Morning Briefing: Understanding the Confusing Mask Rules. Money that can be used to support COVID-related funerals. 76ers lead Magicians in playoff series | Local News

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Take a break from the heat. The cold front came in all night and I had a good day. The maximum temperature should be around 70 degrees Celsius.

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Relaxation of mask guidelines opens new stage in COVID pandemic controversy

The latest guide to COVID masks has been criticized by some experts and supported by others, but others are encouraged to navigate the options that remain open in the guide. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said last week that people more than two weeks after completing the vaccination process no longer need to wear masks or physical distances in most situations. This includes many indoor spaces, such as the outdoors and restaurants, but you should always follow local and business rules.

Learn the rules of the road with the bike law and celebrate National Cycling Month

May is National Cycling Month. Cycling organizations are using the month-long celebrations to share the benefits of cycling and provide resources. Bicycles have environmental, social and health benefits. People engage in healthy activities for a variety of reasons, including having fun, getting fit, and getting around. Whether it’s a short trip or a long trip, biking is the perfect travel option. The League of American Bicyclists is using the #BikeThere campaign to promote all the different ways you can ride a bike, whether it’s shopping on your bike or working out on your bike. This campaign is part of a league movement for a community connected to safer streets across the United States.

Family Claiming Federal Reimbursement of COVID Funeral Expenses Grateful for Helping Through Troubled Times

Matthew Rusinsky was only 37 and had no health problems when COVID suddenly passed away, says his wife, Mary Joe. Former Reading Matthew died on March 24, about two weeks after being diagnosed with the virus, while sleeping with a couple in Millcreek Township, Lebanon County, near the Burks Line. The tragedy was not only a shock, but also a financial emergency, as Mary Joe was the homemaker to his five-year-old daughter, Abbey. She wonders how to foot the bill in the future, which includes the $ 15,000 cost of her husband’s funeral.

New grand jury elected in Montgomery County

Serious crimes such as murder and drug trafficking may come to mind for residents of Montgomery County, who were elected to the county’s next grand jury this week. District Attorney Kevin R. Steele has called for the appointment of a new investigative grand jury consisting of 23 major juries and 15 alternative juries to replace the grand jury that split a few months ago. The 38 new grand juries will begin their functions in the coming weeks. The jury is usually summoned for 18 months, but the judge may allow a 6-month extension if the jury determines it is in an unfinished business.

Montgomery County awards $ 2.5 million to 23 local projects

The Montgomery County Commission announced that 23 projects in the county will receive the Monco 2040 Implementation Grant during the 2021 cycle of the program. The new grant will continue the program to implement the county’s comprehensive plan, Montco 2040: A Shared Vision. The goal of this program is physics targeted by local governments to make real progress towards the plan’s goals and the plan’s theme, “Connected Communities, Sustainable Places, Dynamic Economy”. It’s to help make improvements. The grants represent more than $ 2,500,000 in the 23 municipalities. The county received a total of 31 requests from municipalities, for a total of over $ 4 million in requests.


Despite the shooting struggle, Ben Simmons provides significant support

As expected, on Sunday, the Washington Wizards played well with Ben Simmons and challenged him to shoot. Plus, as expected, he chose other ways to help the Sixers win Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Playoff series, 125-118. Then he found some more. Simmons scored just 9 shots and 3 shots in 38 minutes, but provided 15 rebounds and 15 assists, skillfully handling Washington’s loose defense and allowing his teammates to shoot well. .. “It’s funny,” said Dock Rivers. “I thought he was special tonight.”

Wheeler of Phillies play a stopper like he knew he had to

While he hasn’t changed his pre-game approach from what he’s established over the past four years to rebuild his baseball career, Zack Wheeler is sticking to what wasn’t. not the usual Sunday departure at Citizens Bank Park. There was only. .. “Last night after the game, after losing, it occurred to me,” said Wheeler. “I thought I had to get back on track. It’s a bit for me. When I was there, I didn’t put any pressure on myself anymore. I made it myself. But I knew it was a big game for us. We had to return to victory. “

A break and a bit of luck help Union Blank DC United

On the Philadelphia Union show, Danny Higginbotham called it a fascinating life. Jim Curtin described it as a “cultural victory”. The truth is somewhere in the middle. If the union has a habit of allowing 17 shots, 8 corner kicks and around 12 dangerous free kicks, especially outside the house, you are unlikely to escape at 3 points. However, they beat DC United 1-0 against Audi Field on Sunday night. This is not only a testament to the ongoing injured work overseen by Hernan Rossada, but it also reinforces the important qualities of the Union.


TV: “Halston” arrives as a must-see stream

Last week something unthinkable happened. With an increase in desperate searches to find new TV shows that are obsessed or compelled to watch weekly episodes, I have significantly relaxed my standards and the most consistent Shrock Meister on TV. I was interested in the latest products of the star, the blasphemy of “Hollywood”. And Ryan Murphy, the ruin of “Prom”. Netflix’s “Halston” is about a designer who appeared in the early 1970s to meet other people, especially Ralph Lauren, to establish respect for American fashion design.

Morning Briefing: Understanding the Confusing Mask Rules. Money that can be used to support COVID-related funerals. 76ers lead Magicians in playoff series | Local News

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