Everything you need for a Steampunk Halloween costume this fall

No steampunk costume is complete without a host of accessories (via Steampunk Movement), but you don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to add that industrial edge to your costume. Think about items you may already own. Consider, for example, a tool belt. Fill it with whatever you would take on an adventure: wrenches, screwdrivers, flashlights, hammers and maps.

Go beyond hats for other headwear, including a monocle or even Amelia Earhart-esque DIY flying goggles for pennies on the dollar. Moving down the outfit, necklaces, especially necklaces, make fabulous accessories for Victorian clothing. Consider layered chains mixed with lace or a pendant that includes steampunk elements like a lock and key. Leather straps also add to the steampunk vibe. If you prefer donning gloves, you can opt for a leather worker glove for that worn-in vibe or a lace option that says “for looks only.”

In this style of “neo-Victorian futurism”, more is definitely more, so feel free to add all sorts of gadgets and gadgets as an accessory to your costume. Steampunk is about blending the world that was with the world that could be. What alternate history will you create this Halloween?

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