Equipment Review: TGR Superior Cylindrical Scopes 2022-2023

Credit: Teton Gravity Research

This spring, I had the opportunity to test the brand new Higher Cylindrical Goggles from Teton Gravity Research. Over the course of about 20 days, I was able to thoroughly experience the performance of these goggles in absolutely every condition imaginable, from sunny days to bluebirds to stormy whiteouts. In this review, I will rate the goggles on both fit and performance.

Credit: Teton Gravity Research

Right out of the box, these glasses are smooth. They feature a wall-to-wall frameless lens, which means no more bulky, jerry-like ski cups. The frameless design also means they fit extremely well on almost any helmet, as the lens can fit snugly against the edge of the helmet. I found the lens a bit large, but not so large as to prevent me from buying a pair.

The triple-layered foam behind the frame molded perfectly to the shape of my face, providing a snug fit but loose enough to allow ample circulation and comfort.

The other thing TGR did extremely well with these goggles was the strap. It may seem like a minor detail, but those who spend a significant number of days with glasses every year know that it can sometimes be the difference between a great pair of glasses and one destined for the trash. The top cylindrical goggles have non-slip silicone along the inside face which keeps the goggles firmly planted on the helmet but does not make them impossible to adjust. frankly a perfect balance between the two. In the past, I’ve had goggles where the material sticks to the helmet like glue, making me helpless on days when I have to put the goggles on and off often.

The top cylindrical goggle strap is very easy to adjust and only takes seconds to customize the fit. I was also very impressed with the range of sizes; these glasses will really fit any head.

Now let’s move on to the most important review category for eyewear: performance. The purpose of the glasses is to protect your eyes from cold, sun, snow and mountain wind. A really good pair of glasses should protect against all the elements without restricting anything else, like visibility. The Cylindrical Glasses did this to a high standard every day I tested them.

High luminosity lenses. Credit: Teton Gravity Research

The first day I skied with these goggles was a stormy March day in Colorado. The day started calm and cloudless. The mirrored “high light” Zeiss lenses in these goggles darkened the surroundings, shielding my eyes from the relentless spring sunlight. When I was going in and out of the shady trees, the light level was never too dark to see fine detail, which can be crucial when skiing certain terrains. The frameless design also means that the field of vision in these goggles is phenomenal. There is absolutely nothing I would change regarding high light performance.

Low light lenses more transparent. Credit: Teton Gravity Research

By mid-morning the clouds settled in and by early afternoon it began to snow heavily and visibility had dropped to near zero. In my pocket I had the non-reflective “low light” lenses in the free lens carry pouch. I took it out on the chairlift, removed the high brightness lens and inserted the news. The magnetic lens retention design makes it incredibly easy to change lenses without even removing them from your eyes. I’ve never had a problem with the lenses falling out prematurely, and I’m 100% confident that the lenses will stay in place even in the most extreme cases of fading.

The low light lenses really blew me away. They boosted contrast astronomically in low light, turning a dark, dull day into one full of texture and detail. The low light lenses also had much less color distortion than the lenses I’ve used in the past, which is a minor bonus but ultimately pretty unimportant. Even with the high humidity levels, the Zeiss anti-fog technology seemed to keep these goggles completely fog-free on every stormy day I tested them. I was really, really impressed with the performance of these goggles. This category alone has made them my new go-to goggles for both clear and stormy weather.

I really loved these glasses. After day one these goggles have become my go-to goggles for all day skiing due to their comfortable fit and versatility. There is not one type of skier I would recommend these goggles for; I would recommend these goggles to pretty much any skier looking for a good fit and high performance! Shop the TGR Superior Cylindrical Bezels here.

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