Reopening of the Sunshine Village for summer skiing

BANFF, Alta. – Don’t forget to pack your bikinis, sunscreen and skis this week in Banff.

Starting Tuesday (June 28), Sunshine Village Ski Resort welcomes skiers and snowboarders back to the slopes after being buried in snow this season at a volume Banff Ski Resort hasn’t had since before snowboarding was a thing.

The resort’s goal is to keep visitors riding and skiing until July 3.

“This is definitely the craziest amount of snow I’ve seen in my memory of a memory,” said Kendra Scurfield, director of brand and communications. “I’ve never seen a season where we’ve had so much snow so late.”

Sunshine reported the fall of 900 centimeters of powder over the past season and the white stuff continued to arrive throughout a cold and wet spring and summer.

“It’s the most snow we’ve had since the 1956-57 season,” Scurfield said. “The last time we had this much snow, the snowboarding wasn’t even there.”

The last time the tracks for Sunshine opened this late was in July 1991, the same month Terminator 2: Judgment Day hit theaters.

For this upcoming period of ski days, the hours are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. daily, and the Strawberry Express will be the only run open. In addition, a small snow park will be set up.

“We are asking skiers and snowboarders to please help us by staying on the groomed runs,” Scurfield said. “The resort and the snow have not been maintained since the Slush Cup as well as the environmental integrity of the resort.

“What took a lot of operational work was getting the resort up and running in a safe way to safely accommodate skiers and boarders on Strawberry. We had to send the CATs, we had to put up fencing, we had to make sure we mitigated any potential risk on the Strawberry ski terrain.”

The following week of summer skiing has been approved by Parks Canada. The federal agency, which is the decision maker for allowing Sunshine to open, declined an interview with the Outlook. Kira Tryon, Public Relations and Communications Officer for Banff National Park, forwarded all questions to Sunshine Village.

Previously, the last day of Sunshine’s ski season this year was May 23 during its annual Slush Cup celebrations. However, the station’s summer operations opened on June 24.

For skiers and snowboarders who have purchased a Sunshine Ski Pass or a Ski Big 3 Pass for the 2022-23 ski seasons, access is free.

There is a 50% discount for anyone with a 2021-22 season pass. A ticket for a day pass is $59 and works for skiing and sightseeing.

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