Victoria COVID: Melbourne restrictions – what are they?

“It’s a simple and well understood message. The Victorians understand what to do and wearing a mask indoors is an easy step. Sometimes it’s embarrassing [but] we know it works and it makes a difference. “

Schools and workplaces

Schools and workplaces will remain open with current restrictions. There is no change to the existing density rules. Primary school children do not have to wear masks, but teachers will have to wear a mask. High school students must wear masks.

Mr Merlino said there was no directive for officials to change their work from home arrangements.

“Our officials are expected to work at their desks at least three days a week, and then there is a discussion of flexible terms beyond that,” he said.


The government will suspend an initiative to raise the density quotient in outdoor spaces and sites to a maximum of 200 people in spaces less than 400 m².


“As far as what can be happening in bars and restaurants right now, this continues, except you have to wear a mask if you are indoors. Obviously, don’t wear a mask when you eat or drink, but when you are indoors, wear a mask, ”Mr. Merlino said.

Mr Merlino said the rules for sports crowds, big events, bars or restaurants had not changed.

“For football crowds and other major events, there will be a panel that will review the events and they will provide advice. We will get advice on events. There is a whole range of events, but these are football events or cultural events and we will work on those and provide further guidance when this is finalized, ”he said.

The AFL announced Tuesday morning that ticket sales to members for Rounds 11 and 12 will be delayed, with an update on the on-sale time to be communicated later today.

Weddings and funerals

Mr Merlino said if a wedding or funeral takes place in a private residence, restrictions apply, meaning only five guests are allowed plus the officiant and a photographer.

If a wedding were to take place at one location, there would be no change to the existing density quota other than requiring you to wear a face mask when not eating or drinking.


Use of Service Victoria’s QR code service will be mandatory at all sites and facilities which will be required to keep electronic records from Friday May 28th.


Residents of Greater Melbourne can still travel to the Victoria area, but their “travel restrictions”.

A government statement reads: “If you are visiting someone outside of metropolitan Melbourne, there should not be more than five visitors to their home on that day. If you are attending a public gathering outside of Greater Melbourne, it should not exceed 30 people. “

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