The Cowboys meet the media on Saturday

STILL WATER – The Oklahoma State football team held a two-hour practice inside the Sherman E. Smith Training Center on Saturday morning with just under three weeks to go before the season opener against Central Michigan on Sept. 1 . mike gundy met with the media before practice began, while some of the Cowboys spoke after practice ended. Here is part of what they had to say:

The head coach mike gundy
Opening statement:

“We are in training maybe eight or nine, I don’t know where we are but we are doing very well. The only problem we had in terms of injuries was with one of the green twins and their wrist. We’ll find out later as we go along. Other than that, we’re doing really well from that perspective. A bit of fatigue is starting to set in in the last three or four practices. It will be that way for the next three or four four, until we get to every time school starts and they have a schedule that isn’t as physically demanding as this one. here, where they are here 12 hours a day. Practice is going well. I’m very happy on the defensive side with Coach Mason. Obviously, offensively, we’re in the same role that we’ve been. So, guys are competing and improving. We have a long way to go, but I like where we are. like, at this point.”

On fatigue management:

“They train all summer, but the heat wears them down. Now they wear towels, physical contact, get up at six in the morning, stay here until 7:30 at night. It’s just the long We’re doing everything we can to prepare them for that, but it’s not the same thing. So they’re just following normal protocol, for lack of a better term, of what season preparation would be. .

To be considered underrated:

“We’re in a bit of a hidden area here. You know, we’re hidden in north central Oklahoma and we’re in a city of about 50,000 people, so we can stay a little hidden, which, I think, is good for us. As we know, none of that matters. The only thing that matters is our preparation and the teams we put on the pitch and the way our guys pre-season polls, leaderboards, etc. it’s all fun for the fans through the media, for Vegas, obviously, but none of that really matters. I just like what I I’m lucky to be here a long time.

On simulating the gaming experience during training:

“We play loud music, because it’s loud in games, isn’t it? Distract them mentally. Make sure they’re focused, then play 11-on-11. The 50 snaps or more per day than we get at 11 on 11, it’s like playing real football. . It’s the only way to simulate it. So we go through individual practice periods, where we teach the fundamentals and skills. Then we move on to our seven exercises on or inside where we take a small group and simulate a game. way to fake it, I’m pretty sure.

On linebackers:
“We’re going to start picking up the pace, contact-wise, a bit over the next five or six practices, and then we’ll start to go back before the first game. I don’t see any of those four or five guys spinning there avoiding contact. But the next four to six practices will be important for them because they’re tired now, they’re tired, they’re a bit beat up. So we’ll see if they can get through it. In the end account, that’s what we have to do in the game.”

Cornerback Korie Black

On how high school comes together at fall camp:
“It’s positive growth. We’re all working together, communicating well, working hard every day and putting day in and day out. We’re getting better.”

On how playing on special teams prepared him for a starting defensive role:
“It gave me experience, for sure, just from being in the game. That experience and the little I got in defense helped me a lot too.”

On Jabbar Mohammad and himself playing important shots in the Fiesta Bowl:
“It was a moment of growth for both of us. It gave both of us experience which I think will help us a lot for this season.”

wide receiver Jaden Bray

On Brennan Presley:
“Obviously you all saw (Brennan Presley) Last year. He’s been going crazy ever since he got here. The sky is the limit for him. I remember once last year he was away for a game against Boise State. He can really play wherever he wants, he’s a great player. It is the heart on the height. You don’t see height with him because he’s playing a lot bigger than he is.”

On expectations for the offense:
“I feel like we’re all going to do really well. We have high expectations. We’re really trying to get back to this Big 12 championship and get another one of those banners. I feel like we’re all ready and very excited for this season to begin.”

On what he’s focusing on in the offseason:
“Mostly just becoming a perfect road runner. We learned a lot of fight holds to make those big plays, but I’m just working on my road running and using my height for an advantage.”

Come back Dominique Richardson

On maintaining focus during training camp:
“It’s the fourth quarter now. We’re in the middle of the camp, the legs are tired. Mentally, we’re everywhere. So you definitely have to stay focused. That’s the main thing, for sure. When we arrive “There, we just have to train our minds and we have to finish. The first game is not far away at all, so we have to maintain our speed and stay focused.

By embracing a bigger role in the offense:
“I just need to be ready. When I’m not there, make sure I’m in coaching on the sidelines ready to go, coaching the younger guys and being at full speed at all times, even when I’m tired and mentally exhausted. Gotta make sure my games are low and my pads are falling. Just prove to the coaches that I’m ready to be the best fullback.

On the other ball carriers:
“They’re doing great. I’ve heard the coach say ‘great job’, fire up, jump up and down every time they have a good block, a good run or a touchdown. We’re just excited to this subject.”

Security Thomas Harper

By taking advantage of his opportunity:
“It was really hard to come in and think I was going to play a bigger role sooner and have a few setbacks. I think once you learn to be patient and take turns, it will get you far. Just keep your head on Obviously you’re depressed or upset that you’re not where you want to be at a certain time, or maybe the time just isn’t right. Just wait your turn. and learn from the one in front of you. I think that is the greatest understanding that your time is coming and when it does, seize the opportunity.

By being able to make an impact like his brother, Devin:
“I’m confident in my skills and I think the sky is the limit for me and this team. I really think I’m capable of doing what he did, if not better.”

By progressing to different positions:
“That’s what I worked on a lot last fall. I try to learn everyone’s position at the back just in case someone falls. Being able to know what everyone has around you, it makes your job a lot easier because you know where everyone is and what everyone is doing.”

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