How to stay visible on your bike: the best reflective cycling gear

Whether you’re commuting in the winter or working out for a quick workout at the end of the day, we often have no choice but to cycle in the dark.

It is important that you remain as visible as possible on your bike, and of course, it is essential that you can see clearly as well. We’ve rounded up the best hi-vis and reflective cycling gear so you – and your bike – can be seen in low light conditions.

Selections were made based on the opinions of our hardware testers, user reviews and industry knowledge.

So whether you want to dress head to toe in neon yellow, from helmet covers to shoe covers, or invest in a new bike light that alerts you to approaching traffic, we’ve got you covered. you need.

For even more hi-vis clothing, check out the best reflective running gear.

The best reflective cycling gear

Topeak Headlux

This simple, neat and hassle-free Topeak bike light offers 450 lumens and a battery that lasts between 90 minutes and 10 hours, depending on what setting you use it in. Virtually you can charge it via USB, which means you can easily charge before every commute or commute.

It attaches to your bike or helmet, so it’s a flexible design that can adapt to your lighting preferences.

On review, our tester found this bike light more suited to urban cycles than long training sessions in the dark, so it might be a top choice for commuters looking to get home safely. safety in heavy traffic.

Proviz Nightrider Jacket

high visibility jacket

Proviz models are a great option if you’re looking to increase your visibility while on your bike, and they’re a popular choice with night riders. The Nightrider Jacket aims to provide waterproof protection, while still being breathable, so it should be a practical all-rounder jacket with more than visibility benefits.

The jacket aims to provide maximum retro-reflective protection so that you can ride a bike in complete safety. Comfort and fit were at the heart of this design as well, with Velcro adjustable cuffs and a waterproof zip garage, which aims to reduce neck irritation.

High Visibility Pink Cycling Socks

If you’re looking to add a splash of color to your collection of hi-vis cycling gear, these hot pink cycling socks might do the trick! In addition to high visibility protection, these cycling socks are designed to keep your feet cool and sweat-proof thanks to the ventilated mesh foot.

The fast-staying double cuff design aims to keep your socks firmly in place, so you shouldn’t have to worry about crumpled and sagging socks slowing you down either, which is an added bonus!

GripGrab Hi-vis Cycling Essentials Winter Bundle

High visibility gloves, shell and neck warmer

This handy set includes three different fluorescent cycling accessories – gloves, a cap and a neck warmer – so if a few high visibility cycling items are missing in your wardrobe, it is a worthwhile investment.

The gloves are claimed to be windproof, breathable, lightweight and compatible with touchscreens, so they will come in handy for both cool and night-time outings.

Meanwhile, the thermal cap should fit under your helmet, so you can stay warm, visible and safe while cycling. For even more warmth, you can choose to wear the multifunctional neck warmer as a bandana, face mask or sweatband, so it is a versatile item that is sure to become a well-used sportswear.

The kit comes neatly packaged in a box which would make a great cycling gift too!

For more current inspiration, check out our gift guides:

Proviz Reflect 360 Women’s Cycling Vest

Gray cycling vest

Cycling vests are ideal if you want to stay warm on your bike while still maintaining a feeling of freedom and flexibility. This Reflect 360 Women’s Cycling Jacket from Proviz features reflective pearls to help you stand out in the dark. It should help keep the wind out in the winter, but it also features a perforated rear mesh to allow unwanted heat to escape.

If you want a reflective vest that you can also wear during the day, this might be a consideration because when it’s not lit Proviz says it looks understated and matte.

GripGrab helmet cover

Fluorescent helmet cover

This GripGrab helmet cover is a two-fold design that aims to increase your visibility, while helping to keep you dry and warm.

Highly visible fabrics should improve your presence on the road in dark conditions, while taped seams and weather resistant materials should make cycling in harsh, windy climates a little more bearable!

Simply pull the design onto your helmet and you are good to go. Thanks to the elastic drawstring, it is suitable for a variety of helmets.

Gore Wear Windstopper Thermo overshoes

Gore Windproof Shoe Covers

If you want to keep your feet dry and your cycling shoes clean, shoe covers are a smart buy! This Gore option is recommended for advanced level sports activities in cold weather.

Gore promises a windproof, water-resistant and breathable design, so these overshoes will likely be a welcome addition to your winter cycling kit collection.

On the visibility side, the reflective logo and piping should allow road users to see you better.

Endura Pro SL Softshell Waterproof Cycling Jacket

Orange cycling jacket

Featuring subtle reflective details, this sleek and smart cycling jacket is designed to keep you active no matter the weather. It has a waterproof exterior that protects well from the rain, while the slim fit and elasticated cuffs help keep cold air out.

Thanks to the vents under the arms, this jacket is also well equipped to cool you off when the intensity rises a notch.

There’s also a good amount of storage with two zip pockets and three jersey-style pockets, so you can stay in shape during long workouts with your favorite. energy gels and dietetics!

Garmin Varia

Garmin bike and radar lighting

This is the second bike light option on our list, and this one has rear radar. It is much more advanced, and necessarily more expensive. The radar is designed to alert cyclists of approaching traffic up to 140m, so it should also increase your visibility and overall road safety.

You can connect the device to your smartphone or Edge bike computer in order to receive alerts. Garmin claims visibility in all lighting conditions up to a mile and you can use it for up to 16 hours in flashing mode. See our full review here.

Science in the sports drink bottle

Yellow gourd

If you keep your bottle of water in one bottle cage on your bike, it makes sense to choose a brightly colored, high-visibility option.

This yellow pick from Science in Sport has predetermined measuring marks so you can quickly mix your electrolyte drinks. It has an anti-leak valve and is dishwasher safe, so it should be a low maintenance item.

Gore windproof gloves

Gore gloves

Cycling gloves help fight harsh conditions when you’re on the road, making them a winter necessity. These Gore gloves feature reflective details so you can safely ride the bike early in the morning or late at night.

They are designed to be windproof, water repellent and breathable by nature, so they are likely to become a well worn high visibility winter cycling accessory. They also have a thermal lining, so they should keep your hands nice and warm.

Yellow and black cycling jersey

This thermal cycling jersey from Huub is a particularly stylish choice. In addition to offering a slim fit, this jersey features sweat-wicking and aerodynamic fabrics, making it a great choice for those looking for both warmth and performance.

Huub also claims a highly elastic four-way stretch thermal material, so it should provide a snug and comfortable fit. The fluorescent yellow color and reflective welt pocket design is aimed at increasing your visibility in low light conditions.

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