Squirt Lubricant for all Epic MTB World Events

Kati Csak, Epic Series MTB Manager, lubricates a competitor’s drivetrain at a recent edition of FNB Wines2Whales. (Photo: Nick Muzik/Wines2Whales)

  • Few things test bike care products quite like a multi-day stage race.
  • Squirt is proudly a local innovator of bicycle lubrication and cleaning products with nearly two decades of formulation experience.
  • With the Cape Epic as the most notable event, the Epic World Series will now feature Squirt cycling merchandise and support.

Bike parts are expensive and break down quickly when not properly maintained.

Dust and mud act as abrasive agents on ATV transmissions and suspension uprights. And with transmission prices at an all-time high, runners want to get longer life of their components.

The best way to prolong the life of your transmission components is to practice a regular cleaning and lubrication routine.

Epic Series

Spray lubricant. Developed in South Africa. And used all over the world. (Photo: Nick Muzik/Cape Epic)

Harsh local conditions create a long-lasting lubricant

Squirt is a chain lubricant developed by a group of enthusiastic South African mountain bikers in the early 2000s – and now available in 42 countries. Squirt lube bottles had an official presence at Wines2Whales since 2010.

The brand’s international partnership with events began in 2018 during the Swiss Epic. As the official bicycle maintenance partner of the epic seriesSquirt will now support various global events on different continents.

The Spanish Andorra MTB Classic-Pyrenees and the Croatian 4 Islands Race will expose Squirt’s product team to new insights into drivetrain component wear in different environments. The team will also support Australia’s three best-known mountain bike races: Reef to Reef, Cape to Cape and Port to Port.

Cape Epic

The Squirt bike wash works without harming nature. (Photo: Nick Muzik/Wines2Whales)

Develop a better product – by participating in events

Working as a bike cleaning and maintenance partner at mountain biking events sparked significant product innovation for Squirt.

Danie van Wyk is Squirt’s Cycling Product Manager. “Our eco-friendly chain lube box allows riders to take their empty Squirt chain lube applicator bottles to local bike shops and have them refilled, rather than throwing away the plastic bottle.”

Riders in Epic Series events will benefit bike washes
using Squirt’s biodegradable products. There will also be front and intermediate lube stations.

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