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As the nation welcomes President Joe Biden to the White House, higher education institutions across the country are saying goodbye – and good riddance – to former Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. Biden’s pick for the job, Connecticut Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona is largely expected to change the tone and focus of the Ministry of Education. As he takes office, it is imperative that Cardona puts aside DeVos’ policies and guidelines for higher education and chart a better way forward.

Of yours’ his departure marks the end of his reign of unreserved terror. His mandate as head of education was Brand by the retreat of the policies of the Obama era, the extreme animosity towards teachers across the country, the unforgivable support of guns in schools and many other nefarious policies specifically related to higher education, of the title IX regulations that might discourage survivors from advancing towards the exclusion of DACA beneficiaries of the COVID-19 relief bill. His threats to cut funding to public schools that have refused to reopen due to public health concerns amid a pandemic and advocacy for cuts in public education funding revealed its open contempt for public school systems nationwide.

Hannah Thacker | Opinion editor

The choice of Biden for the post of secretary of education brings the necessary experience to the post. Cardona is a former teacher, principal and administrator of a public school, which gives him vital classroom experience and a valuable perspective for policy making. As a former teacher and member of a teachers ‘union, Cardona will understand teachers’ struggles nationally much better and be much more accommodating to their demands, especially at a time when many risk their lives to teach. to students in classrooms. What if he supports Biden’s presidential platform, Cardona introduce student loan reform among other policies that may benefit university graduates.

Despite Cardona’s exceptional qualifications, it’s important to note that there are potential issues with her background. Although he brings experience in public education that was sorely lacking in the previous administration, Cardona has no experience in the administration of higher education. by Biden take for Assistant Secretary of Education Cindy Marten is also from Kindergarten to Grade 12 training. These choices might indicate that the DE will focus primarily on K-12 politics and higher education in the White House, but this development is not unwelcome. President and First Lady Jill Biden, a community college educator, have already proposed higher education policies that benefit the nation, such as free community college tuition, and are likely to continue to do so.

However, responsibilities are shared between the Education Secretary and the White House, there are several policies of the DeVos era that Cardona should overturn on day one and even more that he should champion and introduce. DeVos repealed previous policies and guidelines regarding LGBTQ protections, which should be reinstated and provide the LGBTQ community with the protections it deserves. The previous administration ignored the virus and actively threatens funding of public schools if they do not reopen their campuses. Cardona is also to work with Biden’s new COVID-19 task force to create public health guidelines with respect to public schools and reopening plans. In violation of the spirit of the law, DeVos channeled funding of private and denominational schools – Cardona should ensure a more equitable distribution. While the rules of DeVos Title IX are difficult to overturn, Cardona should make it clear to universities that they will not have problems for enforce Obama-era Title IX policies instead.

Both Biden and Cardona have indicated that they support free community colleges for certain income brackets, but the Biden administration’s higher education policies are expected to exceed that target. Cardona must be a champion of measures that curb the rising costs of higher education, expand debt repayment options and provide more help to students in debt.

The new Biden administration must step up efforts for higher education. Cardona’s appointment is the first step in fixing the Trump administration’s damaging education policies, but the new administration has room for improvement.

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