Exmouth Community Hospital to Receive Dr Bike Sessions

Staff at Exmouth Community Hospital are expected to take advantage of free Dr Bike events this year.

This follows Ride On Cycling for All which received £ 4,000 from the South West Community Fund Project to provide free bike check-ups for NHS staff.

A total of 198 staff from Devon community hospitals, including Exmouth, will benefit.

Dr Bike sessions consist of 30-minute slots in which mechanics perform a 20-point safety check, making minor adjustments to improve the proper functioning of the bikes.

“We focused on the NHS staff at RD&E in Exeter last year, with our free Dr Bike checks,” explained Will Page, head of the charity Ride On.

“We were really looking forward to starting supporting NHS staff across the region, especially those in community hospitals who are really appreciated by the locals. We are extremely grateful to South West Water for funding this project. ”

In line with current Covid-19 measurements, Ride On Dr Bike sessions will take place outdoors, mechanics will observe social distancing, wear masks, gloves, and disinfect bike contact points before and after working on them. .

“The Covid -19 pandemic has been an extremely stressful time for NHS staff,” adds Will. “Bike checks will help them keep cycling, promote well-being and reduce stress.”

The NHS is keen to help staff cycle to work, as it’s a great way to distance themselves socially, be good for their health and reduce pollution.

Over 30 percent of UK car trips are less than two miles, a distance that could easily be covered by bicycle.

Support for projects like Dr Bike will help reduce the number of car trips and the associated pollution and traffic jams.

NHS staff who participated in the RD&E Dr Bike sessions received many positive reviews.

An NHS staff member said: ‘I left feeling more empowered to’ try ‘myself in the future, equipped with the understanding to perform basic safety checks and maintenance, l ‘oiling the chain when checking the wear and tread of the tires. ”

For more information on Ride On Dr Bike sessions at local community hospitals, contact Ride On.

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