The 10 Best Yoga Bras for Large Breasts

When it comes to a comfortable sports bra – think stretch, soft fabric, and minimal structure – it’s often these exact qualities that usually make them less supportive. For those with a larger cup size this can be a problem. Fortunately, the best yoga bras for large breasts still offer a lot of comfort, but combine that with some key features that make it significantly more supportive.

The first thing you’ll want to look for is increased coverage. Long sports bras, models with higher necklines, and bras with thicker straps are all better suited for keeping the breasts wider while helping to distribute the weight over the shoulders. Next, look for the features that make the bra more structured. Sometimes that means underwire (yes they do make sports bras with underwire), but if you prefer to avoid underwire in the name of comfort, you can find alternative support in the form of stitching, padding, and fabric. compression. Finally, look for the fit: Your average sports bra might not have adjustable straps or hook-and-eye closures, but if you often struggle to find the right size, these qualities can help you adjust. the fit so that it conforms to your body.

These 10 sports bras come with different combinations of these supportive features and are still very comfortable to wear – which is why reviewers with larger breasts can’t help but rave about them.

1. The best yoga bra for big breasts

There are several reasons why the Panache sports bra is the first choice for generous breasts: On the one hand, it surrounds the breasts with underwire and a structured material that remains comfortable, but still reduces the rebound of 83%, depending on the brand. On the other hand, it offers more full coverage with its thicker shoulder straps, mesh panels, hook closure and wide band, but it still looks very stylish with its heart design and countless color and fabric options. patterns. Lastly, it’s soft and available in a wide range of sizes – and since they’re measured by band and cup, you’re much more likely to find a good fit.

  • Sizes available: 28A – 40KK

A reviewer wrote: “I am a small person with huge breasts. […] No seriously, this sports bra is hands down the best sports bra I have ever owned. How much do I love him? This is the 7th that I am buying and I am about to order another one.

2. Best value in supportive yoga bras

When it comes to multi-pack sports bras, you probably won’t find much support for large cup sizes – but these racerback sports bras are the exception. While they don’t have threads or adjustable closures, they offer more support than most thanks to their racerback straps, removable pads, and stretchy compression fabric. Since you are getting five bras for under $ 40, they are also incredible value. No wonder they have over 50,000 reviews and an overall 4.5 star rating. You can also get them in smaller sizes and in other colors.

  • Available sizes: Small – 3X-Large

A reviewer wrote: “I wear a 42 DDDD / F in a normal bra. I don’t need to tell you that this is an impossible size to find and very expensive. […] I can’t say enough good things about these bras. I would totally be a business promoter, that’s how much I love them.

3. A popular seamless sports bra for just $ 10

When you are intentionally looking for a bra without pads, clasps, underwire or seams, most models will not give you good support. The Champion Freedom bra, however, has received thousands of approvals from those with bigger busts. Two-ply fabric with four-way stretch and chunky racerback straps come together for moderate support, and there’s even built-in mesh ventilation to keep you cool and dry. Most importantly, because it’s seamless and chafe-free, it’s comfortable enough to sleep on.

  • Available sizes: X-Small – X-Large

A reviewer wrote: “This champion sports bra provides secure support for women with large breasts. […] By far the most comfortable bra I have tried [years] cycling.

4. A sports bra with a plunging neckline

This high impact sports bra has wider straps at the racerback, vertical seams along the chest, four-way stretch fabric and a thick long band, which make it all supportive without sacrificing comfort. . It also has removable pads and a plunging neckline, which is why reviewers have called it their “new favorite”. Get it in your choice of three colors: black, green, and pink.

  • Available sizes: Small – 3X-Large

A reviewer wrote: “Great workout bra for busty girls. I love that this bra is soft, comfortable, and great for HIIT workouts! I was able to keep the girls in one place while I was training.

5. The most supportive strappy yoga bra

This is not your average strappy sports bra. The Yvette crossover bra offers enough support for large cup sizes and even high impact activities, as it has structured cups in the front and a thick hook-and-eye closure strip in the back. The fabric is also made up of three layers: a frictionless inner layer, a sweat-wicking mid layer and a breathable outer layer, to keep you comfortable, dry and cool. Lastly, because this bra comes in nine colors, all with eye-catching interwoven straps, it’s one of the most stylish options out there.

  • Available sizes: Small —5X-Large Plus

A reviewer wrote: “THIS THING IS AMAZING!” I bought it after spending hours reading different brands of sports bras online and was happy to see Amazon had them. I am a 40DD or more depending on the brand. Use the size chart they show. I have a 2XL and it’s perfect. And it’s pretty with a cool color.

6. The Best Long Sleeve Yoga Bra for Large Breasts

Long sports bras are great to wear as tank tops with high waisted bottoms and crop tops when paired with a lower waist, but their amplified coverage also means more support for larger breasts. This full coverage sports bra features a long band and a higher neckline, plus the chunky racerback straps that won’t slip off your shoulders and distribute the support more evenly. The nylon and spandex material offers plenty of compression while wicking sweat and moving with you, and it has removable pads for extra support. You can also get it in just about any solid color imaginable.

  • Available sizes: Small – XX-Large

A reviewer wrote: “I am a yoga teacher and I practice daily in the studio. I’m a 34 DD with a small size and ordered a large one and it was perfect. Usually the wide ones fit my chest, but are huge and a bit loose everywhere else, but it fits me like a glove and not too tight at all. It is so soft and comfortable. I wouldn’t run in it, but yoga and low impact exercises are great. I also like its high cut.

7. A supportive bra with less coverage

If you’re looking for a sports bra that provides less coverage without compromising support, consider the Champion Show-Off Sports Bra. True to its name, it has a lower neckline, thinner shoulder straps, smaller band, and an open racerback with a keyhole, but it’s still designed to control rebound during high impact activities thanks to the its well-structured compression fabric. It also has a hook-and-eye closure and the shoulder straps are adjustable at the front for added convenience.

  • Available sizes: Small – X-Large

A reviewer wrote: “I cannot recommend these bras enough. They are united without being completely restrictive. They keep you in place for heavy workouts, although I mostly use them for yoga and spinning. I am a 34DD and have a perfect wide fit.

8. The best sports bra with zipper in the front

Front closure bras can certainly be more practical to put on, but their benefits don’t end there – they’re usually more structured for larger breasts and the front zipper serves as a stylish accent as well. According to reviews, this Yvette front zipper bra is suitable for large breasts thanks to its sturdy fabric, wide padded shoulder straps and full coverage shape. It is also very breathable and comes in four colors to choose from.

  • Available sizes: Small – 5X-Large Plus

A reviewer wrote: “Finally something that works for a DDD. I was looking for a sports bra to eliminate as much bounce and movement as possible since I have a large breast. While this (for me) didn’t eliminate ALL of the bounce, it did have a much bigger impact than any other bra I’ve tried so far.

9. A Lighter Bra that Customers Love for Yoga

According to reviews, the Just My Size Pure Comfort Bra is comfortable enough to sleep on – and many do – because it “offers decent support” without padding or underwire and puts “no pressure on the shoulders” thanks to its. thicker straps. The nylon and spandex fabric uses wide stretch, knitted panels to accommodate a larger bust, and while it’s not the strongest bra on this list, it’s definitely one of the most durable bra. comfortable.

  • Sizes available: X-Large – 6X-Large

A reviewer wrote: “Through my research, I trusted the size chart and didn’t panic when I took the bra out of the packaging. I’m no small person, and before I put it on, this bra looks like it was made for a child. However, it stretches wonderfully and the comfort is perfect. These bras are really thin, so I wouldn’t wear them out of the house under anything other than a nice heavy sweatshirt, but it’s perfect for the house. It has also made a huge difference in my yoga practice. […] I’ve had one for about two months and just bought two more.

10. A high impact sports bra in over 10 colors

Finally, there is the SYROKAN underwired sports bra, which has been rated “the most supportive sports bra” by an enthusiastic reviewer. It has underwired cups lined with foam and thick adjustable racerback straps. Much like everyday bras, it fits by band and cup size and has a hook-and-eye closure at the back – but it’s still great for high impact workouts as it’s breathable, moisture wicking and abrasion resistant.

  • Sizes available: 32B – 42F

A reviewer wrote: “I ordered the 36E and it’s a perfect fit! It supports running, lifting and yoga and wicks sweat quite well. And the price is unbeatable for a large cup sports bra!

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