Here’s how to style motorcycle gloves and gear like Ye & Carti

Move over the cycling style, we all want to ride a motorcycle now. Over the past few months, we’ve seen an explosion in motorcycle gear, from gloves to gloves. It’s not quite an authentic move, but it’s even better as it’s easier to incorporate the biker style into everyday outfits rather than affecting the look from head to toe.

Now, why would you even want to put yourself in some technical motorcycle gear in the first place? Well, for starters, the clothes have a futuristic edge that makes them more advanced than your average work clothes, but they’re still versatile enough to blend in with your everyday jeans and hoodie.

There’s something downright spicy about combining conventional layering pieces with weird motorcycle gloves and boots, in fact, as Ye did so well at his Larry Hoover benefit concert.

In October, Ye’s pal Playboi Carti reportedly planned to release his own motorcycle gear for his still-delayed album. narcissistic.

Unfortunately, branded helmets and gloves never went down, possibly because of price leaks online. If so, I wouldn’t have been surprised if that alone had ushered in a new era of motorcycle-inspired cuts.

Lil Uzi Vert was wearing Carti’s helmet in town when the two met – not even his craziest headgear this month.

Everything is linked to the love story of Ye and Carti in Balenciaga.

The French house dug deep into motorcycle style under Demna’s tenure, tinkering with goggles, leather shoes and sturdy motorcycle pants, even turning the Crocs into heavy duty tall boots.

This is familiar ground, however, for anyone who has followed GmbH, Louis Vuitton or Y-3.

Motorcycle inspiration should not only be seen in the realm of the tracks: Supreme and PUMA x Rhude have recently exploited the motorcycle motif to great effect.

Earlier this year, even, AMBUSH showcased a motorcycle-inspired Nike collaboration with motorcycle-inspired Dunk High.

As seen on co-founder Yoon, Nike gear from AMBUSH is flashy but difficult to wear. The silhouette is not very extravagant, it is just colorful and bulky.

Getting into the motorcycle mood doesn’t have to be very expensive either. Ye’s 100% Cognito Gloves are just $ 39.50.

However, it costs a pretty penny to get in deep: the Dainese Druid 3 that Ye was also spotted wearing will set you back $ 229.95 and the quality full-face helmets will be about the same whether you go for it. a conventional helmet or one with cat ears, like Rosalía.

Ready to try out motorcycle gear? You can’t go wrong with a classic leather jacket, even though the style has long been reclaimed by avant-garde designers to make it something barely recognizable and very exciting.

Of course, the safest bet is a simple racing-inspired graphic t-shirt, boots or those inimitable motorcycle gloves mentioned above.

There are trendy options out there, but go for the real deal if you can – they’re sturdy and give an equally authentic feel to a pair of Carhartt pants.

Motorcycle styling is not for everyone and it shouldn’t be. God knows there are still too many people mining Rebel without cause for style inspiration. But Ye and co. Sums up the allure of motorcycle gear well: It’s fun, it’s weird, it’s charming and goofy, and – worn sparingly – feels as timeless as Eisenhower jackets and double-knee pants.

In short: enter the motorcycle-style ground floor or let yourself be carried away in the figurative dust.

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