Parents tell council: No masks at school, no masks at football games

A California Teacher Association board member posted a photo not wearing a mask at a football game while statewide mask mandates in schools are still in effect

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KGET) — The debate over masks for children in school continues. Many parents are angry with football fans for refusing to wear masks to games while expecting children to wear theirs to school.

Some parents said it was time for the masks to come off. It comes as California lifted its indoor mask mandate for those vaccinated.

But a new frustration arises with a California Teacher Association board member who has worked in Bakersfield for 27 years.

The Rosedale Union School District called an emergency meeting Tuesday to address parents’ concerns about the mask mandate for children. The parents expressed their frustration with the football fans.

“Are we in a state of emergency,” asked one protester. “If so, why did California host the Super Bowl allowing people across the country to attend without masks, as I’m sure you’ve seen before, and then vote to continue mandating masks to our children while the adults were celebrating and partying just two hours away? »

The So-Fi stadium had a mask and vaccination requirement for all participants. Now parents have also blamed celebrities, politicians and Jesse Aguilar, a California Teacher Association board member and Kern High School District teacher.

Aguilar posted a photo of himself at a football game with his mask on.

“Many of them were celebrities, local and state politicians and a teacher association representative, Jesse Aguilara…in a playoff,” a second protester said.

17 News spoke to Aguilar who said the photo was not taken at the Super Bowl but rather at the national championship in the same stadium two weeks before the big game.

“I was wearing my mask but took it off to take a selfie which is probably on me,” Aguilar said. “It wasn’t dangerous, there was nobody in front of me. It was after the game… Politically I probably shouldn’t have done it, but again, I’m a teacher, I’m not a politician.

Aguilar said he has received hate mail, threats and obscene messages since he said he became a target of the anti-mask group.

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