LEKI’s Ultimate Four Season Single Pole Quiver

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New SHERPA-Series from LEKI combines the proven technology of world-class trekking poles with innovations that provide optimal stability and comfort. The SHERPA and SHERPA LITE come with the new Aergon Air grip designed for optimal comfort and ergonomic performance whether you’re day hiking, backpacking or snowshoeing in your favorite winter wonderland. These three-section telescopic poles are foldable and infinitely adjustable over a wide range of sizes thanks to the efficient and secure Speed ​​Lock 2 Plus lever.

SHERPA Series Features and Specifications

The SHERPA is the workhorse of the line, made up of 18/16/14 millimeter sections offering optimal stability even in the most difficult conditions. The SHERPA LITE is made up of 16/14/12 millimeter sections, making it a slightly lighter but incredibly durable stick. Both poles use HTS 6.5 aluminum, which offers the best strength-to-weight ratio in its class. The SHERPA is adjustable from 110 to 145 centimeters, and the SHERPA LITE from 100 to 135 centimeters.

Both sticks come with an extended foam grip, allowing users to grip the stick in multiple places depending on the terrain. Choke on the pole when ascending steep, uneven terrain and place the top of the pole on the rubberized surface of the Aergon Air grip for descents. The SHERPA series has an adjustable, lockable wrist strap that can be micro-adjusted to fit each user’s hand. The Aergon Air has a built-in positive angle, helping to reduce wrist fatigue.

What makes the SHERPA Series more than a traditional hiking pole is the ability to swap out the baskets when the trail gets muddy or covered in snow. SHERPA poles come with a traditional hiking basket and the Big Mountain attachment basket. The Big Mountain basket has a hard plastic rim, making it a snap to remove snow and ice from snowshoes or climbing skins when ski touring. The large basket size also helps prevent the poles from getting stuck in mud or snow. Carbide Flex tips bend up to 30 degrees without damaging the pole, greatly reducing the chance of breakage.

Sticks for all seasons

With this equipment, there is no longer any reason to store your hiking poles when the seasons change. Easily convert your trusty summer hiking pole into an ideal winter tool for mountaineering, snowshoeing and ski touring. LEKI’s SHERPA series is your new single-pole quiver for year-round adventure. Learn more about the SHERPA and the the LEKI SHERPA LITE.

Founded in 1948, LEKI is a leading manufacturer of ski, hiking and trail running poles and gloves, designed and manufactured in Germany at the company’s factory in the Czech Republic. LEKI equips more than 1,000 of the world’s best athletes and brand ambassadors in alpine skiing, cross-country skiing, biathlon, trail running, ski mountaineering, mountain guiding and alpine climbing. Based in Buffalo, NY, LEKI USA, Inc. is the sole distributor of LEKI brand products in the United States.

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