Ski resorts welcome more snow in Utah in March

WEBER COUNTY, UTAH (ABC4 News) – A good helping of snow helped Utah’s lackluster snowpack and ski resorts.

Last weekend’s snowfall brought up to 14 inches of snow to Wasatch Front valley bottoms and up to 19 inches to some mountainous areas, according to the National Weather Service.

The Utah Avalanche Center says “considerable” avalanche danger remains in question in many areas of northern Utah’s back county.

The ABC4 Pinpoint weather team predicts another round of snow will drop a significant amount of powder Tuesday through Wednesday in northern Utah. While many Utahans are excited about the gift from Mother Nature, the Snowbasin resort says business has been business as usual throughout the ski season despite the lack of snow.

“This one was a good storm, actually produced more than we thought we would get. I arrived yesterday, it was a powder day, which we haven’t had a lot this season,” said Snowbasin, general manager Davy Ratchford.

The skiers ABC4 spoke to were also happy with the fresh powder, so much so that the Snowbasin resort had a busier than normal Monday filled with riders ready to take in some of the best snow in the world.

“We love the snow today, it’s well groomed,” Hooper’s Jean Schlier told ABC4 after completing his first run on the mountain Monday morning.

For Schlier and others who decided to take advantage of Monday morning skiing, they got to enjoy real fresh snow. Snowbasin’s Davy Ratchford says it’s only normal for their teams to lay a decent amount of artificial snow on the pitch.

This year, they just had to go further in the season. But even with the challenges presented by Utah’s lackluster snowpack, Ratchford said the 2021-22 ski season is far from a failure. “So on average it’s a bit below normal on our snowpack but it’s still been a good year, what we’ve really benefited from is a long spell of cold weather, so it’s kept the snow around,” says Ratchford.

Other skiers like Sarah Wichern from Ogden say she and her friends are regulars on the mountain whether the temperatures are low or not, “we check the weather constantly for snow conditions, we always come but in hoping the snow will make it better,” said Wichern and friends.

Snowbasin’s Davy Ratchford says those March storms are really helping them end the season strong.
He says that right now, mid-April is when they plan to wrap things up for the season, but if more snow falls, they might consider extending the season for their customers.

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