Donations delivered to residents west of the Hawkesbury River | Hawkesbury Gazette

Macquarie Liberal candidate Sarah Richards received delivery of the first tractor-trailer full of food and other donated goods for people isolated by floodwaters, after reaching out to the Turbans 4 organization Australia.

The semi-trailer with eight pallets of goods arrived in North Richmond last night, via the Blue Mountains, with food and other necessities to distribute to people isolated on the west side of the Hawkesbury River.

DONATIONS: Macquarie Liberal candidate Sarah Richards unloading goods delivered by Turbans 4 Australia for people cut off by flooding on the west side of the Hawkesbury River. Picture: Provided.

“There are no words to describe the generosity and selflessness of the Indo-Australian community who respond to the needs of the community of Hawkesbury and the Blue Mountains whenever needed,” Ms Richards said.

“I just picked up the phone and 24 hours later they’re here.”

Turbans 4 Australia also responded to the 2021 floods, hiring a helicopter to deliver food to people cut off by floodwaters.

Richards said the goods would be distributed through Hawkesbury’s Helping Hands emergency centers in North Richmond and Ebenezer.

Richards and local volunteers spent last night unloading the truck so food and clothing could be easily transported today to the places most in need.

Richards has appealed for volunteers, with trucks or utes, to help move goods from North Richmond to community centers in the towns of Wilberforce, Bowen Mountain, Glossodia, Kurrajong Heights, North Richmond and Ebenezer.

“There are many community organizations working to help locals, which we can in turn support, thanks to the incredibly generous donation from Turbans 4 Australia,” she said.

“If you are on the west side of the Hawkesbury River and have a utility or truck and can help deliver these gifts, please contact me through my Facebook site.

“Community halls have been set up in many towns to provide food and coordinate shelter for people whose homes are now inaccessible or damaged by flooding.”

“From the 2021 floods, we know people need basic necessities like long-life milk, pasta, flour and other foods. But they also need diapers, essentials toiletries, clothing and other necessities.”

Richards said anyone wishing to donate to help flood-affected residents can donate to Turbans 4 Australia through their flood appeal website:

She said Community Media Australia had generously donated a warehouse to store donated goods before they were transported to areas most in need.

“We’re seeing the best of Aussies right now,” she said. This community of Hawkesbury comes together and it is an honor to be part of it. »

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