In Salomon’s “Hell Yeah Sister”, a skier finds a new identity

Kristie Ryan skis out of an identity crisis and the shadow of her professional skier brother, in Salomon’s new ski short, ‘Hell Yeah Sister’.

What’s a girl to do when she’s dealing with an existential crisis of individuality and determined to carve out a name?

Ski on it.

That’s exactly what Kristie Ryan (sister of a pro skier jim ryan) done in Solomon’s new movie “Hell Yeah Sister”. Tired of being “little Jimmi”, Kristie calls her friend and ski partner Rose Caston. Rose herself is engaged in a petty sibling rivalry; she trains neck deep for the infamous Caston family sibling cut.

But when Kristie calls a funk, Rose puts down the ping pong paddle and puts on her ski boots. And the two ski racers take to the slopes to let off steam, tearing the resort to absolute shreds. And making their two brothers a little jealous along the way.

It looks like “skiing about it” worked. Check out Kristie’s Instagram, and the description reads, “Not little Jimmi anymore (mostly).”

“Hell Yeah Sister” is a fun ski short filled with laughs and great skiing. Check it on the Salomon Quality Ski Time Film Tour.

Runtime (Trailer): 30 seconds

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