The Kroenkes have less and less chance of achieving ‘double football’

The meaning of the term “The Double” has changed significantly in recent years. For most of English football history it has referred exclusively to the traditional “Double” of winning both the League and the FA Cup in the same season. Then over time as the European Cup/Champions League became more important and the FA Cup became less important it was sometimes used to mean winning both the European Cup/Champions League and the League in the same season, as Liverpool did in 1977 and Manchester United in 2008. However, it is now possible that a new idea of ​​”The Double” will emerge, one that reflects the truly sports world at 21st century, and that the ultimate “Football Double” is now for the same owner to win both the Super Bowl in American football and the Champions League in non-American football, i.e. football – something the Kroenkes are unlikely to achieve.

The Kroenkes are unlikely to achieve ‘double football’

Only one owner has done it so far

To date, only one owner or a family of owners has made this new 21st-century “Double” and it was the Glazers, who oversaw two Super Bowl triumphs with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers (in 2003 and 2021) and a Champions League victory with Manchester United (in 2008). This historic achievement is worth remembering by Manchester United fans, even if the current Manchester United side’s chances of winning the Champions League remain quite dim.

The American owners of English football’s other traditional superpower, Liverpool FC, are Fenway Sports Group, or FSG, and while they haven’t achieved the ‘ultimate football double’ of Super Bowl victories and Champions League, they can claim to have reached their own equivalent. Indeed, before leading Liverpool to the Champions League in 2019, they oversaw the near-miraculous revival of the Boston Red Sox baseball team, which had gone more than eight decades without winning a World Series until that the FSG leads them to four World Series triumphs. in 14 years between 2004 and 2018.

However, there is little to no chance of the Kroenke family achieving a unique American treble by achieving ultimate success in two completely different sports on opposite sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Indeed, unlike the Glaziers and FSG, the Kroenke family seem to have put all their sporting eggs in one basket – their LA Rams football team, which won the Super Bowl last weekend against the Cincinnati Bengals – and practically forgot the real football club they own, namely Arsenal.

Kroenkes’ indifference to Arsenal is clear

The Kroenkes’ indifference to Arsenal, or at best relative indifference to their near-obsession with the Rams, is clear. It starts with the failure of Stan Kroenke, the head of the family, to attend many, if any, games at Arsenal in recent years, which contrasts with the much more regular presence of members of the Glazer or FSG family in Manchester. United. and Liverpool games respectively. And of course, that’s in stark contrast to Roman Abramovich at Chelsea, who may have had visa difficulties attending home games in recent years but has nonetheless been a visible and vocal presence when it counted. more, including in the Champions League final against Manchester City. which Chelsea won last season.

However, there were other signs of the Kroenkes’ indifference to Arsenal, perhaps most notably, due to their symbolic significance, the two occasions when Stan’s son Josh Kroenke appeared in public on the Arsenal training ground wearing an LA Rams shirt. Doing it once might have been considered unfortunate; doing so twice invites the accusation that Kroenke Junior was sending a message to Arsenal players, coaches and fans about the club’s place in the Kroenkes’ sporting hierarchy.

Nevertheless, for all their absence of matches or rash acts (at best) on the training ground, the truly damning evidence against the Kroenkes is that they did indeed reverse, or reverse, the order in which the Glazers and the FSG have managed to achieve their success in football. The Glazers and FSG first achieved great sporting success on the American side of the Atlantic, leading their American football and baseball teams to world championships, respectively, before embarking on the recovery of their football/ newly purchased football in English and European football. . The Kroenkes, on the other hand, did the absolute opposite.

Indeed, thanks to their mismanagement of Arsenal over the past decade – as evidenced by the club’s persistent failures in the transfer market, in the appointment of managers and, above all, on the football pitch itself – the Kroenkes have transformed what was once elite football. club into a mediocre franchise, a franchise they just seem content to cling to until they can realize their dreams of reaching European Super League riches (dreams, of course, that won’t come true maybe never). Meanwhile, they did the exact opposite with the LA Rams, transforming what was a relatively mediocre NFL franchise (especially since its previous Super Bowl victory in 2000, when the Rams were based in St Louis and not LA ) into a new member of the NFL’s elite, complete with a stunning new stadium, a roster of near-stars, and of course the Super Bowl itself.

The Kroenkes will probably never win the Premier League with Arsenal, let alone the Champions League

Therefore, at this time, the fortunes of the LA Rams and Arsenal, and the Kroenkes’ relative interest in their two most prominent sporting ventures (they own other clubs/franchises in other sports, including basketball), seem almost an Atlantic Ocean apart. Now that the Rams have won their first Super Bowl in Los Angeles, the Kroenkes, and especially Stan himself, seem determined to try to build an NFL empire in the City of Angels, which has never really been achieved before. .

On the other hand, their inability to attend games, their propensity to wear Rams merchandise when meeting Arsenal players and coaches, and above all their inability to show interest in the proper management of Arsenal, let alone successfully, mean that under the Kroenkes Arsenal are unlikely to ever win. the Premier League again, not to mention the Champions League. As a result, Arsenal fans can only hope that the Rams-loving Kroenkes will sell Arsenal to someone who actually loves the club, because they themselves clearly don’t.

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