The ultimate ski gear for 2022

The ski is old. Way older than most think. People have been crossing the snowy ground on wooden planks for millennia. Indeed, the first Primitive Scandinavians were found in a bog in Jämtland County, Sweden. They dated back between 4,500 and 2,500 BC. In 2014, a ski with leather bindings emerged from a glacier in the mountains of Reinheimen, Norway. This example is thought to be around 1,300 years old.

So it’s official: skiing is nothing new. So it’s fortunate that despite the sport’s literal antiquity, brands are continually focusing on creating great new kits and technologies, all aimed at making you a better skier, a lot safer or at the very least a spectacle. damn more convincing downhill. expert.

Here we have made a selection of our favorite new ski equipment in 2022. Among the selection, there are even some that we have had time to test on the slopes. This bundle should have you bombing the black or blue runs in style. And we’ve even included some recommendations for the all-important après-ski.


REVIEW: Given disposable income and the insatiable appetite for new gear, it’s surprising that wearable technology isn’t more prominent in winter sports. The sensor-filled Carv ski boot insole and app — which WIRED first encountered as a well-funded Kickstarter in 2018 — is now available, offering 72 pressure and motion sensors that break down your skiing technique. ski in 13 live metrics before offering a unique combination of real-time audio coaching, performance score (Ski IQ) and in-depth analysis.

With so much data being generated with every turn, the app is almost insanely comprehensive, but our easy way was to set the app to Free Ski, pop in our headphones, and get on the chairlift. After the race (the app knows when you’re back on a lift), we received a score – our Ski IQ – and an audio tip on how to improve. Apply the tips, ski another run and see if you’ve improved.

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