Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas make their first fashion investment

You know Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas as an entertainment power couple. But they are also passionate investors.

Priyanka Chopra Jonas and Nick Jonas [Photo: Perfect Moment]

Today they announce their first investment in a fashion company, the luxury ski brand, Perfect moment. In addition to supporting the brand with an undisclosed amount, they will support it by participating in advertising campaigns, designing capsule collections and promoting Perfect Moment on Instagram, where they have over 113 million combined followers. The investment reveals the couple’s growing ambitions as investors as well as their enormous influence in turning a niche brand into a household name.

[Photo: Perfect Moment]

Perfect Moment is a European skiwear brand that designs technical yet fashion-forward clothing, including ski pants and snowboard jackets. It was founded in 1984 by professional skier and filmmaker Thierry Donard, but really took off in 2011, when it was acquired by private equity executive Max Gottschalk and his wife, Jane, an entrepreneur who has founded the coconut water brand, Jax Coco. Over the past five years, the couple have grown Perfect Moment, expanding the brand’s direct-to-consumer sales through its website and partnering with retailers including Net-a-Porter, Farfetch and Bloomingdale’s. They have also gone beyond ski wear to become surf gear.

[Photo: Perfect Moment]

Like many other young consumers, Chopra and Jonas came across Perfect Moment in their search for skiwear that looked chic but also stood up to the rigors of the sport. “We’ve always worn Perfect Moment because it’s designed for fashion and function,” says Chopra. “In a short time it has become very popular with young people, and we believe it is at a growth stage in its evolution as a brand.” In London, the couple met the Gottschalks at a social event, and eventually they decided to invest.

[Photo: Perfect Moment]

Chopra and Jonas have invested in several businesses, both as individuals and as a couple. Jonas has invested in food ordering service Snackpass and AI platform Nurosene Health. Chopra co-founded an Indian restaurant in Manhattan called Sona with chef Hari Nayak and launched the vegan and eco-friendly hair care brand Anomaly. They jointly invested in the soda brand Olipop. This is their first investment in a fashion company. “When we look at our portfolio together, it starts with our personal interest in a brand,” says Jonas. “We want to feel really comfortable not just lending our name, but showing that we’re really all into it. Perfect Moment is an example of us being fans of the brand, which has led to a genuine relationship with [the founders].”

[Photo: Perfect Moment]

The couple notes that skiing has a special place in their lives. Over the years, Chopra has spent a lot of time vacationing in the mountains, although she is still new to skiing. As a child, she took trips with her family to the hills of Kashmir, and when she started acting, she shot films in Switzerland. Jonas, for his part, started skiing at the age of 7 in New Jersey, and ended up buying a house with his brother Joe in Mammoth Mountain, California.

[Photo: Perfect Moment]

When Chopra and Jonas first started dating, they were vacationing there. “The first time I went skiing with Nick was me and about 10 2-year-olds together on the bunny tracks,” Chopra laughs. “I’m still on the slopes of the rabbit, don’t get me wrong.” It was this emotional connection with the mountains that inspired them to invest in a ski brand. “Those adventures, spending time in the mountains, became a big part of our life together,” Nick says.

As celebrities with huge followings, Chopra and Jonas are regularly paid millions to be brand ambassadors. Chopra has represented Bulgari, Crocs, Beats by Dre, Bumble and TAG Heuer, among many other brands, while Jonas’ endorsements include Diet Coke and pharmaceutical brand Bayer. Although they don’t disclose how much they invest in Perfect Moment, their involvement could give the brand a significant boost. “It’s a small brand for them,” says Jane Gottschalk. “After all, [Chopra] is the face of Bulgari. They are taking a risk and they know that getting involved can make a huge difference to us as a company. I think it reveals their appetite for adventure.

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