short passes on the fastball start for the second offense. Hornsby found Jaedon Wilson on a quick tilt with Keaun Parker in cover and safety Jayden Johnson in position to deliver a devastating blow before heading away.

Hornsby’s next two passes went to tight end Nathan Bax, the first a short gain down the left edge and the second an open throw into the right seam that would have gained good yards. Quincey McAdoo caught a quick loop from Hornsby to end the segment.

Staff update

Substitute center Marcus Henderson (pectoral muscle) and nickel back Jacorrei Turner (shoulder) continued to wear green shirts.

Linebacker Christopher Paul returned to practice Sunday after only watching the second day Saturday.

Tight end Hudson Henry struggled through the first practice Friday, which was conducted with temperatures in the mid-90s and a heat index approaching 100.

“That first day, I struggled a lot with breathing issues,” Henry said. “I have asthma and it was difficult to breathe, so it was kind of a challenge.

“But the last two days I’ve been out and I’ve been able to finish training and I’ve been able to do some good.”

The transfer of linebacker Drew Sanders, who takes reps on the front line with Bumper Pool, didn’t cross the team’s “fastball debut,” which is usually practice. Jordan Crooks and Mani Powell worked with the second unit on Sunday.

Rashod up

Freshman receiver Rashod Dubinion took all four snaps on fastball starts with best offense and quarterback KJ Jefferson as Raheim “Rocket” Sanders took a break during the drill.

Dubinion had a run during the streak, while Jefferson went 1 for 2, throwing low for Jadon Haselwood and hitting tight end Trey Knox for a short gain. In the fourth game, the defense covered well and Jefferson had to rush to his right before the play was stifled.

AJ Green ran with the second unit and Javion Hunt had a solid run with the third group.

No cap

Tight ends coach Dowell Loggains, who has spent 15 years on the NFL coaching staff, including six as an offensive coordinator, since finishing at Arkansas in 2004, has taken to talk about the rise of the transfer portal combined with NIL money in college football. .

“It’s free agency with no rules, and there’s no salary cap,” Loggains said. “That’s the difference in the NFL is that it opened up one day, and you prepared all this time, and you knew, ‘Hey, his contract is running out, and his contract is running out’. exhaust.’ And you prepare, so you were lucky to have a game plan and it stopped at some point.

“It’s harder now because you have a transfer portal that we have people who just stare at the transfer portal all day and keep hitting refresh on their computer and keep looking. And it all turns into…it’s kind of like free agency with no rules.

Wreck report

Tight end Trey Knox, speaking in a new conference for the first time since the car accident he was in in Little Rock during spring break, said it was a scary deal.

“It was pretty bad, I’m not going to lie,” Knox said. “I succeeded and no one was injured in the car. That’s really all you can ask for.

“I was truly blessed, I only had a concussion and a small scratch on my forehead.”

corner game

Redshirt junior Malik Chavis ran for first-team cornerback on fastball starts each day at camp with Hudson Clark.

Chavis also got time with the starting unit during spring drills, along with Clark, transfer Dwight McGlothern and LaDarrius Bishop.


Tight end Nathan Bax was at Illinois State at the same time as defensive tackle John Ridgeway, who traded to the Razorbacks in 2021, the year after Bax, and had a huge impact on Season 9 -4 from last year before being drafted by the Dallas Cowboys. in the fifth round in April.

“He was actually on my official visit,” Bax said. “He’s the same person he was here, great personality. Same style of play, just being an animal in the trenches.

Coaching Report: USC Football kicks off first Lincoln Riley-era fall camp Sat, 06 Aug 2022 00:45:58 +0000

The Trojans got off to a bright and early start to the 2022 season on Friday morning.

Soccer | August 05, 2022

The Trojans didn’t wait for the sun to fully rise to kick off their first practice of the 2022 season. Excitement and anticipation fueled the team’s early departure on Friday August 5, as a new era of USC football was beginning.

“It’s been a long road for this group to get here,” the head coach said. lincoln riley said after the team’s inaugural practice. “This group was challenged in different ways, and they kept responding.”

While the Trojans only donned jerseys and helmets on Friday, the lack of protections did not affect the intensity of the team. Sweat poured continuously from the players, who trained as if it were in the middle of camp rather than the first day.

“I think you just create that expectation,” Riley explained. “We’ve been grinding these guys all spring. We’ve had a very demanding summer. They were ready to come here. I don’t think anyone was shocked by the pace of the workouts or the amount of reps we did, or even the physique had no pads.”

It was a successful first practice in Riley’s eyes, but the head coach was quick to notice there’s still a long way to go before the team is ready for prime time.

“The [team’s] the execution was good for a first day; it won’t be good for a second day,” Riley said. “You just have to keep climbing. We have to keep building.”

“That’s enough to get excited about, but we’re not going home right now. We still have a little work to do,” Riley said with a laugh.

Notes from the first USC camp practice:

  • Fast New Arrivals Jordan Addison and Raleek Brown made their Trojan debut on Friday. Riley shared her initial thoughts:

    • About Addison: “He’s very observant. You coach the details and then you see him appear on the pitch quite quickly. He made some great plays for us today. Obviously he’s a proven player in his past . He has to come here to prove it, but he had a very good day.”

    • On brown: “His speed on the pitch is noticeable. Athletically, he’s one of the guys who certainly stands out for his speed and his explosion.”

  • Sophomore inside linebacker transfer Eric Gentry had a noticeable presence on the court due to his 6’6 frame. Riley noted Friday that Gentry has been “a real positive addition so far.”

  • True freshman defensive back Sion Branch, who tore his ACL over the summer, was on hand for USC’s first practice. He looked sideways in a knee brace.

  • wide receiver CJ Williamsdefensive backs Domani Jackson and British Allen participated in USC practice after sitting out for the majority of spring camp.

New numbers to know:

  • defensive lineman Nick Figueroawho previously wore No. 50, now dons 99. The red-shirted senior wore that number during his time in college.

  • defensive back Bryson Shawwho transferred from Ohio State as a redshirt junior this summer, wears a 27.

  • True Freshman Rookie Raleek Brown bears the number 14.

  • wide receiver Michael Jackson 3which previously wore No. 13, now wears No. 9.

  • wide receiver Jordan Addison wears the formerly retired No. 3, according to the legend of Troy Carson Palmer gave his blessing.

  • Senior defensive lineman in red shirt Solomon Byrdwho transferred from Wyoming this summer, is number 51.

Friday press briefing:

Washington COs sign NFL Journeyman DB, waive injured LB Drew White: NFL Tracker Thu, 04 Aug 2022 18:05:07 +0000

As the 2021 NFL season draws to a close, the offseason begins with tons of rumors, free agency speculation, practice moves, and draft drama.

Who else is in the hot seat? Who will receive a pink slip? Follow Washington Football for up-to-date information on all the moves.

AUGUST 4 COMMANDERS SIGN DE’ANDRE BAUSBY After undrafted linebacker Drew White tore his ACL on Wednesday, the team placed him on waivers with an IR designation and signed veteran cornerback De’Andre Bausby.

Bausby was undrafted in 2015 at Pittsburg State and has played for seven different NFL franchises.