News: Santini Custom Cycling Kit

The custom Santini cycling kit used for the Tour de France yellow jersey is now available for everyone

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News: Santini Custom Cycling Kit

Santini UK Contact: 0789 6810 839

To celebrate the presentation of the Tour de France 2023, Santini, which supplies the personalized clothing to iconic races such as the Tour de France, has announced that the jerseys worn by the leaders of the Grande Boucle will now also be customizable for other riders. Speed ​​suits used in time trials as well as road suits will also be made available to teams.

These products are ultra-technical cycling garments that often prove essential to victory, as happened in the 2022 edition. As is the case with other leader jerseys, the yellow jersey of Santini is made from two absolutely ecological fabrics. Both are made by local manufacturers from 100% recycled PET and advanced yarns. The front and the pockets have a weaving designed to promote thermoregulation during stress such as the hot days of July during the Grande Boucle. A sleek second-skin fit, concealed zippers and raw-cut sleeves with internal silicone grip.

Photo: Beardy McBeard for Santini

The road speed and time trial suits are the product of constant research and development focusing on the structural analysis of materials to improve fabric, fit and wearability combinations. The goal of our R&D is to find materials that, in terms of elasticity, position and structure, positively influence the air coming into contact with specific areas of the body, creating a continuous micro-flow that exerts thrust aerodynamic. Lab and wind tunnel tested to deliver the best performance in all situations, of course.

These high performance features are now available for all teams, men’s and women’s: the same technology used for the official kits and suits is now available in our Custom line. This means that teams can use the same cycling clothing as the Tour de France and Tour de France Women leaders for their own kits and suits – personalized with their own colors, graphics and logos.

At the base of this new offer is, of course, Santini’s awareness and understanding of the importance of jerseys: for enthusiasts, they give a sense of belonging, a recognizable symbol, the common bond of each team. Hence our desire to offer the same technical clothing as the great champions.

To support this initiative, Santini has completely redesigned and relaunched the platform which will guide each customer through every step of every aspect of customizing their team’s kit: style, design, comfort and performance.

An instant online solution that means anyone can have their own yellow jersey that draws on the same experience, care and craftsmanship as the original and uses the same cuts, processes and materials as Santini used for the Tour de France.

For more information: Santini UK Contact: 0789 6810 839 and

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