Cycling gear every rider needs and 2 items they probably want

Whether you’ve been a cyclist for a long time or the pandemic has made you cycle your new favorite hobby, the right accessories can make this activity even better.

Below, you’ll find 11 pieces of cycling gear divided into three categories: must-have, cool to have, and wishlist items.

Essential cycling equipment

Padded bike shorts, $ 37.50

Escape Quest Women’s Shorts PEARL iZUMi


$ 37.50

Whether it’s a short commute or a day trip, finding bike shorts that don’t roll up and offer well-placed padding can make all the difference. These Pearl Izumi shorts are machine washable and will wick away moisture as you ride. Find the men’s version here.

Lumos Ultra Smart Helmet, $ 119.95

Lumos Ultra Smart Headphones

Lumos Ultra Smart Headphones


$ 119.95

This sophisticated helmet incorporates automotive technology, like brake lights and turn signals, to help make cyclists safer, whether they are pedaling to work in a large city or walking around a suburban neighborhood. The helmet features bright LED lights positioned on the front and back of the rider’s head, so they are easily spotted in the rider’s natural line of sight. The Lumos Ultra is also designed with MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) security technology.

BlenderBottle Halex Bike Bottle, $ 11.99

BlenderBottle Hydration Halex Squeeze Water Bottle with Straw, 22 oz

BlenderBottle Hydration Halex Squeeze Water Bottle with Straw, 22 oz

Blender bottle

$ 11.99

It is essential to bring water during a walk. This water bottle looks like any old bottle, but it has a built-in straw that allows you to drink with the bottle held vertically, so you can keep your eyes straight in front of you. With a three-mode selector, users can move the nozzle between traditional, vertical and locked settings for easy use on and off the bike. This bottle also has a flexible carrying loop, a wide mouth if you want to add ice, and a tight lid, which is well worth it.

Park Tool Chain Cleaning System, $ 37.95

Park Tool CG-2.4 Chain Cleaning System

Park Tool CG-2.4 Chain Cleaning System

Parking tool

$ 37.95

Yes, cleaning your bike chain is a brake, but it’s important for your safety and to keep your bike in top condition. Since a dirty drivetrain can lead to poor shifting and unnecessary wear and tear on your bike, use this handy set of tools and cleaners that works with virtually any type of bike. You’ll also want to invest in an extra tube and pump just in case you get a puncture.

Cool cycling accessories

Cycling gloves, $ 38

PEARL IZUMI Elite Gel Cycling Gloves, Bright Yellow, Large

PEARL IZUMI Elite Gel Cycling Gloves, Bright Yellow, Large


$ 38.00

Friction can do quite a bit on your hands. Get ahead of the blisters with a reliable pair of gloves like this fingerless version of Pearl Izumi.

BenjiLock fingerprint bike lock, $ 79.99




$ 79.99

Named ‘Most Innovative Bike Lock’ of 2021 by Gear Junkie, this U-type bike lock lets you open it with a fingerprint or key (if you prefer to keep it the old fashioned way). The lock stores up to 10 fingerprints so that multiple people can use the same lock. The lock works in any weather and a single charge gives you up to 6 months of life. If you are looking for maximum security from your lock rather than innovation, this Kryptonite lock is where it is.

Swiftwick Aspire Seven Cycling Socks, $ 18.99

Swiftwick ASPIRE SEVEN Cycling Socks, Firm Compression Fit, Plus Size

Swiftwick – ASPIRE SEVEN Cycling Socks, Firm Compression Fit, Large Crew


$ 18.99

All riders need a pair of socks they can depend on to accommodate their long rides or days of interval training. The Aspire Seven is Swiftwick’s iconic cycling sock, and it delivers. It features high compression to support your muscles (especially nice for long rides), a slim design so it easily fits your cycling shoes, and moisture-wicking fabric to keep your feet dry and prevent the lightbulbs.

Hue! Bike seat, $ 38.95

Hue!  Bicycle seat

Hue! Bicycle seat


$ 33.10

This oversized bike seat has 2,400 five-star reviews and counts on Amazon. The extra-large replacement seat is made from shock-absorbing dual-spring memory foam for maximum comfort, and is waterproof. This universal bicycle seat also works on stationary bikes if you also train indoors.

Bowflex heart rate cuff, $ 49.99

Bowflex heart rate cuff

Bowflex heart rate cuff


$ 49.99

If you’re looking for a lightweight and comfortable armband to continuously monitor your heart rate as you ride, this is a solid and affordable choice. You can expect around 20 hours of use per charge, it’s waterproof, and besides being compatible with popular cycling apps like Wahoo Fitness and Strava, if you have a Bowflex machine at home, it connects. also to many trainers of this brand. and bikes.

Nite Ize Wraptor Rotating Smartphone Bar Holder, $ 20

Wraptor rotating smartphone bar holder

Wraptor rotating smartphone bar holder

Nite Ize

$ 20.00

This handy smartphone holder offers 360-degree rotation, allowing you to keep your cycling apps and maps in sight while you ride. This durable harness is compatible with standard and oversized phones and can be used with most handlebar sizes. It’s also easy to remove if you want to move it from your bike to a stroller or grocery cart.

What experienced cyclists want

Camelbak Velocity Hydration Pack, $ 49.99

CamelBak Velocity 85 oz.  Hydration pack [Capacity : 85 oz]

CamelBak Velocity 85 oz. Hydration pack [Capacity : 85 oz]


$ 49.99

You need to stay hydrated as you climb those hills and beat those grueling switchbacks – or, you know, just cycle to the grocery store. This smartly designed hydration pack is comfortable to carry on your shoulders and holds two-thirds of a gallon of water and provides storage for snacks, keys, your phone and more.

Wahoo Elemnt Bolt GPS Bike Computer, $ 300

Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT bike computer

Wahoo Fitness ELEMNT BOLT bike computer

Wahoo Fitness

$ 300.00

It’s pricey, but this newly upgraded GPS bike computer is some of the best on the market. It has a color screen with an ambient light sensor, intuitive step-by-step navigation and 16 GB of internal storage for maps. The mounting system secures the computer to your handlebars, and the device also connects to your cycling sensors and your phone, so you can work on setting those PRs on fire.

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