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Despite public health restrictions in the Denver-Coronavirus pandemic, ski resorts across the United States have experienced a strong response this winter.

According to the Colorado-based National Ski Area Association, skiers have made a total of 59 million resort visits in the United States this season, making him the fifth-best skier of all time.

Kelly Paulack, Association President and CEO, said, “From total uncertainty to the top 10 seasons in terms of participation, it shows the broad spectrum our industry has crossed this year. “

Beach resorts across the country were forced to close in the spring of 2020, and many mountain communities were disproportionately affected by COVID-19 at the start of the pandemic.

The US ski industry lost at least $ 2 billion that winter, and skier visits fell 14% from the 2018-19 season. Ski resorts in the United States recorded about 51.1 million visits during the shortened season. Tours are considered the use of lift tickets for any part of the day.

However, about seven months later, the chairlift started spinning again and guests embraced the new standard by skiing and snowboarding.

They wore masks, took the elevator alone in groups, lined up 6 feet apart, or did typical ski lengths. There was no food service or large Apress ski drink gatherings.

Vail Resorts, which owns 34 resorts in the United States and Canada, went a step further by requesting reservations.

However, the restrictions haven’t stopped skiers and snowboarders, and according to a National Ski Association survey, 78% of ski operators said they have exceeded expectations this season.

“Americans yearn for safe outdoor recreation and ski resorts across the country have been delivered,” Pawlak said.

“It was definitely a tough season for all of us,” said Catherine Fuller, spokesperson for the Arapahobe Sinsky, Colorado area.

“But people wanted skiing and horseback riding. It was all on the outside so it might seem like one of the few things you could do, ”she said. “We just drove around a bit and it worked. It was much better than I expected. I think people really liked it.

Ski resorts near the Continental Divide limited the number of skiers and snowboarders allowed in the mountains daily, depending on terrain, the number of ski lifts in operation and public health orders at the time. Sunday ended the winter season.

According to the association, the average ski resort in the United States was open for 112 days last season, shortening the 2019-20 season to 99 days. Most ski resorts remained open as long as the original plan was.

On the other hand, small and medium-sized ski resorts, which are determined by the capacity of ski lifts, performed well, as more customers stayed close to their homes on ski trips. Capacity limits, telecommuting possibilities and the flexibility of the school also meant that more skiers and cyclists hit the slopes on weekdays, reducing the typical congestion on weekends and holidays.

“People had to change their ways during the pandemic, and ski resorts made no difference,” Pawlak said. “We tried new things and quickly realized that not only were they working as expected, but many of these ‘workarounds’ improved the experience for customers and staff. “

The National Ski Areas Association is an industry association for ski owners and operators, representing over 300 alpine resorts, which account for over 90% of ski and snowboarder visits nationwide. The organization has been following ski tours since 1978.

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