Mountain account: from sluffs to slides

On November 23, 2020, skier and filmmaker Nikolai Schirmer took a day off to travel to familiar terrain near his home in Tromsø, Norway, which was also the first region he visited in adolescence. While the main area consists of gentle slopes, Schirmer and his friend Eivind decided to check …

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Reader’s Perspective: Hovland’s Legacy More Than Skiing

George will also be remembered by many for his genuine friendship and fantastic positive and creative energy. He could examine any condition and express useful ideas, opportunities and attitudes. His outlook on life was simply positive and it would give others positive attitudes. We can and should all learn from …

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This electric surfboard makes big waves. Almost literally

Who doesn’t love the thrill of surfing or jet skiing and now imagine getting the best of both worlds with the feeling of flying over water. All of this can be achieved with an electric surfboard called HydroFlyer which is an electric watercraft that seeks to combine the technologies of …

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