The Topeka Group offers group bike rides and encourages safety

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) – The Topeka Community Cycle Project offered a relaxing ride around Topeka and a bike safety refresher course.

The Topeka Community Cycle Project’s latest monthly ride brought together Topekans looking to enjoy the spring weather.

“I came here to have fun with my friends, it’s a beautiful day and we don’t really understand,” said one participant.

The goal of the Community Cycle Project is to help people fall in love with cycling and provide them with a way to do so safely.

“Try to wear lights and be visible if possible,” said Andy Fry, a volunteer with the organization. “I guess if they’re looking for lights, we have lights available through a grant. Every time we are open we have lights to offer. »

Andy Fry gave the group a bike safety refresher before they went out.

“Be aware of their surroundings, watch and listen for vehicles, whether it’s people in cars or people on sidewalks,” Fry said. “We should all look out for each other, whether we’re on bikes or in cars.”

Fry urges drivers to leave enough space for cyclists when they pass them on the road.

“If you see a cyclist, be aware of them, know that you’re supposed to give them three feet when passing, it’s state law,” Fry said.

He says the Topeka Community Cycle Project is a good place to start if you’re considering getting into cycling.

“I think getting out of your bubble is an important part of living in Topeka…and doing it on two wheels is a great way to start.”

The Topeka Community Cycle Project is located at 1534 Southwest Clay Street.

They offer selected safety equipment free of charge to any cyclist who visits them.

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