US Ski and Snowboard Names Coach Team Summit Rocky Mountain Division Ability Coach of the Year

Doug Elsey was recently named Ability Coach of the Year for the Rocky Mountain Division after a successful 2021-22 alpine ski season. Elsey has helped build a strong team culture for the International Ski Federation Team Summit alpine ski program over the past four years.
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Doug Elsey, head coach of the International Ski Federation of Team Summit, was recently named ability coach of the year for the Rocky Mountain division by US Ski and Snowboard after a successful 2021-22 alpine ski season.

Elsey received the honor after coaching five of his 11 athletes to a title in at least one International Ski Federation-sanctioned race. The team also had three athletes at the U18 Nationals, where they managed to place fourth in the top 15 in a program – behind only teams from Vail, Steamboat and Sun Valley.

Alongside a 13-year stint as Team Summit coach from 1999 to 2012, Elsey also privately coached, coached at Vail and coached for the British Ski Academy.

Four seasons ago, Elsey returned to Team Summit and became the head coach of the Team Summit International Ski Federation program.

Prior to Elsey’s return, it was common for the program to see significant turnover as athletes transferred to other programs to get the training they felt they needed to take to the next level.

“Over the past four seasons of dedication to his athletes, Elsey has halted the athlete exodus and raised the level of athlete performance in his program,” said Team Summit Alpine Director Aldo Radamus.

Elsey feels that the success of the program is not due solely to her coaching, but rather to the effort of the entire Summit team.

“It’s more of a us than just a me,” Elsey said. “Everyone (at Team Summit) has been an integral part of everything we do. I tried to create a team culture, where children appreciate and help each other.

Elsey also contributes to the success of his program at local ski resorts which have been instrumental in giving athletes what they need to perform through a high level training ground that mimics where the team competes. often.

Elsey loves the daily, selfless work that comes with training and seeing her athletes succeed at a high level.

“Ultimately it’s about watching kids grow and develop,” Elsey said, “trying to mold them and help them anyway, both skiing and as young humans. “

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