Simon Cowell lost a tooth in the same week as the recent bicycle accident

Simon Cowell’s bad luck streak never ends.

The same week, Cowell had his second e-bike accident, he also lost a tooth and contracted COVID-19.

“In a week, I broke my wrist, a tooth fell out because I ate brittle peanuts, [and then] a day after that I tested positive for COVID,” Cowell told Extra on Thursday.

The 62-year-old ‘America’s Got Talent’ judge added he was in a “daze” after he “slipped” off his electric motorcycle earlier this month.

“I was riding my bike… I took a turn too fast,” he told the outlet. “That was it, I knocked myself out. There were people nearby, thank God, so they stopped traffic… I was a little dazed… I got back on my bike and rode home with one arm. That’s how crazy I was.

Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman ride their e-bikes together
Cowell has vowed to wear a helmet from now on after his second crash.

The former ‘American Idol’ judge previously admitted he wasn’t wearing a helmet when the accident happened, but that will change in the future.

“I’m a little crazy,” Cowell told the Daily Mail at the time. “I will definitely wear a helmet next time.”

However, Cowell may not need to wear one if he gives up cycling altogether, as it is his second accident in less than two years.

The cast of Simon Cowell
Cowell’s son, Eric, made sure to personalize his dad’s casting.
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In August 2020, the case manager had his first accident which led to the Briton breaking his back in three places while riding a $20,000 bike outside his Malibu mansion. He underwent six-hour surgery at the time to repair his spine, and doctors had to insert a metal rod into his back.

Cowell – who got engaged to Lauren Silverman in January – was recently spotted with a neon cast signed by her 7-year-old son Eric.

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