Christ Episcopal Church Thrift Shop Donates $ 8,400 to Local Nonprofits | Organizations / Clubs

CONWAY – Christ Episcopal Church thrift store makes donations each year to a number of local nonprofits that provide significant support and assistance to the Mount Washington Valley community.

This year, the Thrift Shop Board of Directors approved donations to 14 organizations, 11 of which have been supported by the thrift store for many years: Angels & Elves, Children Unlimited, Conway Area Humane Society, Gibson Center-Meals on Wheels, Jen’s Friends, Carroll RSVP The County, Home, Revolving Closet, Vaughan Community Services Pantry, Visiting Nurse, Home and Hospice Care, and White Mountain Community Health Center .

In 2021, three associations were added to the list of recipients of the thrift store (replacing those that no longer work): MWV Habitat for Humanity, End 68 Hours of Hunger and Way Station. The checks were handed over to the thrift store on December 17. Checks were mailed to organizations that were unable to attend.

Funds to support local nonprofits and Christ Episcopal Church are raised through the thrift store, run by volunteers from Christ Church and the community. The Thrift Shop sells men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, jewelry, art, linens, toys and games, small household and kitchen items, and countertop appliances.

The thrift store is a multifaceted service to the church and to the community; useful goods are recycled rather than going to the landfill; the necessary items are made available to the community at a very reasonable cost (for example, the majority of children’s clothing sells for 50 cents each; winter coats start at $ 4); volunteers find a friendly and supportive community; and funds are raised to support good causes.

In addition to Christmas donations, thrift store purses can be made at other times of the year in response to acute need. The thrift store generally (but not exclusively) supports organizations involved in women’s and children’s issues.

Send an email to [email protected] with “Thrift Store Grant Request” in the subject line for more information. If you’d like to volunteer (or drop off donated items or shop), drop by the thrift store on Fridays between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., store hours, at 16 Pine Street in North Conway. The store will be closed on Christmas Eve and New Years Eve.

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