Olympian and World Champion Bode Miller and Co-Founder Andy Wirth Launch New DTC-Branded Platform Featuring Six All-Terrain High-Performance Skis

MontanaPeak Ski Company, based in New York, presents “peak by Bode Miller“, a new range of high-performance all-mountain skis with a revolutionary and innovative design.

BOZEMAN, Mont., April 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Bode Millertwo-time World Cup champion and six-time Olympic medalist, and co-founder Andy Wirt today announced the launch of a new company, Peak Ski Company, LLC, a direct-to-consumer high-performance ski and brand platform that leads the way with a line of six all-mountain and cross-country alpine skis. The Peak Ski Company was co-founded by Miller, who will be Peaks Director of Innovation and Wirth, Peaks President and CEO, a respected executive with global experience in the mountain resort industry, including commercial and retail operations and technology platform development.

“Our world class team and I started over a year ago focusing on developing the best performing skis possible, for all skiers and really, every part of the mountain. I have been deeply committed in ski design throughout my racing career, where I learned that every element, design feature and measurement – ​​no matter how tiny – that makes up a ski influences performance,” says Miller. a small example, if you change the height or the rocker by a millimeter or two, you change the engagement of the ski at the start of a turn. If you change that then you have to compensate by adjusting the torsional stiffness of It was with this experience that I learned years ago that a cutaway in front of the binding unlocks the torsional performance of a ski. We have incorporated this feature, called Keyhole Technology, into all of our skis and it has delivered great results After years of research, design and experimentation and over three months of testing the 2022/23 range of skis here in Big Sky, MontanaI can verify that these skis are ripping…and we’re just getting started,” Miller said.

“Bode’s racing background and passion for performance, coupled with his unique and creative approach to engineering, are key differentiators for our company,” said Wirth. “At the heart of Peak Ski’s brand platform is the range of six high performance all mountain skis for 2022/23. Today we are announcing our first range of skis, however, the long term strategic vision that Bode and I share involves much more and is almost entirely focused on innovation. We are already exploring the development and use of advanced materials, including thermoplastics, the possibility of integrating high-tech devices into our skis, and even have an eye to revolutionizing the process and machinery used.We see the opportunity for long-term success and growth here at Peak Ski Company through our relentless focus on innovation as well as the philosophy of our team, which is characterized by a thirst for precision and high performance and a truck load of grain. I am proud that these skis are the first step – our first expression – of the Peak Ski Company.”

The company developed its first prototypes and had a team of respected ski testers led by a 30-year-old veteran ski tester. David Curier (Ski, Outside, Mountain), review the skis. “Before starting the tests peak prototypes, Andy said it was Peaks hope that out of the six models, a few might perform well enough to make it into the top five in the Outdoor/Mountain ski test magazine,” Currier said. “After several rounds of selections – selecting the best from each of the four prototypes created for each model – I would say peak the skis have far exceeded this goal. In fact, each ski model would have clearly ranked in the top five 21/22 skis and three models would have likely won – outright – the “Best in Test” ranking in their respective category for 21/22. I have never seen a new brand come close to this performance. Bode and the product team have developed a full range of skis that have their own feel and ski like nothing on the market, which means they are simply better than what is currently on the market.”

Keyhole technology MT is a unique oval cut in the aluminum-titanium alloy top layer that offers what peak calls “accessible power” – skis that perform particularly well when skiers are just rolling on groomed slopes, but are ready when skiers increase their speed and energy. As an added benefit, the keyhole allows for less side cutting in wider models. Off-road, especially off-road, this feature allows for easy cornering initiation and the ability to change cornering shapes at will. With Keyhole Technology MT, peak is also the first company to offer perfectly balanced skis for every user in all lengths, with proper flex and accessible power built into every ski.

The range of skis for 2022/2023 includes four models of peak by Bode Miller skis, mainly for cross-country skiing, each model being delimited by the measurement (in millimeters) under the foot: peak 88; the peak 98; the peak 104, and; the peak 110. The company has also developed a range of high-performance “side-country” skis, Peak SC by Bode Millerincluding Peak SC 98 and Peak SC 104. the Peak SC by Bode Miller The skis have the relatively lightweight characteristics of touring or touring skis, but uniquely incorporate those high performance qualities typically found in touring skis.

On 2022/23 peak by Bode Miller skis and Peak SC by Bode Miller the skis will both be priced at $890 and exclusively available on peakskis.com. Based on the finite number of the company’s 22/23 ski line, Peak Ski Company has developed a special reservation program that includes a full refund $50 deposit, allowing customers to lock in the model and length of peak skis well before the 22/23 season.

The Peak Development Group & Innovation Center, more commonly known as “Peak DevGru”, is a 10,000 square foot facility with strictly limited access located in bozeman, Montana. Peak DevGru is where the company will manufacture the Peak DG in Bode Miller line of skis and will serve as the company’s innovation center, sometimes referred to as “skunk works”.

“Our DevGru team will have the resources and latitude to seek out entirely new ways to innovate with materials, design, construction, and technology integration,” said Andy Wirt, CEO of Peak Ski Company. “We will encourage experimentation and accept failure, because we know that is the process from which real new ideas and innovations emerge. It will also be the team that makes what will probably be the best performing skis we can find in the world, the Peak DG by Bode Miller skis.” More details on the Peak DG by Bode Miller skis will be available in early fall 2022.


From the four-buckle boot and dual-lens goggles, to the modern sidecut and rocker, to the snowy terrain and surfaces we ski, American skiers have long dominated the sport of skiing. However, true innovation has not been a priority over the past decade. From the creative and engineering mind of legendary ski racer Bode Miller – a longtime ski designer driven by necessity – and co-founder, Andy Wirtwhose career and passion have also been in the mountains, the Peak Ski Company, was born in the western mountains Montana and reclaims American design and innovation. A direct-to-consumer company, peak provides ultra-performance skis and builds a brand platform and a company based on innovation, precision, performance and courage. Learn more about www.peakskis.com.

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