Championship jet ski races held at Clinton Lake

DOUGLAS COUNTY, Kan. (KCTV) – Many racers from around the world have been revving their engines right here in Kansas, but not at your usual race location.

Normally Sue Nanniga is out on Lake Clinton with her boat, but today she decided to sit down and relax on land for the first time, to watch some of the young talent on the water.

“They make it look easy, but I’m sure I couldn’t,” says Nanniga.

The lake wasn’t just the home of a lot of tricks, as many jet skiers from all over the world came here to Kansas to show off their speed in some one-on-one races.

“I like it, it’s a really nice site, I mean it’s definitely better than some of the others I’ve been to,” says runner Andrew Vo.

Someone who knows this lake very well, Overland Park pro runner Anna Glennon has been running for about 10 years.

Glennon says she fell in love with jet skiing after her father took her and her sister to a race that takes place at Clinton Lake.

“We saw the little kids shred, we saw the fast guys and we were like we could do it,” says Glennon.

Trying to appeal to younger people is key as the sport continues to try to grow both locally and nationally.

“Jet skiing has been through a downturn, but it’s coming back and so the more young people we involve in the sport the better,” says racer and fan Harold Green.

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