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Foreign criminals will be barred from UK due to new electronic controls, promises Priti Patel

Foreign criminals face new electronic checks that will prevent them from leaving the UK even before arriving at the border, Priti Patel has promised. Anyone sentenced to more than a year in prison, repeat offenders, those guilty of serious harm or deemed “not conducive” to the public good will automatically be blocked under a new American-style digital travelers’ check system. . The interior minister said the new system would mean checks could be carried out ‘upstream’, allowing border forces and police to assess the risk of a possible foreign visitor before deciding to ban them. from the United Kingdom. Speaking at an online conference with think tank Bright Blue, Ms Patel said the “digital border” would allow border forces to count people “in and out” of the country. “We will have a much clearer picture of who is here and if they should be, and we will act if they are not,” she said. “It’s something that many other countries around the world already have, and it’s a system where we can actually do preflight checks. So this is very important for border security and to better understand who is coming to the UK, ”said Ms Patel. The arrival screening plan would require legislation, and “a lot more information and context” would then come, she said, adding: “We are not going to disclose all the operational tools that we will be using.” Visitors from the UK will have to pay, perhaps an amount similar to US $ 12. The new UK system would also apply to arrivals in the EU, except for those who are currently entitled to live in the UK.

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