Oregon Football: Ducks release uniform combination for Arizona Wildcats

This week the Ducks hit the road again and this week’s uniform reveal brings back a classic worn last season for two games.

Eggshell uniforms made a comeback for the Ducks in this week’s game against Arizona, as modeled by the quarterback Bo Nix. The uniform has the same features as last season: a nightmare green helmet with the Oregon “O” on the back of the helmet with eggshell camouflage with black and white bumpers displaying the name of the duck.

The uniform is an all white eggshell color with nightmare green chrome numbers, logos and of course the duck studded wings on the shoulders. Accessories will be eggshell themed with a touch of nightmare green.

This uniform was first displayed and advertised during Oregon’s game against UCLA last season, which at first sight received mixed feelings from fans. However, once in the field, they became an instant classic alternate uniform to add to the story vault.

Defensive back Verone McKinley III warms up before facing the UCLA Bruins in 2021.

Wearing this uniform, the then-ranked 10th-ranked Ducks would beat UCLA 34-31 in a very exciting game that came down to the wire. The game also hosted College Gameday, allowing more outside viewers to take a look at the swaggy uniforms.

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The Ducks would also bring these uniforms back later in the season against Utah in the Pac-12 Championship where they added a little twist to them. They replaced the eggshell pants with the nightmare green which went really well together as it provided a darker feel. The uniform would be the sole winner of this game as the Ducks would lose for the second time to Utah.

Oregon offense takes on Utah Utes defense in 2021 Pac-12 Championship Game

Oregon offense takes on Utah Utes defense in 2021 Pac-12 Championship Game

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The last time Oregon played a football game in Tucson against the Wildcats, they wore a similar color pattern. Instead of the eggshell, they wore an all-black winged helmet with an all-white uniform with black numbers and logos all over the cut. The Wildcats would emerge 44-14 winners in a dominating game against a struggling Oregon team.

The Wildcats have yet to announce the uniform reveal on Wednesday night, but they appear to have changed their ways in the uniform game as they have opted for a more traditional route.

In the past, the Wildcats have worn a lot of red against the Ducks, so a red alternate uniform could be in the game this week.

Arizona quarterback trades Jayden De Laura against the Colorado Buffaloes.

Arizona quarterback trades Jayden De Laura against the Colorado Buffaloes.

If it’s not the red uniform that has yet to hit the field for Arizona, one would expect them to wear their base all-blue uniform with white helmets with a mix of colors. and white accessories.

The Ducks and Wildcats kick off at 6:00 p.m. PT in Tucson, a location where Oregon is looking to earn its first victory since 2011.

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