Phizz tablets keep me fit after pints after the ride

Once upon a time, I thought all performance-enhancing drinks were mouth watering – “magic” liquids marketed to fit people whose obsession with shaving for a second or two of their time made them prick-prone. But then, in my twenties, I developed a love affair with cycle tourism… and quickly familiarized myself with the need to hydrate.

After a few “bonks” (when you run out of energy and find yourself crying on the floor – in my case, in the foothills of Mount Fuji), I knew I had to act.

Traveling at low speed doesn’t save you from the need for nutritional know-how when you exercise eight hours a day. This mystical mix of salts and sugars, along with a constant supply of granola bars and rice cakes, is the only way to avoid the dreaded slowdown.

I understand that some long distance athletes will lick their own sweat to pick up electrolytes, but, I’ll be honest, licking my forearm like a cat doesn’t please. Instead, over the years, I’ve become a connoisseur of effervescent rehydration tablets, which you put in your can (or glass) to give your body back the salts it lost during exercise. … Or during a drinking session.

So when Phizz sent me a bunch of their tablets to try out on a weeklong Suffolk bike trip that was to be punctuated with pint-filled evenings, I was more than happy to try them out. and report back on the effectiveness of the tablets.

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Multivitamin phizz hydration orange tablets

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First of all: the brand image. Most effervescent drinks are either medical or have a sporty vibe, which can put off office workers with a hangover or those about to take a long-haul flight. Phizz luckily has a modern feel that helps alleviate any shame, yelling “my headache is a choice of life, thank you very much ”to any casual viewer.

In terms of taste, this is definitely one of the best sparkles I have tried. The combination of salt and sugar needed to make these things effective is always going to create a slightly odd-tasting drink, but Phizz is closer to the orange-squash end of the seltzer spectrum. During the bike tour we had no problem putting two tablets in our water bottles every morning which was extremely important considering we were cycling during the hottest times of the day in the weather. sunny halfway through.

Phizz is definitely a better option than traditional sports drinks which are meant to replenish electrolytes and aid recovery – half coca cola and half water is a classic, just like a squash with a teaspoon of table salt. But both taste weird at best, lack the vitamins and minerals added in Phizz, and are much higher in calories. It doesn’t really matter when you exercise, but I like the fact that this 18 calorie drink doesn’t feel like a meal per se when I consume it to feel a little brighter on my face. office.

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The taste of Phizz is a little harder to swallow when you feel the blues the next day… but to be honest, so is it. And my results were hard to dispute: The day after my 30th birthday, a Phizz gave me enough life to be able to visit a gallery with friends, despite having had a series of evacuations overnight. The red spots on the skin around my eyes (a new treat for my last decade) also dissipated considerably after a drink of orange.

The verdict: Phizz multivitamin hydration orange tablets

As someone always on the lookout for affordable rehydration tablets, I am in awe of Phizz. They taste better than most of the competition and are cheaper than the best-known brand. I love the brand and they kept me from laughing during a weeklong bike ride in the scorching Suffolk sun.

If you’re looking for something to hydrate you on your next sporting activity, this is a great buy that’s easier to find than some of the more sport-specific brands. And if you are feeling a little more tired, they will definitely help you limp throughout the day with something that looks like a smile on your face. I can’t wait to try the apple and blackcurrant flavor next time I need it… which, now that I’m 30, will likely be sooner rather than later.

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