Twin Falls Business Sign War has just started and it’s epic

I have seen Sign Wars in other areas and have to admit I’m excited to see what these companies are coming up with as the Sign Wars continue. Right now, it looks like a few companies have joined in the fun. Everything is fun, nothing hostile.

Looks like it started with Float Magic and Windsor’s Nursery. Float Magic called them out for being lousy. Then Windsor retorted. Then it looks like Snake River Pool and Spa has jumped into the action. I love it so much. These answers are fantastic.

Float Magic, looks like you might actually be getting a little salty. But I hear that salt water is good for your skin. Maybe I’m wrong, you are the professionals.

Glad to come back to Windsor. Let them all be salted by themselves.

Well, Float Magic, that sounds like fun I have to admit.

Ha! I love this! Nice reference to the IT movie. I think the only thing missing is a reference to Georgie.

Well Float Magic, if you are really gravity defying, maybe I should give it a try.

I look forward to more businesses joining in the fun. If you ever walk past Franklin Building Supply, you know that anyone who signs up truly deserves a raise. They are epic and witty so I hope they have fun. I’m trying to think of more who could participate, Anchor would be fun, Don Juan, La Fiesta, one of the hotels or motels with signs. Let’s make this war huge signs!

I also wish we had the opportunity to join in the fun too. I need a sign!

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