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A year ago, Microsoft announced that its Edge browser would get vertical tabs and here we are: Microsoft Today announcement that vertical tabs in Edge are now generally available.

Additionally, the Edge team also announced a few changes under the hood that will allow the browser to start up much faster (up to 41% faster according to Microsoft’s preliminary testing, to be precise). Since Microsoft can’t speed up your hard drive or dramatically reduce Edge, the team achieves this by loading the browser in the background when you sign in, and then it will continue to run when you close all browser windows. If that doesn’t suit you, you can always turn this feature off.

While there are vertical tabs available for you to play around with now, the Starter Upgrades will roll out during this month.

Image credits: Microsoft

Vertical tabs, of course, are nothing new. Other browsers have supported them for a long time, either as a built-in feature or through extensions. But it’s nice to see them finally become a reality in Edge, too.

“Most websites follow a conventional grid that leaves a lot of white space at each end of the page,” Microsoft’s Michèle McDanel written in today’s announcement. “As we started to work with our users, we realized that this vertical space could be a better place for tabs, rather than the traditional horizontal list of tabs at the top. While vertical tabs might not be an entirely new concept, we saw an opportunity to improve the browser experience and tested several prototypes with our users.

Image credits: Microsoft

In its research, Microsoft found that users who like vertical tabs also like to switch between them and standard horizontal tabs, so it added an always-on toggle to do so. And since users sometimes want to get their entire screen back, the team also added the option to minimize the sidebar.

For those of you who use Bing, Microsoft is also adding some cool new features to its search engine. There’s a new recipe view for when you’re running out of ideas for what to cook for dinner again, improved visual search results and the company has upgraded some of their rich sidebar snippets with a plus infographic feel. But let’s face it: you don’t use Bing. If by any chance you do, you can find more details about the updates here.

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