Every piece of gear in Mario Strikers Battle League Football explained

Mario Strikers Battle League Football is the third installment in the Mario Strikers series, and although it’s relatively light on content, it does introduce a few new features. Not only does the Switch game let you play online multiplayer with Strikers Clubs, it also gives you equipable equipment for your team.

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Equipment can be a great help to your team if you know how to use it, but using the wrong equipment can be detrimental and can even aggravate your team. Here, we’ll go over everything you need to know about gear so you can build your ultimate team.


What is Equipment?

Mario Strikers Battle League’s gear system allows you to equip your characters with items that alter their stats. It is accessible by entering the Speed ​​settings game main menu menu.

They are four gear slots on each character — head, arms, bodyand legs – and each has different gear options with various stat modifications. However, each character has access to the same equipmentso if you want your team members to wear matching outfits, you’re in luck.

Each piece of gear costs 100 piecesapart from the Bushido equipment which costs 300 pieces by piece. Coins can be collected through online battles in the Strikers Club, but complete cup battles is probably the most efficient way to harvest them. Earning every cup won’t give you enough coins to unlock all of the game’s gear options, but it will give you enough so you rarely have to worry about money.

When you buy a piece of equipment for a member of your team, you buy it for this character – if you want to use the same equipment on two characters, you will have to buy it twice.

Basic equipment

Equipment name Type Stat Changes Cost (per character)
Muscle Helmet Head Strength +2, Technique -2 100 pieces
Turbo helmet Head Speed ​​+2, Skill -2 100 pieces
Cannon visor Head Shooting +2, Technique -2 100 pieces
Chain Helmet Head Pass +2, Speed ​​-2 100 pieces
tower helmet Head Technique +2, Pass -2 100 pieces
Muscle Gauntlets Arms Strength +2, Pass -2 100 pieces
Turbo Gloves Arms Speed ​​+2, Strength -2 100 pieces
Cannon Gloves Arms Shot +2, Speed ​​-2 100 pieces
Chain Gauntlets Arms Pass +2, Shot -2 100 pieces
Lathe Gloves Arms Technique +2, Speed ​​-2 100 pieces
Muscular chest Body Strength +2, Shot -2 100 pieces
turbo buffer Body Speed ​​+2, Pass -2 100 pieces
barrel plate Body Shot +2, Strength -2 100 pieces
chain plate Body Pass +2, Skill -2 100 pieces
trickpad Body Technique +2, Strength -2 100 pieces
Muscle Boots Legs Strength +2, Speed ​​-2 100 pieces
Turbo Boots Legs Speed ​​+2, Shot -2 100 pieces
Cannon Boots Legs Shoot +2, Pass -2 100 pieces
Chain Boots Legs Pass +2, Strength -2 100 pieces
Tower Boots Legs Technique +2, Shooting -2 100 pieces

Unlockable gear

The Bushido Equipment is the only unlockable gear in the game, and you can acquire it by complete each cup battle on normal mode. Luckily, it’s also a great way to earn coins to buy gear, and it will also unlock Galactic Fashion – something that will be a true test of your footballing abilities.

Equipment name Type Stat Changes Cost (per character)
Bushido helmet Head Pass +4, Strength -1, Speed ​​-1, Shooting -1, Technique -1 300 pieces
Bushido Bracers Arms Technique +4, Strength -1, Speed ​​-1, Shooting -1, Passing -1 300 pieces
Bushido armor Body Strength +4, Speed ​​-1, Shooting -1, Pass -1, Technique -1 300 pieces
Bushido Sandals Legs Speed ​​+4, Strength -1, Shooting -1, Pass -1, Technique -1 300 pieces

Tips for using the equipment

The most important thing to understand about equipment is that each piece of gear has both positive and negative effects, and each coin has a net contribution of zero to your overall stat total. You shouldn’t think of gear as an upgrade to your stat line – instead, gear selection is all about reassign your stats to increase the values ​​that matter most to your character.

There are two ways to use equipment to improve your characters: you can either improve their already strong statsor you can supplement their weakest. For example, Toad has very good Speed ​​and Shot. but low strength, so your gear choices could focus on improving his speed/fire – though you could also slightly increase his strength if you wish.

Equipment should always be chosen with position in the field in mind; your equipment choices for attackers will be different from those of your defenders. For example, improving Donkey Kong’s shooting would be useless if you play him in defense, while it can be useful if he is used as a midfielder.

The gear you decide to equip for your team is ultimately up to you and it depends on your style of play. The possibilities are nearly endless, so don’t be afraid to experiment and see what works for you.

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