First fully customizable modular helmet for skiing and cycling: what is “Bridger”?

Bridger designed the Highline as the first modular helmet that supports cycling and snow sports. A patent-pending removable shell allows the wearer to switch between profiles, ventilation and insulation.

Boston-based Bridger says the helmet industry hass “has been stagnant for over a decade”. Its new modular configuration seeks to shake up the status quo.

“There’s no reason we should have to wear the same tired, tired headphones for years,” said co-founder Ryan Eiler. “[Existing] gear and clothing can adapt to the weather and our activities, but our helmets can’t keep up the same way.

That’s why Bridger designed the Highline as a single helmet for all-weather, year-round use. The concept is quite simple: Choose the Zephyr shell to let your dome breathe on hot days and the Thermic shell to keep you warm in the snow.

The Bridger modular helmet with Thermic (left) and Zephyr (right, with added visor) shells

The system arrives after 4 years of patents, design and testing. Bridger says he worked out more than 550 prototypes to pursue the finished product.

Bridger Highline Modular Ski and Bike Helmet Details

A proprietary retention system allows users to change the shell as needed. Low profile anchors on each side of the helmet lock the shell down. Bridger says he prioritized weight and safety in the design, which also hides the anchors from view.

As a side benefit, Highline users can inspect the foam innards of the helmet at any time, simply by removing the shell.

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Eiler explained that many cyclists “don’t know they’re riding with cracked or structurally compromised helmets right now.” During Highline’s development process, he realized that heat drying had shrunk the insulation in his old ski helmet to the point that it would have been “nearly useless” in the event of an impact.

The G-Form foam inside the Highline has a consistency similar to memory foam for comfort but firms up on impact. Finishing touches include ergonomic ear cushions that aim to cup (rather than press) your ears and a magnetic loop.

modular bridger helmets

A planned recycling program is the final piece of the Bridger Highline puzzle. More details are currently unavailable. But Eiler felt that “[f]purchased needle helmets mean less plastic and foam usage, as well as the ability to reuse used plastic elsewhere.

Bridger Highline launch and pricing information

The Bridger Highline was launched in nine different colors on Starter this week. Customers can choose from several variations, mix and match colors or add a visor.

pontoon helmets

The company estimates the MSRP at $280 for a complete modular helmet kit, including a Zephyr shell. Additional shells (Zephyr or Thermic) cost $35 each. However, a limited number of early backers will receive a discount of 30% or more. The Highline debuted on Kickstarter at $190 for a helmet with the Zephyr shell and $190 for the Thermic.

Learn more at Bridger website.

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