The 11 best beauty launches of October 2022, according to the editors of Coveteur Beauty

Is it just us, or has the beauty content flooding the timelines this month been almost exclusively fear-centric? It’s not shocking – it’s Halloween after all – but festive makeup has been ubiquitous throughout the month, from fads designed to look like severed fingers to Hocus Pocus-inspired makeup. Even though it’s time to fully showcase the skills of VFX enthusiasts, I would say the real marker of a stellar product is how well it can fit into your day to day, and that’s what our beauty team had in mind when we sifted through the latest launches. This month, our beauty team’s favorites range from body care, including a luxurious body scrub and microbiome-focused serum, to makeup, with a new matte lipstick and multi-use pigment stick. , and a fragrance, with Crown Affair launching its very first fragrance. Read on for the best of the best from this month.

Ama Kwarteng, beauty director

Ama is wearing the Summer Fridays Blush Balm Stick.

Photo: Courtesy of Ama Kwarteng

blush sticks

“Is it just me or is it harder for everyone to get out of bed in the winter? The only thing that can get me out from under the covers is the looming threat of being charged for missing a Pilates class. in New York. Otherwise, on most days, the snooze button is my best friend. That means the moment I stopped telling myself just five more minutes, I only have about 10 minutes to make myself look presentable for the day – that’s where the Summer Fridays Multi-Purpose Lip and Cheek Stick comes in handy. After finishing my skincare routine and applying some concealer, I’ll swipe the stick over my eyelids, cheekbones, and lips to give my face a quick, color boost. The sheer formula is super buildable, glides on so easily, and looks like you really went to great lengths with your makeup that morning.”

Summer Fridays

Deep Cleansing Oil

“Some people say it doesn’t really matter what cleanser you use because it doesn’t stay on your skin long – you just wash it off – but I strongly disagree. That’s probably the one of the most important steps in your PM routine.If you can’t wash your skin completely all day, how do you expect all the serums that follow to sink in?

“Anyway, I always start my routine with an oil cleanser and absolutely loved this new launch from Susanne Kaufmann. The consistency is super light yet effective – it removes all your makeup without leaving a film greasy on your skin Plus it’s formulated with apricot kernel oil giving the cleanser a nice scent and not overpowering at all Adding this to my evening product line has definitely transformed my PM routine of something I would rush to pass into an enjoyable, sensory experience.”

Susanne Kaufman

Royal Tulip Petal Polish

“Exfoliation is always part of my body care routine and lately I’ve been really loving this new product from Bloomeffects. First of all, the texture is amazing; sand at the beach, making it a great option if you have sensitive skin. The formula uses sea salt crystals, alpha hydroxy acids and papaya extracts to gently dissolve dead skin cells while Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid even out your complexion and boost hydration, leaving behind a soft glow.”

Bloom effects

Sumiko Wilson, Beauty Fellow

Photo: Courtesy of Sumiko Wilson

Superplant+ Body Serum

“I call it: this will be my least ashy winter ever. Iota’s Superplant Body Serum has joined my hall of fame for personal body care. The microbiome support at the heart of Iota’s formulas has stung my interest, but the instant boost in hydration After showering, my skin drank in its formula rich in niacinamide and hyaluronic acid and left my skin instantly supple and soft without any drying time, residue or tedious rubbing Plus, the unscented formula is designed to suit sensitive skin without irritation, striking the perfect balance of gentleness and high performance.”


On the mend

“After ten months of consecutive Gel X manicures and a lifetime of nail biting, when I took my first Gel X break of the year last month, my nails were in very rough form. I don’t think they’ve ever been more brittle – a strong gust of wind could leave me with a broken fingernail. Step into Chillhouse’s new On the Mend kit: a cuticle serum applied with a brush and a crystal file. The kit comes with a crystal nail file to prepare the nails and a repair serum containing jojoba, vitamin E oil, sea buckthorn oil and aloe leaf extract to heal damaged cuticles and lock in moisture. Pro Tip: If you’ve found Soft Services’ new Theraplush Hand Treatment, pair this serum with this treatment to give your cuticles a targeted treatment before bed and wake up to the softest hands ever. .”

Cold room

Skin-satisfying moisturizer

“In its first foray into the skincare category, cult (and personal) favorite fragrance brand Ellis Brooklyn unveiled its first moisturizer. When I first opened my jar, in all its glass frosted sky blue, I was really surprised.The feel of this moisturizer moves away from the status quo of skincare with a more whipped and bouncy texture.Founder Bee Shapiro was inspired by her experience when writing about the skin care for New York Times to find an effective and gourmet formula (the sweet scent of vanilla adds a subtle dose of aromatherapy to your nighttime ritual). It’s light enough that I can wear it under makeup but rich enough to go with my favorite night cream. It’s more expensive, but between the powerful actives like squalene, niacinamide, and microalgae and the fact that I only use a pearl-sized dollop each time, buyer’s remorse is highly unlikely. It’s a yes of me.”

Ellis Brooklyn

Adi Giesey, beauty assistant

Photo: Courtesy of Adi Giesey

The scalp serum

“Since experiencing a bit of thinning along my hairline, I’ve been experimenting with serums and treatments in an effort to give my scalp the much-needed TLC. I love this formula as it has a super lightweight texture that won’t leave your hair looking greasy (a big deal for me in the past) Hyaluronic Acid and Niacinamide provide a dose of hydration while the biomimetic peptide blend at 5% helps promote hair growth. It’s been a welcome extra step in my routine and it’s here to stay.”


Quick-drying varnish

“I’m the perfect candidate for a quick-drying nail polish, but I’ve never been willing to sacrifice the shine and finish of a traditional formula. It’s become a running joke among friends that I’ll always leave the house with wet nails, which inevitably results in at least one stain. But leave it to Olive and June to figure out how to maintain the quality of a real polish with a quarter of the drying time. I’ve used several shades already before a wedding, birthday party and work dinner and I’m happy to report they were all dry by the time I got to my Uber. It really is perfect for anyone who needs to a quick manicure or who just don’t have the patience for a full dry time.

olive and june

The signature scent

“If you’ve used Crown Affair before, you know that the brand not only has hair-loving products, but also an amazing signature scent. After high demand, the fragrance is finally available as a hair scent at aloe base that leaves your locks feeling and smelling refreshed.As someone who is a big believer in maintaining a fragrance wardrobe, I had so much fun layering this with my favorite scents from day to night.

Crown Affair

OK button

“Whether you’re prone to acne or only have a handful of stubborn pimples each month, this spot treatment will be your new best friend. The formula is packed full of soothing tea tree capsules and acid salicylic, acetic and azelaic to help with breakouts I had a particularly large pimple on my forehead a few weeks ago and was really shocked that with just a few applications it quickly disappeared .Plus, the packaging makes it super easy to toss in a travel bag or take on the go.”

hero cosmetics

Matcha Hemp Body Wash

“While trying to perfect a facial cleanser, the Krave Beauty team ended up with leftover batches of formula that didn’t make the cut. So instead of letting it go to waste, they used as a base for their first ever body wash. . Talk about sustainable thinking at its finest! It’s full of antioxidants, hemp seed oil and my favorite soothing ingredient, oats. Love it make it part of my shower routine and I wish it wasn’t a limited edition product.”

krave beauty

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