How to fly with skis like an expert

Picture this: you have a trip planned where you’ll want to bring your snow gear for all your favorite outdoor activities. The only problem is that you can’t fly with skis. You might be wondering if it’s even possible! Don’t worry, we’ve done all the research for you so you can travel with ease.

First of all, you can absolutely take your skis and ski poles on a plane, but obviously not as hand luggage. However, you can check them in as baggage. To prevent damage from occurring, you’ll want to create padding to protect them from the rough throws that can be an unfortunate part of a bag’s journey.

Packing your skis, boots and accessories can be done properly with a little forethought on how best to protect them from damage and the most efficient way to pack them. Spikes and bindings are the most susceptible to damage, and poorly packaged skis can warp during travel. But if you pack them right, your babies will probably be A-OK.

Don’t forget that your ski bag counts towards your baggage allowance, so pack as compactly and efficiently as possible to avoid those pesky extra charges.


Here’s how to fly with skis

Before you travel, confirm checked baggage fees and whether the airline has specific rules for packing skis on a flight. Many have limits in linear inches, which are the sum of length, height, and width. Cover the tops of your ski poles with tip covers or wrap foam insulation around the tips using a rubber band to hold them in place. You don’t want the spikes to tear the ski bag and risk stinging someone.

The cheapest way to fly with skis is to book a plane ticket with one free checked bag. Store skis and poles in your ski bag. (Do not leave the skis outside the bag as they could get tangled in the luggage transport system.)

If you want to save money by not adding an extra bag and increase your ski padding while you’re at it, wrap your clothes around your skis. (Tip: Roller ski bags are great for those with tricky backs, and they’re easy to maneuver through airports.)


Get the most out of your ski boot bag

the best ski boot bags protect your gear and make all transportation easier on a ski trip. You may even be able to take these small bags on the plane as hand luggage. Pro tip: Place your socks in plastic bags and store them in a boot. Then place your lip balm and small bottles of sunscreen and moisturizer in another ziplock bag and place it inside your other boot.

Your glasses will usually go in the outer pocket of your shoe bag. Many avid skiers advise bringing your boots as hand luggage whenever possible. Airlines lose track of luggage and although skis can be hired at the last minute, a good pair of boots is harder to replace. (Rentals usually won’t suffice.)


Now you know how to fly Skis and you no longer have to worry about how you are going to transport your equipment from home to the mountain. All you have to do is book your ski holiday and enjoy.

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