Ride of Silence – Isthmus

press release: on May 18, the Ride of Silence will take place in more than 450 cities around the world to honor those who have been injured or killed, to raise awareness that we are here and to ask that we all share the journey .

The official route for the ride can be found at this link, and the Ridespot app can be downloaded for free to follow the route: https://www.ridespot.org/rides/569471

This is the official event of the Madison, WI event. we will ride a 13 mile course around Lake Monona in a silent 10 mph procession in memory of those killed and injured cyclists around the world and in our own community. we’ll stop for a few minutes of silence at the Ghost bike at the intersection of Baldwin and East Wilson St, then continue around the lake.

The ride will be entirely silent (unless necessary for safety) as this is a dark event. please respect the intent of the event and do not engage in conversation with other runners. we all love making new cycling friends, but this ride is not that space.

The route will be on the street as much as possible to facilitate a larger group and limit inconvenience to other cyclists and trail users. The part of the route that uses the bike path along John Nolan Drive is often busy, so be sure to stay in the correct lane, do not cycle multiple times, and be considerate and courteous to all other road users.

This ride is considered self-contained and volunteers will only be available to facilitate the smooth running of the ride. this ride follows the same proven basic principle as the Monday 40 ride series (@Monday_40 on Instagram): you are in charge of yourself. Know what you need for your bike. Again, you are responsible for yourself. Know the route and where you are going in case you get separated or break down. Be ready. Wear what you feel like wearing, but dress for the weather. Please, please wear a helmet. You only have one brain, protect it. The pavement is hard and head injuries are no joke. Bring lights! while the ride should end while it’s still daylight, the front and rear lights are your friends. Bring a flat kit in case you get a pickle and need to fix your bike.

By participating in the ride, you agree and absolve and hold harmless The Ride of Silence organization, both locally in Madison and nationally, their officers respectively and any other party related to this organization in any way whether, individually and collectively, from and against any blame or liability for any injury, mishap, harm, loss, inconvenience or damage suffered or suffered as a result of participating in the Ride of Silence. You must obey the rules and regulations of the Ride of Silence, obey traffic laws and regulations, and exercise courtesy and safety while riding a bicycle.

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