Paulina Porizkova says grief over Carrie Bradshaw in ‘And Just Like That’ resonated with her as a widow

Paulina Porizkova – with late husband Ric Ocasek in 2016 – linked to how And just like that… addressed mourning. (Photo: Gilbert Carrasquillo/FilmMagic)

Warning: This article contains And just like that… spoilers.

As the sex and the city to restart And just like that… wraps up its 10-episode run, Paulina Porizkova reflects on how Carrie Bradshaw’s depiction of grief resonated with her as a widow. The supermodel was separated from Cars rocker Ric Ocasek, her husband of 30 years, when he died in 2019. Like Carrie, star Sarah Jessica Parker, who (spoiler) arrives home at the end of the first episode to find her dying husband Big (Chris Noth), it was Porizkova who first discovered Ocasek dead in the New York home they shared with their two sons.

Porizkova, who has been candid about her grief, mental health and the complex emotions she has experienced since Ocasek’s death, took to Instagram on Sunday to share her thoughts on how And just like that… dealt with Carrie’s grief, admitting to fans that she watched most of the show “through tears. While Carrie is seen processing her loss in different ways throughout the show – going through grief, numbness and anger and at one point wondering if Big’s spirit is trying to communicate with her via her reading lamp – one thing that particularly affected Porizkova was her tendency, at first, to walking tirelessly through Manhattan.

“What I found most devastating was Carrie walking the streets of New York City mindlessly trying to work through her pain,” Porizkova wrote, sharing a photo of Parker as Bradshaw from the latest episode. “I did the same thing. I walked for hours in the woods behind our house in the cold.

“My solitude allowed me to have privacy so I could walk around and moan,” she continued. “It’s like when your pet is in pain and thinks he can outgrow his pain. He desperately rushes from place to place, hoping, believing that the pain is coming from outside and that the good place will make it stop.

“We know better. We know where the pain comes from. And yet we try to outrun it. Reason is no match for pain.”

Porizkova’s post drew comments from other widows who shared their connection to the show’s darkest moments.

The model – soon to be seen on the CBS reality show beyond the edge – previously praised Parker, 56, for embracing his age.

“I’ve seen photos of Sarah Jessica Parker in the media, and every time I’m like ‘oh thank you thank you!'” she wrote in a November Instagram post. “Someone who is my age and looks like me. I see my lines, my falls and my silvery roots reflected, and I love it.

She added that Parker – who called the “misogynistic chatter” about reprising her most famous role in her 50s – “makes me feel like I’m not an aging freak”.

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