Football Fashion: Shop your own wardrobe for cute Seahawks cuts

Happy football season, my friends!

I’ll be honest with you, I don’t have a lot of Seahawks gear in my closet. So, in honor of the return of football season, I wanted to see how many ways I could style the only NFL-related item I own: a Seahawks hat.

Now, I am by no means a fashion expert. Most of these outfits are pretty basic – and I think almost anyone can recreate them because of that. You probably already have these pieces in your wardrobe. From occasional all-purpose AF, here’s what I found.

keep it casual

When I think casual, I mean casual. In this level you will only find me in crop tops, t-shirts, leggings and shorts. I would wear these outfits to sports bars and house parties, maybe a game if the weather permits.

Think, “my best friend just texted me 10 minutes before kickoff asking if I want to watch the game.” I ended up finding a white, black, navy and gray ribbed tank top in my closet, leggings are a closet staple and if you have white sneakers lying around, you’re set.

You can also swap leggings for denim or biker shorts and tank tops for oversized t-shirts.

Dress it up, but with minimal effort

Go further. This level is like the one above, but swapping some items for others: jeans instead of leggings, for example. We’re keeping the crop up, adding oversized jackets like this leather one pictured.

For this level I would add some accessories (which you could make for any of the outfits, obviously) – things like layered necklaces, sunglasses, ankle socks, belts, fanny packs – whatever what to add a little *something* to the adapter.

Everyone get out

Now, in this level, I would channel my inner Camille Kostek, model and girlfriend of football player Rob Gronkowski. I’ve always loved his in-game fashion – custom jerseys, leather pants, satin jackets, letterman jackets, etc.

Luckily for this outfit, I had the perfect leather pants. Go further with a leather skirt, add boots. The world is your oyster, really.

Most of you are probably better Seahawks fans than I am and have more gear in your closet, but if you only own a hat I think this is the perfect staple item that can tie any outfit. Good football and Go Hawks!

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