ITV’s Ned Boulting returns to Newport with a solo cycling show

ITV’s Tour de France lead commentator Ned Boulting will return to the Riverfront Theater in Newport on Wednesday 12and October with its one man show on stage to give a new assault on your cycling senses.

The slyly titled “Ned’s Re-Tour” is a must-have theatrical roadmap for anyone aspiring to wear the yellow jersey on the Champs Elysées: a really, really rough guide to tactics (pedaling faster) and challenges (pedaling not fast enough ) that will have to be deployed to win the biggest bike race in the world.

Ned’s visit to Newport is the fourth leg of a 29-date tour that will see him travel across the country. Ned previously appeared in Newport with his solo show, in 2017, five years ago.

Ned’s love affair with the Tour de France began in 2003, and the 2022 edition will be his twentieth job behind the microphone at the world’s greatest cycling race.

Ned Boulting comments: “On October 12th I will return after a five year absence to the Riverfront Theater in Newport, where I will no doubt be in a newport mood! My last stage show tour was in 2018 so I’m excited to be back there. Along the way, there will be time to conjure up the greatest riders of the era and make a hopelessly bad impression of them. There will be room to celebrate everything French about France, and everything touristy about the Tour: stuff like ignoring 12and cathedrals of the century, peeing by the side of the road, shoving onlookers, punching protesters and generally behaving like a hooligan with shaved legs for a month while traversing entire mountain ranges!

“Join me for another ride through the peaks and troughs of the dumbest, grandest month of the year. I’ll be handing out hearty and utterly unreliable advice on how to win the Tour de France. Or if that’s not it, so at least how to watch it on TV!

David Millar, former professional cyclist and co-commentator of Ned’s Tour de France for 8 years comments: “If it’s anything like previous editions, you’re sure to leave the theater with a smile on your face. Ned provides a fantastic behind-the-scenes insight into the Tour and you’ll get a little taste of what I have to endure traveling through France with Ned for a month every July!”

The 2022 edition of the Tour de France starts on the 1st July with the first of three stages in Denmark before finishing on the Champs-Elysées, 21 stages later, on the 24and July. Ned then only has ten weeks to write, develop and perfect the show before the first doors open in October.

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